The Words of the Phayakvichien Family

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WFWP Thailand: Award Ceremony For Color My Heart With Peace - 235 Winners (Kamoltip Phayakvichien - March 26, 2022 pdf)

WFWP Thailand Receives Power Of Women Strengthening Morality Award (Kamoltip Phayakvichien - June 6, 2022 pdf)

WFWP Thailand's Plant Mangrove Forests, Create Volunteer Leaders Program (Kamoltip Phayakvichien - August 13, 2022 pdf)

WFWP Thailand holds youth training program to build a network of local youth (Kamoltip Phayakvichien - August 13, 2022 pdf)

WFWP Thailand: Training To Promote And Develop The Potential Of Youth (Kamoltip Phayakvichien - August 28, 2022 pdf)

WFWP Thailand: Share Kindness - Thai People Never Abandon Each Other (Kamoltip Phayakvichien - October 11, 2022 pdf)

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