Life In the Spirit World and On Earth

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter One - A Letter Of Offering To True Parents

The Letter To True Parents

Dr. Lee began with praying "True Parents! I hope you can be consoled by my letter!

True Parents! I would like to give my best regards to you. I hope to receive your love and forgiveness because of the impiety of my earthly life. I cannot but feel sad before True Parents because I came here to the spirit world prior to you.

I know very well the continuous, desperate efforts of the True Parents to successfully fulfill the 3.6 million couple international Blessing. In the spirit world, our members are also working very hard to witness to people. However, even though we make strenuous effort to restore the spirit world, many fundamental problems can be resolved only when you come. I am very sorry for that because it will cause you trouble.

Since True Father will conduct the Blessing in spirit world, multitudes are waiting for you. Now, we lecture that the door of hell will be opened and hell will be liberated. However, even though we try to do our best, it cannot be compared with our True Father's efforts. We desire and pray that our small efforts can reduce your burden.

True Parents! When I lived in the physical world, intellectuals often asked me about the spirit world, but I could not knowledgeably answer. Whenever we held academic seminars, people asked about the spirit world. But I could not give a clear answer. The spirit world was like a riddle that I could not solve by myself. Accordingly, without first systematizing the doctrine of the spirit world, I came here. Therefore, for the following reasons I will try to carefully relate details about the spirit world: First, I want to solve many of the questions troubling earthly people. Second, I want to assist our Unification members while on Earth to live properly. Third, even though my efforts are very small, I want to reduce our True Parents' trouble. Fourth, I am bothered by a guilty conscience because I came to the spirit world prior to True Father.

True Father! So far, your humble son, Sang Hun, has explored various areas of the spirit world. As long as it is possible, I want to search all around the spirit world. Now, I am going to relate what I have surveyed in the spirit world. If my message contains error, please blame me and correct it. It is my sincere heart to help members by revealing the secrets of the spirit world. I hope that by knowing the spirit world, people living in the physical world will not commit sin, and will come to the spirit world without sin. By doing so, I pray that our True Father's burden will be reduced when he comes to spirit world. Moreover, God is burdened and poor.

True Father! I would like to deeply express appreciation for sending me to this blessed place, and giving me the title, "Blessed Man." After completing my earthly life with your grace and blessing, I came to the spirit world. So, I will sincerely devote myself to liberate hell in this eternal world.

True Father and True Mother! As a blessed couple we ask for your forgiveness because we live comfortably in the spirit world. We would like to offer a full bow in front of True Parents. May True Parents live long lives!

August 21, 1997
From Sang Hun

To Beloved Members Of the Unification Church

"I would like to offer this letter to our beloved members."

Dear members! What shall I write first? No one can avoid physical death nor escape the spirit world. It is the way of Heavenly law through which everyone must pass. I miss our members of Unification Church since I came to the spirit world. I am really concerned about how to educate all members not to violate Heavenly law in the physical world so that you will be able to pass smoothly into the spirit world. If you violate the law of the spirit world, you cannot solve it easily, and you will pay the price of indemnity through suffering in the spirit world. Beloved members of the Unification Church! What a hard time you have had! I desire that when you arrive in this eternal world, you can live happily. I wish that you would not try to escape temporary hard times. If you persevere, you will find eternal life.

If you violate Heavenly law, your descendants will have to pay indemnity instead of you. When True Parents organize the spirit world, your wrong behavior will pain the True Parents' heart. Dear members of the Unification Church! My name is Sang Hun Lee, who wrote Unification Thought. I am going to relate what I surveyed in the spirit world. Please read it carefully, and make your earthly lives successful. By doing so, let's console the painful heart of True Parents, and pray that True Parents may have long lives. Please read my message very carefully. You should measure your lives every day by the standard of True Parents' speech. This is my advice as your elder brother, to help you fulfill your responsibility successfully on earth. May God bless all of you!

August 21, 1997
From Sang Hun

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