The Words of the Unger Family

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There was an earthquake on that day I started to translate the Divine Principle in Turkish in Istanbul (Harald Unger - April 26, 1970)

It is very difficult to explain the Principle in Turkish (Harald Unger - May 26, 1970)

The desire to find prepared people grows very strong in my heart (Harold Unger - July 26, 1970)

I am still alone (Harald Unger - August 25, 1970)

The power of Master's words (Harald Unger - August 31, 1970)

National Report on Turkey (Harald Unger - October 31 -- November 2, 1970)

I have to fight against weakness and decadence (Harald Unger - December 4, 1970)

I spoke with the leader of the New Apostolic Church (Harold Unger - April 2, 1971)

I spoke again with the priest of the Protestant Church (Harold Unger - May 3, 1971)

The missionary work in Turkey has now risen to a higher point (Harold Unger - June 19, 1971)

I Began to Realize the Way Had Been Opened to Me (Elizabeth Biro - August 1971)

Turkey has captured my heart (Harald Unger - May 1976 pdf)

Starting Home Church in Turkey where any kind of religious activity is illegal (Elisabeth Unger - 1981 pdf)

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