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European Assembly 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic presentation: True Mother’s Education for Youth and Raising Young Leaders in Europe (Jeong Hye Yeom - March 11, 2017 pdf)

True Mother approved our appointments Orlande Schenk, Martine Masner and Jeong-hye Yeom (Michael Balcomb - June 9, 2018 pdf)

Peace Designer Workshop - Prague, The Czech Republic (Jeong-hye Yeom - March 9, 2019 pdf)

Youth and Students for Peace Global Summer Camps in Sao Tome e Principe (Jeong-hye Yeom - May 15, 2019 pdf)

Volunteer for the New Special Top Gun Staff Team… (Jeong-hye Yeom - November 19, 2019 pdf)

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