The Words of the Manke Family

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A Few Recollections of Maxi-Team witnessing (Annemarie Manke - August 1972 pdf)

City Drama (Annemarie Manke - October 1972 pdf)

"One World" Team in Germany - Our missionaries visit ministers and priests (Annemarie Manke - November 1972 pdf)

The Divine Principle Fills All the Loopholes Left by the Philosophers (Annemarie Manke - January 1973 pdf)

Greetings from 'One World Team' in Germany (Annemarie Manke - February 1973 pdf)

I want to tell of my impressions and the lessons that I have learnt (Annemarie Manke - February 27, 1973 pdf)

Germany's new home and spiritual center, the Valley of Grace (Annemarie Manke - April 1973 pdf)

People and the Principle - One World Crusade in Germany (Annemarie Manke - May 1973 pdf)

In our Unified Family in Germany marvels at birth and growth (Annemarie Manke - July 1973 pdf)

The Times They Are a' Changing for the One World Crusade in Germany (Annemarie Manke - September 1973 pdf)

70 Germans go to the USA to help publicize Sun Myung Moon's speaking tour (Annemarie Manke - October 1973 pdf)

We were explorers not of a physical continent, but of a vast spiritual realm (Annemarie Manke - October 1973 pdf)

Germans Begin New Mission in America (Annemarie Manke - December 1973 pdf)

The International IOWC Is Getting to Know Japan (Annemarie Manke - March 1975 pdf)

Finding the Heart of Korea on the IOWC (Annemarie Manke - April 1975 pdf)

Global IOWC Team Winning Members in Japan (Annemarie Manke - September 1975 pdf)

The tremendous privilege that the IOWC had in coming to Japan and Korea (Annemarie Manke - October 1975 pdf)

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