The Words of the Kikuchi Family

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“The Third Anniversary of the Universal Seonghwa of True Father” in Stockholm, Sweden (Katsuyuki Kikuchi - September 6, 2015 pdf)

Blessing and World Peace Awards - Stockholm, Sweden (Ing-Marie Hedberg Kikuchi - June 30, 2018 pdf)

UPF and Swedish-Thais' Family Celebration and a World Peace Awards ceremony (Ing-Marie Hedberg Kikuchi - June 30, 2018 pdf)

Making the Most Out of CARP - Staying Involved as a CARP Alumni (S. Kikuchi - February 9, 2019 pdf)

Blessing - Finspang, Sweden - Seven Swedish - Thai couples were blessed (Ing-Marie Hedberg Kikuchi - May 4, 2019 pdf)

FFWPU USA SubRegion 5: Report and Videos from 2020 Winter Workshop (Satomi Kikuchi - January 14, 2021 pdf)

In Memoriam Katsuyuki Kikuchi (Peter Nylen - July 3, 2021 pdf)

UPF Stockholm, Sweden: 3rd UPF Nordic Seminar Offers a Vision of Peace (Ing-Marie Hedberg Kikuchi - October 7, 2023 pdf)

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