The Words of the Kuhaupt Family

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New Zealand Parliament investigates the Unification Church (Siegren Kuhaupt [Pintus] - October 1973 pdf)

The American Day of Hope tour is well-reported in New Zealand newspapers (Siegrun Kuhaupt [Pintus] - November 1973 pdf)

New Zealanders Join "Forgive, Love, and Unite" Prayer and Fast (Siegrun Kuhaupt [Pintus] - December 1973 pdf)

God's Love Has Been Poured Out Here in New Zealand (Siegrun Kuhaupt [Pintus] - January 1974 pdf)

New Team Focuses on Commonwealth Games (Siegrun Kuhaupt [Pintus] - February 1974 pdf)

New Zealand Report: Auckland center has been swamped with visitors (Siegrun Kuhaupt [Pintus] - March 1974 pdf)

A Visit with wife of New Zealand's Minister of Education, Jill Amos (Siegrun Kuhaupt [Pintus], Graham Oun and Lindsey Irving - March 1974 pdf)

New Zealand's April big drive to gain new members (Siegrun Kuhaupt [Pintus] - April 1974 pdf)

Ginseng Tea and the Divine Principle for the Prime Minister of New Zealand (Siegrun Kuhaupt [Pintus] - May 1974 pdf)

An Unforgettable World Day 1974 in New Zealand (Siegrun Kuhaupt [Pintus] - July 1974 pdf)

Television Covers Our New Unification Church Center in Dunedin, New Zealand (Siegrun Kuhaupt - July 1974 pdf)

New Zealand organized a sixteen-member One World Crusade mobile team (Siegrun Kuhaupt [Pintus] - November 1974 pdf)

Ghost creeps through the headquarters of the Unification Church in New Zealand (Graham Dun - January 1975 pdf)

On Children's Day 1974 we felt the joy of being children in the Heavenly Family (Siegrun Kuhaupt [Pintus] - January 1975 pdf)

Public Fast Warns of Possible War (Siegrun Kuhaupt [Pintus] - January 1, 1975 pdf)

A showdown with the Wellington City Council over our rights to witness (Siegrun Kuhaupt [Pintus] - February 1975 pdf)

New Zealand's Full Activity Plus Brings New Members (Siegrun Kuhaupt [Pintus] - March 1975 pdf)

New Zealand: Come Alive in '75 (Siegrun Kuhaupt [Pintus] - April 1975 pdf)

We countered recognition of South Vietnam's Revolutionary Government (Siegrun Kuhaupt [Pintus] - May 1975 pdf)

Unification Church Missionary to New Zealand, Siegrun Kuhaupt banned (Grant Bracefield - June 1975 pdf)

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