Unification Church Calendars

Unification Church Calendar for 2010

Winny Cayme-Kim
February 9, 2010

Mark your calendar for these important holy day celebrations

Major Holy Days in Lunar Calendar with Solar Dates in parenthesis

God's Day January 1 (February 14)
Day of Victory of Love January 2 (February 15)
God's Kingship Coronation January 6 (February 19)
True Parents birthday January 6 (February 19)

True Parents Holy Blessing February 6 (March 21)

True Parents day March 1 (April 14)

FFWPUI April 10 (May 23)

HSA USA foundation day May 1 (June 12)
Day of True All things May 1 (June 12)
Ssanghab shil (5.5) May 5 (June 16)

Entrance to the palace June 13 (July 24)

God's Eternal Blessing July 1 (August 10)

Cosmic Sabbath August 1 (September 8)

Pal Jeong Sik August 31 (October 8)

True Children's day October 1 (November 6)
Foundation day for the unified heaven October 3 (November 8)

Unless there are corrections, these dates are the schedules of our holy days and important celebrations.

Love lots,


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