The Words of the Thierry Family

Time to Pray for... Fukushima!

Ky Thierry
November 12, 2013

Dear brothers and sisters.

I know, and it is obvious that most of our interest is on religion!

There is somehow one science matter that should get our attention. The point is, for that particular science matter, common people looked at it like if it is a religion, just because it requires a sophisticated tool to reveal it.

Two years ago, March 11, 2011, Japan was stricken by an earthquake and a Tsunami. Following these events, a nuclear plant was hurt and damaged, releasing enormous amount of radioactive elements in the atmosphere, on the ground and in the ocean.

I used to work in France as a welding controller, using radioactive elements like Iridium, cesium, cobalt and thulium to check welding, and this, in a nuclear plant in construction at that time in France called CATTENOM. My work lasted one year before I moved to another kind of work, but I could understand while observing the events happening at Fukushima that the situation was more serious than reported by the Medias. I therefore wrote a report to the officials of my country Burkina Faso, and today it is coming to my mind that I should make it available to anybody.

I wished to be wrong at that time. But as time goes on, signs are showing up and I felt like we didn't pray enough about it. Let us please include that into our prayers. 

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