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ACLC 2019 Summit - Ki Hoon Kim and Luonne Rouse inaugurated Co-Chairmen (Luonne Rouse - February 2, 2019 pdf)

ACLC hosts Chicago, IL's 23rd True Family Values Awards Banquet (Luonne Rouse - February 2, 2019 pdf)

UTS's Luonne Rouse Shares Lead in American Clergy Leadership Conference (Hugh Supurgin - March 8, 2019 pdf)

Special Sunday Service At New Hope Family Church with Luonne Rouse (Jim Boothby - March 20, 2019 pdf)

ACLC Youth Rally held at the New Jerusalem Worship Center in Queens, NY (Luonne Rouse - March 23, 2019 pdf)

ACLC and LAPD Organized a Prayer Vigil Rapper and Songwriter Nipsey Hussle (Luonne Rouse - April 4, 2019 pdf)

Peace Starts With Me Las Vegas - On the Road to Peace - Flyer (Keynote Speaker Rev. Dr. Luonne Abram Rouse - April 21, 2019 pdf)

ACLC's Women in Ministry host True Family Values Seminar in Oklahoma (Luonne Rouse - July 27, 2019 pdf)

ACLC is looking for a tech-savvy Assistant (Luonne Rouse - August 28, 2019 pdf)

Belvedere Family Church: Meet and Greet with Rev. Dr. Luonne Abram Rouse (Drissa Kone - September 2, 2019 pdf)

ACLC Chicago, IL : Peace Starts With Me Chicago Gala at Marriott Marquis Hotel (Luonne Rouse - September 2, 2019 pdf)

ACLC's Luonne Rouse meets pastors at Belvedere to prepare 30,000 Clergy Rally (Demian Dunkley - September 19, 2019 pdf)

172 ACLC members who received Korean surnames' reunion in Las Vegas, NV (Luonne Rouse - September 23, 2019 pdf)

Belvedere Family Church's Worship in the Woods with Luonne Rouse (Drissa Kone - September 23, 2019 pdf)

ACLC LA held a Blessing America dinner to unite clergy with Marriage Blessing (Luonne Rouse - October 10, 2019 pdf)

ACLC Invitational Letter for Peace Starts With Me - Newark, NJ USA, December 28, 2018 (Luonne Rouse - October 22, 2019 pdf)

We will have victory. We will see the unification of Korea. We will see world peace (Luonne Rouse - November 3, 2019 pdf)

World Clergy Leadership Conference VIP Invitation - Booklet (Ki Hoon Kim and Luonne Rouse - November 6, 2019 pdf)

Bridging the American Divide - ACLC Rally - National Press Club, Washington DC - Slides (Demian Dunkley - November 16, 2019 pdf)

Dallas - Fort Worth Family Church clergy dinner with Dr. Luonne Rouse (John Jackson - December 9, 2019 pdf)

ACLC Los Angeles, CA joined the Celebration of Christmas Live Nativity Play (Luonne Rouse - December 15, 2019 pdf)

ACLC Prayer New Yorker Hotel Breakfast with Ki Hoon Kim and Bishop Stallings (Luonne Rouse - December 17, 2019 pdf)

ACLC prayer breakfast at Holy Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois (Luonne Rouse - December 17, 2019 pdf)

ACLC USA's Celebration of Heavenly Parents Day and True Parents Birthday (Luonne Abram Rouse - January 15, 2020 pdf)

American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) Reverend Sun Myung Moon Centenary Birthday Celebrations (Sungmi Orr - January 22, 2020 pdf)

7-Day ACLC Divine Principle seminar Chosen underway at IPEC in Las Vegas (Luonne Rouse - February 20, 2020 pdf)

ACLC's Special Faith Education Workshop underway at IPEC in Las Vegas (Luonne Rouse - February 21, 2020 pdf)

3-Day National Leaders' Famicon 2020 begins at the IPEC in Las Vegas, NV (Demian Dunkley - February 24, 2020 pdf)

American Clergy Leadership Conference's 7-day Chosen DP workshop concludes (Luonne Rouse - February 25, 2020 pdf)

Famicon 2020 for Leaders concludes at the Cheon Hwa Gung in Las Vegas, NV (Demian Dunkley - February 26, 2020 pdf)

200+ leaders gathered at the IPEC for the final sessions of Famicon 2020 (Demian Dunkley - February 26, 2020 pdf)

Invitation to the ACLC 20th Anniversary Celebration at the IPEC in Las Vegas NV (Ki Hoon Kim, Demian Dunkley, Luonne Rouse - March 6, 2020 pdf)

ACLC invites you to a special online 40-day devotional in studying God's word (Ki Hoon Kim, Demian Dunkley and Luonne Rouse - April 6, 2020 pdf)

Statement on Minneapolis, MN from American Clergy Leadership Conference (Luonne Abram Rouse - June 2, 2020 pdf)

Invitation to join ACLC USA introductory study of the True Family Values (Ki Hoon Kim and Luonne Rouse - September 2, 2020 pdf)

ACLC USA National Convocation 2020 - Join Online November 5 - 6 @ 6 PM EST (Luonne Rouse - October 25, 2020 pdf)

Invitation to the American Clergy Leadership Conference Convocation 2020 (Luonne Abram Rouse - October 27, 2020 pdf)

ACLC USA Northeast Newsletter: Virtual Prayer Luncheon and Book Club Launch (Luonne Rouse - October 30, 2020 pdf)

ACLC Fellowship - Leading with Integrity of Heart (Luonne A. Rouse - November 10, 2020 pdf)

Celebrate The First Anniversary Of The World Christian Leadership Conference (Luonne Rouse - December 5, 2020 pdf)

Edner and Juanita Pierre-Louis replace Luonne and Marie Rouse as Manhattan Family Church Co-Pastors (Naokimi Ushiroda - January 4, 2021 pdf)

The (ACLC) American Clergy Leadership Conference's 21st Anniversary (Luonne Rouse - May 26, 2021 pdf)

FFWPU and ACLC USA: Justice Not Served - Rev. Sun Myung Moon and the Danbury Papers (Thomas Ward - July 13, 2021 pdf)

How to promote ACLC, the American Clergy Leadership Conference (Luonne Abram Rouse - July 19, 2021 pdf)

9/11, the Psalms, and Peace: An Interview with Professor Luonne Rouse (Frank Kaufmann - September 27, 2021 pdf)

Young Christian Leadership Conference True Love in Action: Together for Tonga! (Joshua Holmes - January 28, 2022 pdf)

ACLC: Sign Up for 24-Hour Chain Prayer Vigil for America - Bridging the Divide (Luonne Rouse - February 20, 2022 pdf)

Join ACLC in A Prayer for America on Presidents' Day (Luonne Rouse - February 20, 2022 pdf)

ACLC: Clarion Prayer Call for Ukraine - Russia Thursday, March 3, 9:30 PM EST (Luonne A. Rouse - March 3, 2022 pdf)

ACLC USA: Creating Safe Cities: Effective Solutions to Violent Crime, 3/24/22 (Luonne Rouse - March 21, 2022 pdf)

ACLC NE Northeast USA: Dr. Luonne Rouse's National Tour (Subregion 1 Area) (Greg Agulan - April 4, 2022 pdf)

ACLC USA: Seed Into the ACLC 22nd Anniversary (Luonne Rouse - May 11, 2022 pdf)

FFWPU USA: American Clergy Leadership Conference - Celebrating 22 Years (Naokimi Ushiroda - May 23, 2022 pdf)

UPF USA and ACLC: Stop the Violence (urban gun violence stats) (Larry Moffitt - June 1, 2022 pdf)

Unification Theological Seminary Faculty Roundtable With Dr. Luonne Rouse (Thomas G. Walsh - March 17, 2023 pdf)

Unification Theological Seminary: Faculty Roundtable with Luonne Rouse (Thomas G. Walsh - March 28, 2023 pdf)

Stopping the Violence with Luonne Rouse - Initiative For a National Day of Nonviolence (Zegary Oliver - March 28, 2023 pdf)

Watch the ACLC 23rd Anniversary Live Stream! (Luonne Rouse - May 20, 2023 pdf)

FFWPU USA: 23rd Anniversary of American Clergy Leadership Conference (Naokimi Ushiroda - May 22, 2023 pdf)

World Christian Leadership Conference: Korea's providential significance - realizing heavenly parents dream (Bruce Grodner - June 21, 2023 pdf)

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