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Côte d’Ivoire's 3-day Divine Principle workshop for second-generation children (Richard Beugre - April 17, 2017 pdf)

380 Participants Attend the Launching the Peace Council in Katiola, Côte d 'Ivoire (Richard Beugre - February 3, 2018 pdf)

Heavenly Tribal Messiah event in Abobo, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire - 351 participants (Richard Beugre - March 10, 2018 pdf)

Côte d’Ivoire's seminar for Peace Ambassadors in Hambol region, Katiola (Richard Beugre - April 14, 2018 pdf)

Côte d'Ivoire Celebrated 59th True Parents' Day In Yopougon Mamie Adjoua (Richard Beugre - April 16, 2018 pdf)

WFWP Côte d’Ivoire's Character Education Based National Awareness Campaign (Richard Beugre - April 18, 2018 pdf)

UPF Côte d’Ivoire starts Interreligious Association for Peace and Development (Richard Beugre - April 28, 2018 pdf)

UPF Cote d'Ivoire's Award Ceremony for Forty Village Heads in Kibou Village (Richard Beugre - May 20, 2018 pdf)

Forgive, Love and Unite in Divo, Côte d’Ivoire to Reawaken Loh Djiboua Region (Richard Beugre - May 20, 2018 pdf)

UPF Côte d'Ivoire gathering with Muslim leaders at Cocody Angré, in Abidjan (Richard Beugre - May 29, 2018 pdf)

Six Participants from Cote d’Ivoire at Cheon Il Guk’s African Leaders’ Assembly (Richard Beugre - June 4, 2018 pdf)

Cote d’Ivoire: Rosalie Doueu Family, Micareme Kouame family and Janet Asukwo Complete their Victorious Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing of 430 Couples (Richard Beugre - July 8, 2018 pdf)

Côte d’Ivoire's Second Generation Organized a Summer Camp in Adzopé (Richard Beugre - August 23, 2018 pdf)

FFWPU Côte d'Ivoire's dinner debate at their headquarters in Cocody city of Arts (Richard Beugre - October 6, 2018 pdf)

YSP Cote d'Ivoire Training Future Leaders Able to Mount and Execute Projects (Richard Beugre - October 20, 2018 pdf)

WFWP Abidjan, Ivory Coast's campaign against unwanted pregnancies in schools (Richard Beugre - February 15, 2019 pdf)

Cote d'Ivoire's national and annual convention at African Faith Tabernacle Church (Richard Beugre - March 2019 pdf)

Côte d'Ivoire's 2019 Wonmo Pyeongae scholarships to the beneficiary children (Richard Beugre - April 14, 2019 pdf)

Cote d'Ivoire Hyojeong Young Missionaries' 21-Day Seminar at Education Center (Richard Beugre - August 25, 2019 pdf)

Heavenly Tribal Messiah workshop and blessing in Gouabo, Cote d'Ivoire (Richard Beugre - September 1, 2019 pdf)

Thank you for the CheonBo workshop held in Côte d'Ivoire and Zambia (Richard Beugre - July 11, 2020 pdf)

Heavenly Africa CheonBo workshops in Cote d'Ivoire and Zambia (Richard Beugre - July 11, 2020 pdf)

FFWPU Cote d'Ivoire holds two 7-day seminars on the Divine Principle (Richard Beugre - August 17, 2020 pdf)

Cote d'Ivoire HTM 7-day seminar for tribe of Gnenefe Patrick couple in Daloa (Richard Beugre - August 30, 2020 pdf)

UPF Cote d'Ivoire Attecoube chapter marks the UN World Day of Peace 2020 (Richard Beugre - November 15, 2020 pdf)

FFWPU Cote d'Ivoire: New Training Center for our Tribe in the village of Gouabo (Richard Beugre - September 11, 2022 pdf)

FFWPU Cote d'Ivoire: 7-day DP Workshop at Prozybanfla Education Centre (Richard Beugre - March 20, 2023 pdf)

FFWPU Côte d'Ivoire: Doing our best to answer True Parents' call to witness to 43 couples (Richard Beugre - May 17, 2023 pdf)

Blessed Family Depart of Africa Parents Matching Convocation Orientation (Richard Beugre - July 13, 2023 pdf)

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