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Divine Principle and Character Education Workshop in Uganda (Suuna James - March 22, 2014 pdf)

Uganda: Pure love club Launched in Uganda (Ssuuna James - June 6, 2015 pdf)

Youth Federation for World Peace Uganda launches Pure Love Club (Suuna James - June 13, 2015 pdf)

Interview of Suuna James Kiggala, head of YFWP-Uganda (February 2016 pdf)

Expanding Pure Love Club to schools in the Mityana District of Uganda (Suuna James - April 10, 2016 pdf)

YFWP Uganda conducts upcountry outreach expanding the Pure Love Club (Suuna James - June 20, 2016 pdf)

Uganda inaugurated Youth Federation for World Peace in Wakiso district (Suuna James - October 29, 2016 pdf)

Character Education and Pure Love Clubs established in schools Tororo, Uganda (Suuna James - March 4, 2017 pdf)

Youth and Students for Peace Ghana launched at the University of Ghana (Aidu James - August 31, 2019 pdf)

WFWP USA: Why Moms Make the Best Project Managers (Reanne James - August 11, 2023 pdf)

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