Blessing And Ideal Family Part 2 - Sun Myung Moon

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Chapter 5 - The Formula Course For Perfection

1. The Formula Course Of The Seven-Year Perfection Stage

1) The Seven-Year Course Which Indemnifies Three Ages at One Time

2) The Great Seven-Year Misfortune and the Seven-Year Course

3) The Place of Receiving the Blessing Is Not a Complete One

4) The Seven-Year Course to Restore the Position of Parent

5) The Seven-Year Course To Restore Through Indemnity The Spiritual World And The Physical World

6) The Seven-Year Course of Parents and the Seven-Year Course of Children

7) The individual Seven-Year Course and the Family-Level Seven-Year Course

8) The Age that Requests the Perfection of the Family

9) Women Who Have to Stand on the Frontline of God's Providence

 2. The Responsibility Of Children For Re-Creation

1) The Conditions Necessary at the Time of Re-Creation

2) Our Activities for Re-Creation

3) Training to Inherit the Right of the Love of True Parents

4) The Reason for Doing Business Activities

5) A Subject which Makes God Weep Bitterly

6) The Meaning of Witnessing to One Person a Month

7) Training on Earth for Life in the Spirit World

3. Restoration Of The Family Through Three Spiritual Children

1) Three Spiritual Children

2) Without Eight Family Members Restoration Is Not Possible

3) The Formation of the Family Through Three Spiritual Children

4) The Formula Course for the Restoration of the Family

5) The Relationship Between Spiritual Children and Physical Children

6) How to Stand in the Position of Restored Parent

7) The Mission of the Spiritual Parent and the Formula of Love

Chapter 6 - The Holy Wedding Of True Parents And The Blessed Family

1. The Holy Wedding And Seven-Year Course Of The True Parents

1) The Holy Wedding Ceremony, The Peak of Hardship and Persecution

2) The Establishment of Three Disciples Prior to the Holy Wedding Ceremony of the True Parents

3) The Age in which Parents Pioneer with the Responsibility

4) The Course of the Family-Level Cross of True Parents, or the Way of the Cross in the True Family

5) Mother's Seven-Year Course

6) The Providential Motto for the 1960s

7) The Blessing Of 36, 72 And 124 Couples

8) The Period in which Father Selected and Established the Lost Days

2. The Providential Meaning Of The Blessed Families

1) The Meaning of the Third Israel

2) The Organization Of The Third Israel Through Blessed Families

3) The Dispensational Meaning of the 36 Couples' Blessing

4) The Dispensational Meaning of the 72 Couples' Blessing

5) The Dispensational Meaning of the 124 Couples' Blessing

6) The Dispensational Meaning of the 430 Couples' Blessing

7) The Dispensational Meaning of the 777 Couples' Blessing

8) The Dispensational Meaning of the 1800 Couples' Blessing

9) The Dispensational Meaning of the 6,000 Couples' Blessing

3. The Value And The Mission Of The Blessed Families

1) The Value of Blessed Families

2) Blessed Families Should Receive the True Parents' Guidance

3) The Reason for the Blessing

4) The Mission and Responsibility of the Blessed Families

5) The Blessed Families Have the Mission of the Chief Priests

6) Blessed Families Who Are to be Responsible for the Mission of the Three Time Periods

7) Be A Tribal Messiah

8) The Mission of the Previously Married Blessed Couples

9) The Inevitable Destiny of the Blessed Families

10) The Way the Blessed Couples Should Go

11) The Restoration Of The Family-Level Canaan On The World Level

12) The Ones Who Will Be the Owners of the New Age

4. The Mission Of The International Blessed Families

1) Internationalism Centering Upon God

2) All Humankind Are One Brotherhood and One Family

3) The Meaning of the International Mass Wedding Ceremony

4) The Difference between Eastern and Western Culture, and International Marriage

5) Opening the Age of International Marriage

6) The Mission of the International Blessed Families

Chapter 7 - The True Husband And Wife And The Ideal Family

1. True Husband And Wife

1) The Original Relationship of Husband and Wife

2) The Ideal of the True Husband and Wife, which Must Be Restored

3) The Position of the Blessed Couples

4) Ideal Husband and Wife

5) Conjugal Love

6) The Destiny of a Couple

7) Why Are We Sad When Our Loved One Dies?

 8) The Cooperation of True Husband and Wife

2. Ideal Family

1) The Ideal Family

2) In The Family Three Time Periods Are Connected

3) The Family is the School of Discipline for True Love

4) The Family Is the Ultimate Standard

5) Why Do We Have to Give Birth to Children?

6) The Value of Blessed Children Blessed Children Surpass Their Parents

7) The Kingdom of Heaven of the Family

8) The Key to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven

3. The Life of the Blessed Family

1) The Blessed Family Should be a Good Example

2) The Family Life of Blessed Families

3) The Life of Husband and Wife in a Blessed Family

4) The Providential Life of Blessed Families

5) Life of Faith of Blessed Families

6) Life Centering Upon the Trinity

7) The Collective Life of the Blessed Families

8) The Way for the Descendants to Receive Blessing

4. True Parents And Children

1) True Parents and True Children

2) The Obligation of True Children

3) Let's Be Parents Who Bequeath Good Tradition

4) Parental Love Toward Children

5) Children Should Receive Parental Love

6) The Tough Discipline of Love

7) Let's Sincerely Contribute to our Descendants

5. The Education Of Children

1) Family Education

2) The Education of Children

3) True Education of Patriotism

4) Education To Live For The World

5) Faith and Study

6) Love Is Not Learned by Education

7) The Path of Life Centering Upon Love

Blessing And Ideal Family Part 2
Reverend Sun Myung Moon

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