The Words of the Nadejdin Family

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Early Moldovan Member's Testamony: How Many Miracles Do You Need to See? (Sabina Nadejdin - 2011 pdf)

Interfaith Harmony Week - Meeting of Unification Church and Christian Orthodox Church - Chisinau, Moldova (Sabina Nadejdin - January 31, 2018 pdf)

International Family Day - Chisinau, Moldova (Sabina Nadejdin - May 15, 2019 pdf)

Family Festival Held in Moldovan Village (Sabina Nadejdin - June 23, 2019 pdf)

Family Festival Held with Village Support (Sabina Nadejdin - June 30, 2019 pdf)

International Day of Peace celebrated at the Peace Embassy, Chisinau, Moldova (Sabina Nadejdin - September 20, 2020 pdf)

FFWPU, UPF and YSP Moldova's Caravan of Nationalities and Empowering Youth (Sabina Nadejdin - September 22, 2020 pdf)

YSP Russia at YSP Moldovan conference among school enthusiasts in Anenii Noi (Sabina Nadejdin - November 28, 2020 pdf)

YSP Moldova training on Femininity and Masculinity at the public library Vasieni (Sabina Nadejdin - December 20, 2020 pdf)

YSP Cantemir and Anenii Noi, Moldova collect donations for the needy (Sabina Nadejdin - March 2021 pdf)

USP Cantemir, Moldova's Equal Opportunities for Young People - Moldova (Sabina Nadejdin - March 14, 2021 pdf)

YSP and UPF Moldova, and the National Youth Council's Youth Peace Talks (Sabina Nadejdin - March 16, 2021 pdf)

YSP Moldova becomes active in the city of Anenii Noi (Cornelia Garanovschi - March 26, 2021 pdf)

Report of the Renovation of the Roof of the FFWPU HQ / Peace Embassy in Moldova (Sabina Nadejdin - December 1, 2021 pdf)

Letter from the President of the Republic of Moldova to members of FFWPU (Sabina Nadejdin - May 2022 pdf)

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