Life In the Spirit World and On Earth

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter Two - Earthly Life And Life In The Spirit World [Part 1]

Meeting At The Seung Hwa Ceremony Of Sang Hun Lee
March 24, 1997

My Name Is Sang Hun Lee

Please don't try to test who I am. It creates a bad feeling in me. I had wanted to meet you more often during my earthly life. However, it was not easy to meet each other. Dear Mrs. Kim! Through you, I am going to complete what I did not complete during my earthly life. Please don't say that you have no qualifications to do that.

Unification Thought Is the Fundamental Thought

Unification Thought is the fundamental thought that True Father gave us, but many people try to understand it just intellectually. Therefore, throughout my whole lifetime in the physical world, I was trying to write many books to help people more easily understand Unification Thought. However, I could not completely fulfill that. Therefore, from the spirit world, I am going to send you what I did not complete in the physical world, so that you can share it with all people.

Mrs. Kim! From my earthly life, I know that you worked very hard. Therefore, from now on, I am going to help you centering on Rev. Ho Woong Chung's family in the spirit world. Please, wait for this. Even though God said that I don't need to stay on earth for 40 days, I will go around the earth as well as the spirit world as far as I can, so that I can systematize my thought and relate that to you. My wife also has many things to share with you. Mrs. Kim! Even though for a while you may feel troubled because of me, please forgive me. After putting my thoughts in order for 40 days, I will return. Although you may go to Australia, I can go there. Then, I will visit you again. Thank you.

Also, I would like to express my appreciation because everyone beautifully eulogized me in the Seung Hwa ceremony.

Memorial Service At His Home With His Family Members
March 28, 1997

To Kyum Hwan, Jang Hwan, and Jin Won,

I want to talk with all of you for a long while, but because of limited time, I am going to give my regards through this letter. Kyum Hwan! Jang Hwan! Jin Won! I can give a brief description of the spirit world, which you cannot see, like this:

"What a useless life the physical world was!
It was nothing.
It was nothing.
Oh! God!
Oh! God!"

I don't really know how I can describe this infinite spirit world. God is invisible. Even though I am in the kingdom of heaven, I cannot see God. However, there is brilliant and fascinating light, which cannot be explained by the human brain, intellect, and reason. Before such a bright light, all the contents of our lives are disclosed completely. In this brilliant light, we can have the same feeling of relief, safety, and happiness as a baby feels when it is drinking its mother's milk. In this light, everything seems to be melted like a blast furnace. We can call it the blast furnace of God's love. Oh God! Such a wonderful world lies ahead! A sweet scent, a beautiful melody, such as we have never experienced.

My children! Even if your father tried to write all night about the spirit world, I would not be able to adequately express myself. Let me ask a question. How much longer are you going to live on earth? What is the purpose of your lives? As your parent, I want to ask you to read thoroughly Unification Thought, which I wrote, and the Divine Principle, which True Father wrote. After reading that, you should decide your way of life. If there is a greater teaching than those books, you may follow that. However, if you think that there is no such greater thought, you should work with your whole energy and life for the sake of God's will. You should not listen to the local news regarding various bad rumors and negative things about the Unification Church, but you ought to listen to the national news.

On the day of the Seung Hwa ceremony, many people over-praised me. I want you as my children to receive those expressions humbly. In the near future, I will explain about this huge spirit world through Mrs. Kim, after organizing my thinking systematically and logically. I will also speak to the group of professors about the spirit world. You also have to help Mrs. Kim. You should study how to live. Please keep in mind that the physical world in which you are living is a valueless and momentary world.

From your father

To My Beloved Sons (A letter from Your Mother.)

Kyum Hwan! Jang Hwan! Jin Won! Please listen 100 percent to what your father said. As your mother, what I want to ask to you is that you have close relationships with one another and help others. Please always look around to see if there is anything with which you can help. How are you going to manage the problem of inheritance? After discussing that matter among yourselves, please talk to Mrs. Kim. Your father said that he would then finalize that. I also ask that you study the True Parents. How happy you are because you can listen to this precious news from the spirit world! As your mother, I deeply appreciate that.

From your mother

After Examining My Life, Please Study Unification Thought

After examining my life, please study Unification Thought. Please, follow me. (A father's advice to his sons.)

Questions and Answers with Family Members

Q: What do you think of impiety?

A: Since I did not completely fulfill my duty of filial piety before God, how can I ask for the filial piety of my sons? If you want to perform the duty of filial piety, please follow True Parents.

Q: Why did you go through the window?

A: Nobody would go through a window if one knew that it was a window. But I went through the window because it looked like an open exit. Please, don't ask me any more about that. I have no regret about my past life. I do not even repent. If there is something about which I need to repent, it is that I was not much more intellectually enlightened. [Ed.: Dr. Lee's death was preceded by an accident in which he fell through a window.]

Q: What shall we do with your belongings?

A: Please donate any important things to Sun Moon University and burn the rest.

Instruction to his sons:

You should live for the sake of God's will. If you think that Unification Thought and Divine Principle are truth, you should follow that with all your mind, heart, and life. What will be necessary for you to do? Practice the truth after judging what is helpful to God's will! In the spirit world, I will develop educational materials that can be of vital assistance to people in the physical world.

Instruction to Staff of the Unification Thought Institute

Please develop the the Unification Thought Institute. I will help you.

God's Words

(1) Sang Hun Lee! Congratulations on your arrival into God's bosom!

(2) God called me a "Heavenly Man."

(3) God said that Sang Hun tries to circulate throughout the spirit world and physical world, and that he is working very hard.

Private Conversation

Mrs. Kim! I hope that you can come here after living on earth for the same time as me. Through you, I want to disclose everything about the spirit world as far as I am able. We now can join together in new marriage. (Mrs. Kim saw a vision in which family members were gathering around the dining table of their house filled with brilliant light.)

To Churl Ha Hwang and Jong Sam Lee

"Thank you for attending today's meeting. Please publish this letter as a well-developed book to deliver to intellectual groups." (10 PM, July 21, 1997)

The Spirit World And Its Life
May 23, 1997

Mrs. Kim! My name is Sang Hun Lee. When you test me to see if I am a Satan, you offend me. I would appreciate it very much if you would believe me when God introduces me.

Spirit World

Even though the spirit world appears to be the same as the visible phenomenal world, the scale of the spirit world cannot be compared with the scale of the physical world. For instance, in the phenomenal world, materiality and space limit a car, but in the spirit world, a car's form can be changed at will. Its direction of movement is also free. The car moves with a driver's thought and can even pass through a mountain in a moment. It can move as freely as in fantasy movies or science fiction travel, which children like very much. Even though the motion of the car may look chaotic, because they are keeping spiritual law, there are no accidents at all.

Life in the Spirit World

Earthly people wake up in the morning and sleep at night, and spirit persons behave the same way. However, in the spirit world, morning and night do not follow a regular order. Morning and night can be changed according to one's thinking.

I do not know who first described the spirit world as containing hell, Paradise, and the kingdom of heaven respectively, but the distinctions are proper. Huge gaps exist in these levels of life. For one thing, hell is very bizarre. We can never see comparable sights in the physical world.

For instance, I saw one woman standing nude, and beside her, a man touched the lower part of her body. Beside them, another woman fought with her, arguing that the man's lower part was her own. Despite their grotesque nature, they did not feel ashamed.

Once, when a Japanese woman ran wearing wooden shoes and fell down, another woman came and hid the shoes as if they were her own. The woman who lost her shoes then tried to find them, while the woman who hid the shoes feigned ignorance. Then, others who saw all that had occurred shouted out that the woman was a thief, and attacked her, striking and kicking. These things happen very often.

When an old man cannot eat food because he injured his finger, a young man comes and takes the elder's food, stuffing it into his mouth. These things always happen in hell. Another woman, who was forced to cut off her hair, felt ashamed, and hid her head with a towel. But people passing by her, took her towel and cleaned their hands and faces with it. When the owner of the towel took it again from the people and covered her head, people forcibly grabbed it back, cut it in half with scissors and returned the other half to her. Then, because she could not hide her shame, she withdrew to a dark place.

Original Heaven And Hell In The Spirit World
June 2, 1997

Today's words were spoken not with excitement but with quiet and calm.

Heaven Is the Place Where Thought and Action Become One

What kind of name is heaven? I don't know, but these sentences are written either in heaven or Eden. No matter, it is the place where words and deeds are one.

As an example, if I think, "Today what kind of meat will I eat, what do I want to eat?" with that thought simultaneously a huge feast will appear before me. Also, if I think, "Today where do I want to go, who do I want to see?" I'm already there. Even if I think, "What if that person isn't dressed when I arrive there?" and he happens to be stark naked, then we will have a good laugh.

Recently I thought, "When blind people come to heaven, will they be different from those who had sight on earth?" A grandfather and a midget suddenly stood in front of me. The midget had been blind, but the grandfather had possessed good eyesight, so I asked, "In heaven are there blind people?" Their answer was "We came because you asked a question. While on earth I was blind but here in heaven there is not even the term, blindness there is no blindness. I can see everything." I asked, "Grandfather, you can see, so why did you come?" He said, "You asked about the difference between a person who had earthly sight and one who had not. You can see both with your eyes and with your mind. With eyes you can visibly see an object, but the thing you can see with your mind you can see better than with your eyes."

In heaven, the environment abounds with many bright jewels. Because of the surrounding brightness and luster, you cannot hide any difficulties between each other. Everything can be seen and known with the eyes and mind. If I am filled with light and my hair dazzles golden, it is due to a golden light that is filled with a radiant ecstasy. This is the place where your mind is always filled with peace and serenity, where difficulty, discomfort and hunger do not exist. Heaven is the place where you will find no difficulty to express or explain anything.

Hell Is the Place You Cannot Imagine in Heaven

In hell you endure hunger and suffering; hell swims in jealousy and discomfort. Due to such suffering, fighting cannot be avoided. Everyone feels uncomfortable. In heaven you have the freedom to follow your mind but in hell you can't do a single thing according to your own will. In hell, you take others' possessions by force and eat by stealth. People on earth cannot imagine how bad hell really is.

"Sang Hun Ah!" This Is Love

(Ed.: Only his parents, grandparents or close friends would refer to Dr. Sang Hun Lee as `Sang Hun ah.)

On earth, if Father introduces a story of love, he always speaks in reference to convex and concave. When you think of love you think about convex and concave, but these words, you realize, are too technical.

Calling out, "Sang-Hun-ah," that sound has such a feeling of love that it melts down everything. Love possesses such sensitivity that it must forgive even a brutal crime, or be comfortable when near a person who stinks with the smell of old fish. Even then love possesses the passive feeling of ease and comfort. The word "love" does not adequately describe the heart. Something more is needed. It's having a feeling totally without envy. Even in the most normal circumstances, when you take a step, or speak a word, or when you wear clothes, using just the word, "love," is unsatisfactory. For God, there is no phrase beautiful or deep enough to express or encompass the thought of love. God calls out, "Sang-Hun-ah! That's love!" If you flawlessly embrace the will of love, there will be no fighting or suffering on earth. There is no adequate way to elucidate perfectly the word "love." This is love.

The Concept of Heaven and Hell

In heaven there is no way to worry or have any anxiety at all. You are living and going about as one mass of love perfectly suited. Hell is the place where you spin around on the edge of discomfort, worry, anxiety and conflict, because you live in a world where you cannot know anything about love. In summation, hell is the place alienated from love, and heaven is the holy, perfect unity of love. Simply speaking, heaven is the place where there is nothing that doesn't have love, and hell is the place where there is not one iota of love. It is possible for the fruit of love to bud and sprout and bring about the liberation of hell.

The Middle Realms Of Spirit World
June 1 - July 28, 1997

What Is the Middle Realm of Spirit World?

On the earth, what we thought of as the middle realm of Spirit World is actually somewhat different. Amidst the many communities of the world, people worked to establish nations that are far away from service to God. People work to elevate themselves without concern for religion; they gather in places without a relationship of faith.

In this place it is difficult to see something which resembles either heaven or hell. There are many similarities to the earth. As an example, during mealtime in the kitchen, someone is working, someone is cleaning dishes, preparing food, or serving food; everyone will work together. To describe the people in this realm: in heaven people are very bright; in hell, people are always uneasy and restless, bat here people are always very busy and working hard, never resting. At a special event, people will be alive with energy, but there is no concern whatsoever for God or religion.

In this place people hear the Unification Thought lecture, but some people ask foolish questions, such as, isn't there a world where only people alike live together? Their questions make no sense or are extremely simplistic. You feel that witnessing will take a very long time. The middle realm of Spirit World is not heaven and not hell, but has many different levels. It's a place where it is very difficult to get across to people any idea of God or Principle or Unification Thought.

The middle realms are massive, so the variety is difficult to explain.

In this realm the common people are very distinguishable from Unification members. Unification members are full of life. You can't observe any difficulty among them. Also they are filled with peace and they live enthusiastically. If they have some workshop, there is a lot of fun and games and laughter and enjoyment. Compared to our members, others appear very different. They have no pulse, no life. Their activities are very passive and lazy. They have weary and tired faces. Why do the common people, as opposed to Unification Church members, have such a sad demeanor? It's because they have no hope and no desire. But Unification Church members in the middle realms have hope and desire because they expect and wait for God's special privilege to come to them and they know God's basic will. Common people don't know God's will. They are not in a place of hope. The common people and Unification Church members stay in different regions.

Sadly, there are many members who cannot stay in the Unification realm of spirit world. There are many reasons for this. First, even though a couple received the Blessing, one person deviated from the path and they could not establish a family. Or second, they received the Blessing, but the couple lived without care for God's will. Or third, the couple received the Blessing but their life became uncentered. There are many cases like this. They have the form and name of Unification member. Since they are called members, they may come to the middle region of spirit world.

What do they do in this place? This group of members always dwells in the place where they can receive God's, Heung Jin Nim's, and True Parents special Blessings and favor. How? They can enjoy time together, listen to Divine Principle lectures and receive faith guidance. Therefore they all have hope. Also, this area receives a lot of attention from God and Heung Jin Nim.

People of the world can enter this middle region of Spirit World, but only Unification Church members can enter a special classroom to receive education regarding the direction of righteousness and justice. This is really amazing. You don't understand the meaning of the Blessing while on earth, because you can't see it. But from heaven there is an exorbitant condition that can be received. True Parents are giving the Blessing without price. The reason is because of our Parents' merit. While True Parents are living on the earth in this time, they are giving great Blessings to you. So we must go out to give the Blessing to many people in our area. That is the Unification way of giving Blessing to others.


Paradise on earth was thought to be somewhere between heaven and hell, but that is not accurate. In Paradise people form groups within which they naturally belong. For example, Koreans go to Korea town, Chinese go to Chinatown, and Japanese go to Japan town.

Life On Earth Viewed From Spirit World
June 9, 1997

How Are Works People Do on Earth Recorded in Spirit World?

How people live life on earth determines what is recorded in Spirit World. For example, how a president of a country lived his life is recorded in Spirit World. Whether or not he lived his life for himself or for the sake of his country is what is officially recorded. If your life was just spent on petty things or you were irrationally materialistic, or if you were simply an evil person, not a true person, it is all recorded. It is just as if you were to write your own autobiography. As you arrange the final moments of your life, you will consider how you established your life's path. God appears unconditionally. How wonderful if in your life you worked hard. Even the president of a country comes to Spirit World without pretense. The foundation of your life will appear in front of you.

You become a complete spirit person 40 days after your life ends. During this 40 days you travel back and forth between the physical and spirit worlds, and your place of residence is prepared. During this time God does not intervene. Although your ancestors will cooperate with you, they cannot help you 100 percent. You have to work yourself to establish your residence. No one judges you. Each person's seat of judgement is different. After you go to your home, if you get set up in the place where you desire as far as geography and topography are concerned, no one will force something upon you. Your spirit guide will appear and naturally direct you.

According to the way of Spirit World, the atmosphere of guidance or judgement is different. You may receive some benefit as a result of having spent time as the president of a country, although there were conditions in place that allowed you to make a large contribution to the nation. There is no room for not keeping a position of goodness; if you don't keep your existence of value, then you'll receive punishment up to and not more than you justly deserve. This is the spirit world. Whether you were the president or a person at the opposite end of the social spectrum, class distinction holds no sway over the spiritual foundation.

We estimate the value of a person from a moral basis, and ask to what extent he lived a righteous life. "In spirit world," a medium asked, "isn't there an awareness of social distinction between the lowest level worker and those with scholarly achievement? In the physical world there exists such a distinction between the learned and the unlearned." Dr. Lee answered: "In spirit world, the field of your work is different from your scholarly major on earth. But your greatest embarrassment is not that, but comes rather if you made a mistake in your life and you were ignorant of the value of your life. The manner in which the distinction of academic achievement appears in Spirit World differs from the way it appears on earth."

The Difference Between Religious and Non-Religious People

The difference between a person of faith and a person of no faith is enormous. This creates a considerable class structure, or several levels. While living a life of faith, a sincere person may be able to draw close to God's favor. However, even if you live according to faith, if you lack conscientiousness, your faith doesn't matter. Such a person will reside in a position similar to one who lived in ignorance of God, in a place where God has nothing to do with them. Regarding religious and non-religious people, God's grace comes later to the non-religious. Even in heaven, when a favor is bestowed, apprehensions arise. God gives His blessing to humankind through the Holy Spirit. Through loving humankind, heaven also receives benefit. The time will come when in freedom you will move to a place you desire, one that reflects the spiritual merit you achieved while in your body. At that time, you will move based on God's command.

What Is the Difference Between Unification Members' Position and Other Religions' Members?

A huge difference exists. I can explain this in a word. In spirit world, regions differ. Here, according to the former life of each member, each one differs a little from another, but all the various realms in Spirit World are significantly different. Here, the thing that is hugely different is the position in relation to God.

Limits exist which determine how well people belonging to another religion can hear, feel or talk to God. But Unification Church members by all means reside in a position where they may breathe together with God. Among Unification Church members, there exist several layers. There are distinguishable, revered positions. I'm sorry, but it is for the sake of our members that Sang Hun Lee is speaking, to enable and help us to adjust our lives here on earth and to assist us when we go to Spirit World. Differences arise according to how we went the way of True Parents. The position of the 36 couples is most intense. This is the highest family position, but I cannot easily express all the difficulty and hardship connected with it. Particularly, we have all of our mistakes disclosed.

When on earth, many members or their families get caught in the problem of women, the problem of public money, or other similar problems. Eventually, we all go to live in God's house and there, everything of one's self is exposed. For example, we see at all times someone's sin of having sex with a different woman. We can see in detail the sins of a man who used public money for himself and went to a bar and fell with a woman. The Unification Church members reside in a place more frightening than hell. The same holds true for a low-level family or any other type of family.

Many levels exist according to the nature of the crime or sin committed. However, we mostly reside in the realm of Spirit World closest to God. We also maintain a prison where people with grave sins must stay. How wonderful it is that we can go the way of indemnifying our sin by gathering in such a place among those criminals. No place exists where one can indemnify and solve sin alone. Through prayer, tithing, service and other such public efforts made by their descendants on earth, the door to the prison will be opened for spirit persons and they will be able to leave. When such persons leave prison, they will receive spiritual guidance according to their position.

After paying all our indemnity, at that point will we be able to live peacefully? Yes, once our descendants indemnify our sin. So if our descendants pray for us and offer their whole heart, the spirits which benefit from that indemnity will escape their misery. But our position is to escape only to return again. If earthly people pray and invest their heart, it inevitably shortens a person's indemnity period. However, on earth they mostly don't know a person's situation. So many must undergo a course of mental suffering for quite a long time.

If one's path of hardship is long in Spirit World, then whether the descendants on earth know it or not, he will be incessantly hindered. If ancestors suffer, their descendants also must endure in an uncomfortable position. More simply put, when ancestors commit crime, descendants receive punishment. There is no other path but to remember the way of heaven. Each must go the way of righteousness.

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