The Words of the Nakamura Family

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Japanese Prominent Pastor Nakamura visited HSA-UWC (Yong Tyang Chang - July 19, 1970)

Important Announcement From The International STF HQ (Shinji Nakamura - April 25, 2006)

Tsunehito Nakamura Ascended To Spirit World Today (Fe Miranda Obuchi - April 17, 2008)

Africa Day Commemorated in Moscow and Novosibirsk (Akira Nakamura - May 26, 2012)

Sub-regional level 7-Day Divine Principle Seminar in Latvia (Akira Nakamura - July 12, 2015 pdf)

Special Emissary to Northeast Region Dr. Oyamada in Lithuania (Akira Nakamura - October 18, 2015 pdf)

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