Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1) - Sun Myung Moon

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Chapter 1. The Ideal Of Creation And The Love Between Man And Woman

The Ideal Of Creation And The Human Fall

  1) God's Will and the Completion of the Four Position Foundation

  2) The Realization of the Ideal of Creation through Love

  3) God's Purpose for Creating Adam and Eve

  4) Adam and Eve's Growing Period

  5) The Perfection of the individual and the Starting Point of Love

  6) The Ideal World to Be Created through Adam and Eve 

  7) The Fall of Adam and Eve

  8) The Consequences of the Fall

  9) If Adam and Eve Had Not Fallen

2. Love Of True Man And Woman 

  1) The Original Love of Man and Woman

  2) The Reason Man and Woman Are Born

  3) The Being that Is Absolutely Necessary for the Other

  4) Love Comes from One's Counterpart

  5) The True Perspective on the Opposite Sex

  6) Man: Integrity; Woman: Chastity

  7) Love Is Not About Progress or Revolution

  8) Love is Something Very Natural

3. True Marriage And True Love 

  1) The Significance of Marriage

  2) Why We Marry

  3) The True Perspective of Marriage

  4) The Changes of Adolescence and the Right Time of Marriage

  5) Education and Marriage

  6) Adolescence and First Love

  7) Mind and Body Must Unite

  8) The Perfection of True Love

  9) The Privilege of True Love

4. The Phenomena Of The Last Days Centered On Love 

  1) When are the Last Days?

  2) The Phenomena of the Last Days: The Fall of the Younger Generation

  3) The Reality of Satan in the Last Days

  4) The Worldwide Phenomena of Division and the Unification Movement

  5) Juvenile Delinquency and the Unification Church

  6) The True Love Movement and the Unification Church

  7) The Center of Hope in the Last Days

Chapter 2 - True Parents And God's Family 

1. Jesus And The Blessing 

  1) Who is the Messiah?

  2) Jesus and the Blessing

  3) The Original Jesus

  4) Jesus' Resentment

  5) The Blessing of Jesus and Christian Thought

2. The Feast Of The Lamb And The First Resurrection 

  1) The Realization of God's Ideal through the Feast of the Lamb

  2) The Significance of the Feast of the Lamb

  3) The Feast of the Lamb is Held on Earth

  4) Why Has Religion Emphasized Single Life?

  5) Those Who Will Be Included in the First Resurrection

 3. True Parents And True Children 

  1) What Kind of People Are the True Parents?

  2) True Parents: The Hope of the Whole

  3) True Parents are the Center of Historical Hope

  4) The Purpose of Human History is for Mankind to Receive the True Parents

  5) False Parents and True Parents

  6) The Mission of the Unification Church

  7) Try to Become Sons and Daughters of True Parents

  8) We Who Are to Restore the Lost Heart (Shimjung)

  9) The Historical Day of Hope

 4. The Providence Of Restoration Centering On Families 

  1) The Hope of Fallen Humankind

  2) The Final Goal of the Providence of Restoration

  3) The Providence of Restoration Centering on Families

  4) Restored Families

  5) In Order to Become a Restored Family

  6) The Principle of the True Family and Religion of the True Parents

Chapter 3 - The Meaning And Value Of The Blessing 

1. The Fundamental Principle Of Rebirth 

  1) The Reason the Messiah is Necessary

  2) The True Meaning of Rebirth

  3) The Meaning of Changing the Blood Lineage

  4) In Order To Be Born Again

2. Rebirth And The Origin Of The Blessing 

  1) Changing of the Blood Lineage through the Israelites

  2) Rebirth Through Jesus and the Holy Spirit

  3) The Work of Rebirth Through the True Parents and the True Children

  4) Establishment of the Blessing Based on the Historical Sacrifice

  5) The Day of Blessing Is the Day of Fulfilling the Historical Hope

3. The Meaning And Value Of The Blessing 

  1) The Meaning of the Blessing

  2) The Value of the Blessing

  3) The Reason for Receiving the Blessing

  4) Who Is Giving the Blessing?

  5) The Blessing is for the Entire Cosmos

  6) The Reason for Holding the Mass Wedding

4. The Indemnity Condition For Receiving The Blessing 

  1) Resurrection and the Indemnity Condition

  2) The Indemnity Condition Has To Be Established By Myself

  3) In Order To Eliminate the Satanic Sovereignty

  4) The Foundation to Receive the Blessing

  5) The Indemnity Condition Necessary to Receive the Blessing

  6) The Indemnity Period in Order to Receive the Blessing

  7) The Course of Training and the Seven Days Fast

  8) Three Spiritual Children

  9) The Original Standard of the Blessing

  10) The Qualification to Receive the Blessing

  11) The One Qualification to Receive the Blessing

  12) The Faith and Determination We Must Have

Chapter 4 - The Process Of The Blessing

1. The Selection Of The Spouse 

  1) Who Determines the Spouse? 

  2) Do Not Decide Your Partner by Yourself

  3) How Do You Meet Your Ideal Partner?

  4) It Is Inevitable That Your Partner Is Somewhere

  5) Man and Woman Are Created in Relation to Each Other

  6) The Beauty of Woman and the Charm of Man

  7) Women and Make-up

  8) Love Affairs are Absolutely Not Allowed

2. The Standard For Matching And Our Attitude 

  1) Fathers Eye for Matching

  2) There Should be the Harmony of Extremes

  3) The Four Types of Man and Ideal Balance

  4) You Must Be Able to Go Over "The Hill of the Eye"

  5) The One Who Wants to Go Down Will Rise Up

  6) The Prerequisites That Are More Important Than Education

  7) Marriage Should Be for the Sake of the Descendants

  8) The Labor of True Parents to Recommend Engagements

3. Cases At The Engagement

  Case 1) The Person Who Prays for Himself

  Case 2) Picture Marriage

  Case 3) The Story of a Couple

  Case 4) One Crippled Woman

  Case 5) Three Elites of America

  Case 6) The Faith of One Missionary in the Netherlands

  Case 7) A Blessing for Restoration Through Indemnity

  Case 8) An Incident at the 6000 Couple Blessing

 4. The Process Of The Blessing And Its Meaning 

  1) The Meaning of the Engagement Ceremony

  2) The Process of Being Reborn Through the Holy Wine Ceremony

  3) The Meaning of Receiving the Holy Wine

  4) The Position of Man and Woman in Restoration

  5) The Meaning of the Blessing Ceremony

  6) The 40-Day Indemnity Period

  7) The Indemnity Stick Ceremony and the Three-Day Ceremony

  8) Three-Year Mobilization After the Blessing

  9) The Blessing is the Last Road

Blessing And Ideal Family
Reverend Sun Myung Moon

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