The Words of the Sykes Family

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Michael and Zena Sykes take ACLC to the Leda Settlement in Paraguay (Carol Pobanz - August 19, 2016 pdf)

America loves True Parents and thanks God for True Parents (Michael Sykes - November 3, 2019 pdf)

ACLC District 3 - Prayer Breakfast with Rev. Dr. Michael Sykes - Nov. 27, 2021 (Greg Agulan - November 26, 2021 pdf)

Rev. Michael and Zena Sykes Blessing at Clifton, NJ Family Church this Sunday (Atsushi Takino - February 21, 2022 pdf)

ACLC NE Northeast USA: Good Friday Service with Rev. Dr. Michael Sykes (Greg Agulan - April 7, 2023 pdf)

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