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Finding the way Forward workshop in Norway (Jane Toresen - September 13 - 15, 2013 pdf)

SHUK Easter workshop in Nordtangen, Norway (A. Toresen - April 16 - 21, 2014 pdf)

1st European Matching Supporter Training 2014 in Camberg Neumühle, Germany (Jane Toresen - April 25 - 27, 2014 pdf)

WFWP Norway's Peace Picnic: Women in Leadership (Marea Toresen - June 27, 2015 pdf)

WFWP International Evening: “Refugee Experiences Throughout History” in Oslo, Norway (Marea Toresen - October 17, 2015 pdf)

WFWP Norway brings Christmas to the Orphans of Estonia (Marea Toresen - January 2016 pdf)

Johanna Toresen elected president of WFWP Norway at Annual Council Meeting (Marea Toresen - March 18, 2017 pdf)

European Parent’s Matching Convocation - Neumühle, Bad Camberg, Germany (Jane Toresen - May 21, 2017 pdf)

WFWP Norway's Health Seminar for the whole family - massages, meditation, etc. (Marea Toresen - August 19, 2017 pdf)

WFWP-Norway's Parenting Seminar in connection with UN Women's Day in Oslo (Johanna Toresen - March 17, 2018 pdf)

WFWP Oslo, Norway gathered to mark UN World Creativity and Innovation Day (Marea Toresen - April 21, 2018 pdf)

WFWP Oslo, Norway's Peace Starts With Me and a Cup of Tea! (Jane Toresen - May 12, 2018 pdf)

WFWP Oslo, Norway spreads Peace Starts With Me by sharing at a home-meeting (Jane Toresen - May 12, 2018 pdf)

Empowering Women Seminar - Oslo, Norway (Marea Toresen - June 30, 2018 pdf)

WFWP Norway organized a second "Peace Starts with Me" in Oslo (Marea Toresen - August 18, 2018 pdf)

One Family Under God – The Children of Tomorrow – Family Workshop - Oslo, Norway (Heidi Toresen - September 30, 2018 pdf)

European Blessed Families Department Annual Meeting - Neumühle, Bad Camberg, Germany (J. Toresen - October 14, 2018 pdf)

Blessing Information Table at Film Festival for Disabled Immigrant Children (Jane Toresen - November 22, 2018 pdf)

WFWP Norway began the year with a New Year's Party in Oslo (Marea Toresen - January 5, 2019 pdf)

WFWP Norway held its annual council meeting in Oslo (Marea Toresen - February 17, 2019 pdf)

Norway celebrates International Women's Day - Oslo, Norway (Marea Toresen - March 8, 2019 pdf)

WFWP Norway honors International Women's Day 2019 with a community event (Marea Toresen - March 8, 2019 pdf)

WFWP Norway held another Mommy and Me meeting for young mothers (Marea Toresen - March 23, 2019 pdf)

UPF London, UK marked International Women's Day 2019 in the House of Lords (Anja Toresen - March 25, 2019 pdf)

Report on the 63rd Commission on the Status of Women CSW - March 2019 (Johanna E. Toresen - March 26, 2019 pdf)

Pornography Awareness and Sexual Integrity - Oslo, Norway (Marea Toresen - May 15, 2019 pdf)

WFWP Norway's seminar on Non-Violent Communication with Margoth Kalstad (Johanna Toresen - June 29, 2019 pdf)

Sunday School Graduation Ceremony - Oslo, Norway (Jane Toresen - September 1, 2019 pdf)

WFWP Oslo, Norway - Essential oil and acupuncture to feel even more fabulous (Johanna Toresen - September 7, 2019 pdf)

Family Festival and Blessing in Oslo, Norway (Jane Toresen - October 12, 2019 pdf)

WFWP Oslo, Norway Volunteers at the Autumn Lights Art Festival in Groruddalen (Johanna Toresen - November 2019 pdf)

Come to the Young Adults Nordic Winter Workshop in Helsinki, Finland (H. Toresen - November 6, 2019 pdf)

WFWP Oslo, Norway teams up with FFWPU to host the Marriage Course (Johanna Toresen - November 14, 2019 pdf)

WFWP Norway's Pre-Christmas Cafe - Refugees at Christmas Time (Marea Toresen - December 7, 2019 pdf)

WFWP Oslo, Norway celebrates International Women's Day in the Furuset Library (Marea Toresen - March 6, 2020 pdf)

Sub-Regional leaders David and Kyung Ja Hanna visit Oslo, Norway (Jane Toresen - March 9, 2020 pdf)

FFWPU Norway's Celebration of Chil Il Jeol and Chil Pal Jeol in Oslo (Jane Toresen - August 23, 2020 pdf)

UPF and IAED Europe and Middle: Lessons from the Eurotunnel (Ole Toresen - April 26, 2021 pdf)

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