The Words of the Jaspers Family

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Belgian people soon will follow our True Parents (Anita Jaspers - March 3, 1971)

In the hospital I often witness to doctors and nurses (Anita Jaspers - April 3, 1971)

I have found another center (Anita Jaspers - August 24, 1971)

I met a Dutch girl (Anita Jaspers - October 1, 1971)

Our Belgian Church opens a second center the university town of Louvain (Anita Jaspers - March 1, 1974 pdf)

Members from Belgium and Luxembourg meet for Parents Day (Anita Jaspers [Walters] - April 1974 pdf)

New Life Show a Hit in Belgium (Anita [Jaspers] Walters - February 27, 1975 pdf)

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