Life In the Spirit World and On Earth

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter Three - Life In The Spirit World Viewed From The Principle

Subject And Object (Law Of The Spirit World)
July 21, 1997


When a subject and object desire the give and take of love and beauty, the universal prime force endowed by God and ruled by God operates and becomes the fundamental force for their reciprocation. The subject uses it to give force to the object, and the object uses it to return force to the subject. Thus it exists within the forces of action that form a reciprocal relationship between a subject and an object. It does not work independently, but is given by God, by whom we sustain our life and continue to exist. There is nothing that can exist independently. Existence itself can be possible only through the force generated from give and take actions between a subject and an object. Therefore, whether in the spirit world or on earth, the forces of all existing beings are manifested through the process of reciprocal relationship between a subject and an object.

At this point, I would like to write down the actions of a subject and an object that I witnessed in the spirit world. In the spirit world, when God, who is in the position of subject, gives to a spirit person, in the position of an object, His force is immediately reflected in the spirit person and they are united. For example, when God calls my name, "Sang Hun!" in a nonverbal way, I, His object, with an original mind, am automatically drawn to His order. I would not question Him or express my own views, such as, "God, what is it?" "I do not know," "I do not understand," etc., but I am automatically drawn to Him. This can be compared to a northern magnetic force being drawn to a southern magnetic force.

Therefore, when we come before God, human beings are attracted to Him as if they were His shadow, in the relationship of subject and object. This is the fundamental force in accordance with the original principle of reciprocation. Which is stronger between the force that a subject gives to an object and the force that an object returns to a subject is not a question. The important question is how they can have give and take at the same level of force. Since God gives human beings the universal prime force, we are to live according to the original Will God had at the time of His creating.

Therefore, the fundamental force of the universal prime force can bring smooth give and take actions only when a subject and an object establish a standard as a reciprocal base. If a subject and an object, whether in the human, animal, plant or mineral realm, form a standard for reciprocation, the force of multiplication comes into being. If there is instead conflict or friction, an action of force does not take place. Therefore, since God is the original standard for the fundamental force that is required for us to exist, if we have an attitude through which we live attending God in our mind, we can immediately receive the force of the subject and reflect the same force as an object.


The force of an object should be like a beam generator, immediately returning force at the same time as receiving the fundamental force. This means that when a subject appears as the fundamental force that is received from God, its object can also receive the same force. Therefore, a subject and an object should neither be in the position of relating to each other independently, nor follow the rule that one must give first and the other next in an orderly manner. They should have a reciprocal relationship on the same level. In a reciprocal standard there is no concern for priority of position or level. A conflict that arises from a disunited husband and a wife, who cannot become one as subject and object, is not a fundamental force given by God. It is from fallen nature.

Subject and object have been derailed from the right track, losing the original force from God and deviating from the realm of God's dominion. Accordingly, since an object is reflected by the action of its subject's fundamental force, it should not deviate from the direction of the original force that strives to respond to its subject from the position of an object. If an object has deviated from receiving force from its subject, the object should strive to have its own force establish a reciprocal circuit.

Let me give you an example. In terms of the relationship between a husband and a wife, a husband is in the position of a subject. Yet if something goes wrong with the husband, the wife comes to stand in the position of the subject, the original positions being reversed, until the husband returns to his original position, which takes time.

The Main Topic

When a subject and an object have a good reciprocal relationship, the force of original value can be manifested. However, if something goes wrong with one party, and thus their position is reversed, until the one party returns to the original state, the other party should keep his or her position. Otherwise, the fundamental force given by God will leave them and be lost. Therefore, in order for a subject and an object to have proper give and take actions, they should serve and attend God, the original source of the force.

Since all beings sustain their lives by the force generated between a subject and an object, unless two become one, both of them will walk a path of destruction and death. Both subject and object must strive to unite, always examining themselves as to whether they love the original force or are accustomed to the fallen nature. If they are crossing a bridge made of stone, they should take with care each step toward the world of eternity. Then they will be able to lead a life of wisdom.

There Are No Exceptions to Spiritual Laws

Many people understand that the fundamental force from God is the universal prime force. Yet people do not think about how they can possess the force themselves. During their earthly life, they should realize the value of the original force. The rays of the original force can be reflected only when one is on the original rail, not off the rail. Even when you are on the rail, you should take care not to be derailed. In the spirit world, no exceptions and no forgiveness are applied. On earth, we can be forgiven based on circumstances or heartistic relations, but in the spirit world, even in the case of a parent-child relationship, that is not acceptable. This is not because the spiritual laws are fussy, but because everything is done in accordance with the Principle.

You might wonder if the God of love should not be more understanding. However, because He is the subject of the original love, if He allows exceptions, the fundamental order will be destroyed. In other words, He must refuse them in order to maintain a right order in the world of eternity. Thus, it is because He loves us that He does not forgive us. Therefore, we should live each moment fully for the life of eternity. The reason why I am saying this is to fulfill my obligation of helping the True Parents as their son when they reorganize the spirit world. If we are truly their children, should we not live a life of filial piety, helping our parents when they are in difficulties?

Since what is seen in the spirit world is so clear, Dr. Sang Hun Lee seems to be emphasizing his views, after analyzing his observations and experiences. (Medium: Y.S. Kim)

Three Objects Purpose
July 28, 1997

Three Objects Purpose

The three objects purpose is God's precious blessing and gift to human beings, given them at the time He created them. This principle came into being to make possible a condition for human beings to come before God. However, due to the Fall, the principle of the love and beauty that should have been reciprocated between us as husband and wife was invaded. In order to restore us to the original state centered on God, we should reverse the wrong fulfillment of the three objects purpose, dating from the time of Adam and Eve. Centered on God, Adam and Eve should have had a reciprocal relationship of love and beauty. However, because their relationship was centered on Satan, the circuit of the original reciprocal relationship was destroyed. Therefore, God intends to build the ideal of the kingdom of heaven based on love, by restoring human beings so as to attain the value of the original standard of the three objects purpose.

The Completion of a Couple

One of God's blessings to us human beings is the multiplication of children. This is Agape-type love that gives and gives without any conditions attached. That type of love is not often experienced in our life. However, like a spring of water that never dries up, the love of God, who desires to give infinitely as the King of love, never dries up. As a husband and a wife, we should resemble God's love and become one with His love that constantly desires to give and give. Then our love and beauty will be returned to God as a precious offering. How many couples exist on earth today actually practicing and living God's love according to His desire?

The kingdom of heaven in spirit world is a beautiful place where a couple lives, returning love and beauty to God and reaching the standard of the three objects purpose. Therefore, there can be no deceptions or falsities in the couple's loving. Since the conjugal love is given and returned centered on God, it should have the standard of supreme value. During the earthly life, a couple should live a life that is totally united with God's true love that fulfills the three objects purpose. Otherwise, even if we go to spirit world, we cannot possess the love of the kingdom of heaven.

Fallen Nature
July 28, 1997

Fallen Nature Is...

Fallen nature refers to a mentality that is derailed from the original track of the Principle that God originally intended. Then, how can human beings return to the original track of the Principle, removing the fallen nature? The reason why God loves us without any reasons or conditions is simply because we are His children. Human beings who are derailed from the original track should return to the original position as God's children. However, to do this is impossible without establishing a proper condition.

Then, what is that condition? When human beings created as the children of God fell, by being derailed from the original track, they came to serve another master, resulting in their attending two masters. However, they should clearly realize that God is the true master. That is, only when they return to God after leaving their position of dealing with two masters, can they be fully restored.


Complete restoration is simple. Within human beings, who deviated from the original track of the Principle, leaving their original position as children of God, fallen blood is flowing. Therefore, fallen activities should be stopped. However, in order to be reborn, we should understand the process of rebirth. Our defiled lineage should be completely sanctified, through a process called rebirth, and we should inherit the love of God. In order to be reborn, our body needs to re-enter the womb. This may sound like a fantasy; however, the Principle teaches us that we can go back to God through establishing an indemnity condition of lesser value.

Then, we need a mediator, which is the True Parents. Human beings cannot go to God without the True Parents since the original sin can be removed only through the True Parents. Only through them can fallen human beings come forward to God as His original children, with Godlike value. Since we inherited the original sin with fallen nature from Satan, we should be separated from it. It is wrong to think that we can do this on our own. Separation from the original sin is possible when we realize the value of the Blessing given by True Parents. From this perspective, we can learn that the Blessing contains many meanings. After coming to spirit world, I realized even more deeply the amazing value and greatness of our True Parents.

The Four-Position Foundation
July 31, 1997

What Is the Four-Position Foundation?

The four-position foundation means a foundation where a subject and an object have united and multiplied centering on God. Human beings who are created as children of God based upon His purpose of creation, and who are supposed to follow His ideal of "subject and object," should grow up within the sphere of God's love and fulfill the ideal of creation God originally intended. However, Satan became the dominator of this world. So, the ideal world can be built when the world under Satan's dominion is restored and completely brought under the dominion of God.

God, through His providence of restoration, has been looking for the human beings to build heaven on Earth. When the people on Earth come back to God's bosom, the eternal kingdom of heaven in the spirit world, centering on God, will be built.

True Parents of Heaven and Earth.

God wanted to build the ideal world. However, the world became evil due to the human Fall. Further, the course of the history of restoration became entangled. The providence for restoration is to untie the knots of resentments and sorrows of history one by one, and through doing this bring the world under the dominion of God. A master who can bring to its end this providence for restoration should come to this world. Then the establishment of heaven can begin. The one is the True Parent. The history of salvation for humankind initiated by the True Parents has greatly contributed to the development of human history. Through this fundamental providence, an eternal ideal world can be established here in the spirit world.

Since the True Parents who are now on earth are True Parents not only for the physical world but also for the spirit world, they are the masters of the eternal Sabbath of the spirit world and they are the masters of the ideal kingdom of heaven. Therefore, spirit persons in some levels have lived with the hope of the day when the True Parents come to the spirit world and build the ideal world here. The spirit persons in high levels know of the coming world of hope, but spirit persons in low levels don't know how their present, terrifying world of punishment will change. For them, there is no hope and nothing to wait for. There is only continual pain and suffering.

Therefore, the greater the number of people going to hell, the more the spirit world will be complicated and the more True Parents will have to work after they come to spirit world. Even though the external Blessing seems to be given freely, the destiny of those who were headed toward hell will change. So, let's become pioneers who will build the eternal world. That is the way to fulfill our filial piety. In conclusion, completion of the four-position foundation is the completion of the kingdom of heaven. The completion of the ideal kingdom of heaven is to show our filial devotion to True Parents.

The Ideal Of Heaven
August 7, 1997


Heaven is the place where people who have received recognition as God's children gather. They are the owners of heaven. The ideal heaven is realized by those who live for the sake of others and do not think or act for themselves.

What is the proper behavior in heaven? In heaven, people's behavior is motivated by their own humble attitude, not by someone else.

Is there a fence in heaven? It is not a place where someone asks you to come or go. It is not the place where someone makes an order. Rather, it is the place where people act by knowing and feeling God's breath.

There are no classes in heaven-no such rule that someone is higher or lower than others are. This place doesn't care about people's social position. The one who was at the highest position and the one who was at the lowest position are united by their love for each other. In heaven, there is no such a gruesome scene where the lower kisses up to the higher as on earth. The one who accomplishes the ideal of the kingdom of heaven is the one who knows God's ideal and realizes God's fundamental will and lives it. The laws of the spirit world are very strict. Examination is very exacting. So people on earth should try to live looking forward to living in the ideal kingdom of heaven.

The Principle of Reciprocity and the Ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven

The principle of reciprocity can be explained through the principle of give and take action. The meaning of give and take action is not only to give and take well. The parties also should know upon whom the action is centered. A subject and an object shouldn't pursue their own ideals centering on themselves. They should realize that the sure guide toward God and the ideal of heaven is to live in one direction through the circuit of their give and take action. That direction is toward the owner of the fundamental power. The subjective force in the principle of reciprocity is generated when it is for the sake of its object, and the objective power is generated when it is for the sake of its subject. These forces are the fundamental forces following the principle of reciprocity, which directs the forces to be directed to God. I'd like to say that the realization of heaven is the main purpose of the "principle of reciprocity."

Gateways to Heaven

There are many gateways through which one must pass before entering the kingdom of heaven. Heaven is the storage where you collect all the fruits of your life. Here, they measure the weight of your bundle and see how much recognition you can get. In other words, they compare the weight of the good and of the evil you have done. What was your earthly life? Was it for God? Was it for you? What were your views of the world and your country? What did you leave behind on earth?

These things are taken into consideration. There are so many such examinations and they examine your life in full detail. It is like water collected from a river finally coming to your dinner table after being sterilized and filtered so many times. It is not that a guard questions you and takes you to a certain gate. My experience is that I go to this gateway and that gateway as if attracted by a magnet, and I must pass through each of them. The pain when you reach a certain gateway and are rejected because of your sin is beyond description. It is so shameful and fearful.

There are so many levels behind each gateway. There are many more places than simply heaven, Paradise and hell to which we refer on earth. Then, how can we safely pass through all gateways and go to heaven? If there are some gateways you cannot pass due to your sins, you will spend a certain time there to pay indemnity, with the length of time based upon the condition of God's special Blessing, the achievements of your descendants, prayer, offering, service, and so on. Spirit persons are waiting for the True Parents to come to the spirit world, when they will build new standards for passing through each gateway. I am really worried that this will be more work for the True Parents.

Formation Of The Four-Position Foundation And Dual Characteristics


The four-position foundation is the core of the Divine Principle, which teaches that a couple should be united centering on their love and multiply children. However, the formation of the four-position foundation when viewed in the spirit world is much more exciting and mysterious. The four-position foundation does mean that a husband and a wife are united and multiply their children centering on God; however, when they are in love and united with each other, there is no distinction of subject and object. They completely become one body. More than that, God's love covers their love, so that the only thing visible to us is resplendent light. The beauty of love itself is the only thing that can be seen.

The Ideal of Unity in Love

Then how does children's love look? Children's love results in unity just as a couple's love does. Parents and children are united into one with their love. Even though they are three distinct people-father, mother and child-they do not appear separately when they are united in love. Their union could appear as the father's figure, the mother's figure, or the children's figure. However, once they start to talk to each other, they appear again as different people. The formation of the four-position foundation means that if we are united centering on God, we will be one body with God. Therefore, there don't appear here four separate existences (including God), although they seem that way on earth.

A couple united with God lives as one body even though they are two different people. This is how the spirit persons at the highest level appear. However, a subject and an object that are not fully united do not appear as one. Neither can God's resplendent light be seen in them. Only people who pass all the gateways to heaven can achieve such unity. Therefore, the basis of the four-position foundation is that a couple manifesting dual characteristics is united in their love for God. The four-position foundation is God's fundamental purpose, and it is the foundation for God's fundamental power of love to exist and operate in the world.

Universal Prime Energy, Give And Take Action, And The Principle Of Reciprocity Viewed In Terms Of The Principle Of Dual Characteristics
August 4, 1997

Dual characteristics means that figures in the created world resemble God's characteristics. God gives their characteristics. The fundamental force of it is "Universal Prime Energy," and "give and take action" is the action between these two characteristics. Then, what is the Principle of Reciprocity? When a subject and an object carry on "give and take action," the force of "give and take action" (Universal Prime Energy) causes them to have give and take with each other. In other words, this force is like the attraction of a magnet.

Divine Principle describes this, the utmost fundamental energy, as "a subject consisting of the dual characteristics," or universal prime energy or give and take action. However, the origin is the same. It can be simply said and understood as "God's fundamental energy." The fundamental force for the changing of the seasons is not formed by human beings. The originating force of all energy used in the created world stems from only one force, given by God. We cannot truly explicate the energy for the existence of the eternal God. That is the energy of God, my Father, who is the sole creator of humankind.

God is the master of the spirit world, which is limitlessly wide, which our reason cannot understand, which we cannot see with our physical senses, and which we cannot grasp or explain. You cannot describe God, no matter how long you study Him. He is the One who cannot be described nor explained in terms of any of our senses or emotions. I, Sang Hun Lee, like logical reason and analysis, but God is the master of the eternal light that cannot be divided nor analyzed. God is the One who guides the providence and leads people profoundly with His resplendent light.

Oh! My God

I thought I could analyze God if I came to spirit world. However, since coming to the spirit world, I am just full of admiration for its huge scale, and my expectation that I could analyze the spirit world seems stupid. "My God, please forgive this son. You are the One who cannot be compared with anything else, anywhere. Your value and existence is one and only, incomparable, Heavenly Father. There is no other way to express my feeling other than "Oh! My God! Oh! My God! Oh! My God! Please forgive me." Therefore, one who tries to analyze and study God is the most stupid person. The wisest man only says "My Heavenly Father," and realizes that the fundamental source of all energy is the expression of the Heavenly Father's prime energy, as explained in the Divine Principle.

Human Structure Based On Subject And Object Relationship
August 4, 1997

Human Structure

According to the structure of a human being, a person isn't created to live individually. He or she is supposed to live for the existence of his or her subject or object. When a subject and object perform give and take action well and become one, they form a foundation through which God can work and they become the ultimate object of joy of God. Most people's lives are full of thinking simply to live for their own sake. However, living individually does not align with the original Will of God. For that reason, a person pursuing a single life is not a filial child of God, but is one of the people who become ashamed when in the spirit world. If human beings were structured to live singly, God's creation, though reflecting the highest intelligence, would be called a failure.

Life for the Spouse

Since a human being is God's ultimate creation, the human being must possess the element God most desires. This is the heart with which a person cannot help caring for a spouse. Therefore, according to the external dual structure of humankind, a person needs a complement, and the person's internal character is formed with the heart of caring for the complement. A human being is supposed to live according to the direction to live for others given by God. If a man or woman goes against this direction, it will be a crime in front of God, and he or she will have no home in the spirit world. Since no one can live on earth forever, he or she will become lost. For that reason, a person should appreciate the value of life given by God and live a life to serve God and others.

Medium Of Love
August 4, 1997

Man Is the Center of Love

Since a man has dual structure, he should be the center of love to be completed in front of God. In other words, God created man with the highest intelligence, distinct from the other creations, and for that reason, man should be an existence more valuable than other creations. Because of the Fall, man could not accomplish that. Therefore, he must fulfill his responsibility as a true child by following the direction to return to the original position. Why is this? God makes the creation. Its value is merely to offer its beauty and growth to God.

Man Is the Medium of Love

God has provided man with the value of love,, which other creations do not possess. Love cannot be generated by a single existence. Its value can emerge only when a subject and object are united and become one. A human being, which is a medium of love, becomes the center of love and leads God to the ultimate joy by being qualified as a true child. Thus, man should be the medium of love to offer the ultimate love to God and lead God to His joy. Man should reach the standard of value that God provided. Man should do his best to live his life in order to make God joyful. To do that, we each should love our spouse. We should become one and be God's children returning glory to Him. That is the perfection of man.

True Love
August 7, 1997

True Love

True love is the original love which was lost in the Garden of Eden and which we try to find in order to live with God. Love can be called true love only when its standard of value is centered on God. There is no true love without God. Because Adam and Eve didn't offer the first fruit of love to God, God and human beings have lived as parents and children of sadness. Because Satan took the first fruit of love, God has worked in order to take it back. However, since countless sinful seeds have already been planted on the earth, God is working to collect the pure grain after harvesting the fruit of sin, by sifting the grain.

God needs a strategy for bringing back the first fruit that was taken away by Satan. It involves the condition for indemnity. Since the True Parents came to the earth, God's formula has been bringing its final results. This is because the ultimate purpose of God's restoration providence is to regain His lost children. Humankind must realize original true love and return true love to God. Only those who have been selected to attain the True Parents' standard of rebirth through the Blessing can appear as true children of God.

Those who have not passed the procedure of the Blessing are not qualified as first fruits. In order to be guided to God by original true love, the couple who received the Blessing from the True Parents must love each other, multiply children and establish the four-position foundation. True Love results in the couple becoming one, and the parents and children becoming one through loving each other centering on God.

The Appearance of True Love Is a Luminary of the Light

in the spirit world, true love appears as radiating perfected light. The lustrous light can be radiated from children or from parents. The original luminary of the light is the true incarnation of true love that God has given us. If a husband and a wife cannot become one, and children cannot become one, the light of true love cannot be radiated completely. We have usually conceived of true love as agape love that we give and receive eternally. However, the fullness of true love is given through the four-position foundation of complete oneness centering on God. Therefore, those who have not been reborn cannot join the line of complete true love. Thus, they do not have a ticket to come to the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world. Everyone should do his or her best to participate in the line of the Blessing.

Original Love
August 7, 1997

Original Love

God said it is beautiful watching Adam and Eve loving each other. God rejoiced even to the degree of feeling rapture. However, because of the Fall of humankind, God had lost all such love. For this reason, humankind has the responsibility of consoling God's grieving heart and of letting Him again rejoice. I mentioned original love when discussing true love. Now I will categorize the appearances of original love. These are: a) the love of a husband and a wife centering on God; b) the love of children centering on God; and c) true love centered on God.

Appearance of an Original Couple Standing in Front of God

What is the appearance of a couple who have established the original love when both finally come to kingdom of heaven and are meeting God? They come to the spirit world just as a bridegroom and bride enter the wedding hall, wearing the most beautiful clothing on earth. As the bridegroom and bride whom God receives are extremely beautiful, the scene brings to my mind the image of an angel from heaven having descended to the earth. The good man and good woman go forward to God and offer a full bow while receiving resplendent light within a beautiful melody. Within the bright radiance of light, the husband and wife embrace each other. The appearance of the couple loving is as the world of light becoming one, and is very bright. Within the light, God embraces them and rejoices by radiating love in a stem of light.

The bride who came to the spirit world before her bridegroom goes forward to God when she finally receives her bridegroom. This is a description of the time when Sang Hun Lee was going forward to God. This made me think that this was the original love of God which God wanted to establish in the Garden of Eden.

Principle Of Reciprocity In The View Of Original Love
8, 1997

Foundation of the Principle of Reciprocity

Original love is the love that God wanted to develop in the Garden of Eden. Then, how does it relate to the Principle of Relationship? The foundation of the Principle of Relationship is giving and receiving for the sake of the other. What I want to say about the Principle of Relationship in view of original love concerns the kingdom of heaven made up of good men and good women in the spirit world.

Life of an Original Couple in the View of the Principle of Relationship

What is the life like here of an original couple in view of the Principle of Relationship? As an example, let's say there is a couple eating together at a meal table. If there is a specific food that the wife wants to offer her husband, at the instant of her thought, the food is put in front of her husband. When her husband feels gratitude toward his wife, at that instant she recognizes his feeling and smiles.

However, I have seen that people eating in hell do not recognize each other's thoughts. Rather, hell is as in a prison where people are fighting each other for food because of their hunger. In the kingdom of heaven, couples know each other's thoughts, words and actions by simply looking into each other's eyes. Since they always know each other's heart of wanting to give and the heart of willingness to give, they correspond just as a magnet and compass correspond. Accordingly, they are always very humble to each other; they always express respect to each other; and they live always showing warm and peaceful smiles.

The world of original love is the world where couples live with the heart of willingness to give and receive centering on God, and dance within the rapturous light of God as one does in the warm sunlight of spring. Couples on earth are dreaming of the ideal of original love. I want you to live a life that can be accepted by God.

Dominion Over The Universe And The Value Of Mankind
August 8, 1998

Humankind Is the Primary Agent over the Entire World of Creation

God, who created heaven and earth, created humankind as the primary agent over the entire world of creation. However, because of the Fall of humankind, it seems that the value of all things and the value of humankind was reversed. For this reason, humankind lost the value of existence as the children of God. How painful God feels that the world of creation He built for the sake of His children grows and multiplies on its own, but the primary agent of the creation of heaven and earth is not appearing. Man's task is to correct his fallen position and return to God by getting onto the original track.

However, the only way for humankind to appear as the owner in front of all things is by standing on the standard of the value of the Blessing, by being reborn through True Parents. God originally blessed man to do whatever he desired in the Garden of Eden. That is, God allowed him the qualification of manager of the entire world of creation. Through rebirth, man can regain his role as the primary agent in the Garden, and attain the standard of value of the manager of the universe. Then, how high does the standard of value of humankind reach? It is as the children of God and the owner of the entire world of creation. God created all things for the sake of humankind. Therefore, God rejoices only when humankind rejoices together with God as they survey all things.

The Appearance of Man and All Things in Harmony

Don't you think that a reciprocal relationship must be established between man and physical things, since they are his objects of joy? Then, let's give an example of how the harmony of all things and human beings, who are the primary agents of the universe, appears in the spirit world. When a couple embraces, grass, flowers and birds surrounding them each harmonize with them. A blade of grass radiates beautiful colors. It swings light with excitement. Birds gather and sing their own beautiful songs. A passing breeze harmonizes with the couple by bestowing a silky soft touch. Everything around them radiates in beauty. When the couple makes love within such an atmosphere, God answers with a stream of bright rays of light. You might imagine a scene in a movie in which the king and queen in a castle, wearing soft and beautiful clothes, make love while beautiful harp music is heard. However, that cannot compare with true love in heaven. Man received an abundance of treasures from God as the manager of all things. However, because of the Fall, he cannot feel or see them. Yet, if we attain the standard of the value of a perfected human, we will restore every relationship. Therefore, man must again realize his value as the original owner of the entire universe and return gratitude and glory to God.

Dominion Over The Universe And God's True Love
August 8, 1997

We Are God's Children

God created humankind as His children. God cannot but have a painful heart toward His children when they do not return to God's bosom and instead wander around at a distance. For this reason, there are times when God reverses the management indirectly. By doing so, God has been consoled through patiently watching all things. However, God feels joy when His children appear in front of all things as the primary agent. This is because all things desire human beings to have dominion over them.

God's Joy and Love

When God sees the environment harmonize while the couple appears in front of Him and returns joy and glory to Him, He wants to bless them by saying that the world of creation is all theirs. One stream of brilliant light harmonizes with all things and reconfirms that the primary agent in such a beautiful world is humankind. Then God blesses the couple to harvest as they want. When a good man and good woman having received that Blessing walk by, each blade of grass dances with joy. The couple feels God's love within the beautiful, enraptured atmosphere wherein birds rejoice with their own chirping sounds, melody wafts on the breeze, and indescribable fragrance fills the air. Therefore, since the world of creation is the expression of God's devoted love that is given to us, we must joyfully return our love to God as primary agents over the world of creation.

Perfected Human Beings Have The Value Of God
August 8, 1997

Perfected Man Is God's Heir

When man grows in the right way, being completely accepted by God as His child, he becomes a perfected child of God and is bequeathed everything. Thus, man, who is recognized as the manager of the world of creation, can stand as the object of God's eternal joy. Such a person has the standard of heart that can know God's thought through living and rejoicing with God. He has attained the standard of the value of God.

One Who Lives with God

For this reason, indeed, man is to attain the position of having the value of God, and this is God's ultimate desire for man. God wants man to be in the perfected position, where God can bless him with the words, "These are all yours. You have done everything." That is the position where we always live with God within God's radiance.

Cain And Abel In View Of The Principle Of Reciprocity
August 9, 1997

The Relationship Between Cain and Abel

Already, the origin of the Principle of Reciprocation was mentioned several times. Here, I will discuss how the relationship between Cain and Abel is systemized in the spirit world in view of the Principle of Reciprocation. God was going to give Cain the exact same love He gave Abel, if and when Cain and Abel established a standard for reciprocation through Cain respecting and loving Abel. However, rather than loving Abel, Cain was arrogant, showing off his qualification as the elder son. This pained Abel's heart, and stimulated his anger toward Cain. Cain's arrogant behavior resulted in a sorrowful history within God's providence.

God has had to re-indemnify segments of history due to mistakes. God has pulled man by letting man establish the condition for receiving the Messiah and then stand in the position where God can say that he has no sin. Then, according to the Principle of Reciprocation, by which the subject and object become one with the love caused by the heart of wanting to give to each other, the restored original relationship of Cain and Abel will be the same as if man had not fallen. Cain will not have the emotion of hating Abel to the extent of wanting to kill him. On the contrary, the power of respecting and helping each other will function more strongly.

The Cain and Abel Relationship in Heaven

The Cain and Abel relationship clearly exists in spirit world. There are Cain-Abel relationships, such as elder person, younger person, higher-level person, lower-level person, one who receives more love closer to God, one who receives less love of God, etc. For example, between the elder person and younger person, rather than the elder person ignoring the other's feelings and giving orders by screaming, he will ask, "What are you doing now?" with a warm heart. Then the younger person will smile and respond, "How shall I help you?" In such an atmosphere, their hearts have give and take. Also, when a younger person has a question for the elder person, he will ask, "I am very curious about such and such content. Could you help me understand?" Then the elder person answers not with an attitude of authority and reputation, but with the love of a true elder brother.

God did not apply the Principle of Reciprocation between subject and object to humankind alone. To every creature, God gave the heart of love that wants to give for the sake of the other. Since such a heartistic relationship has been broken, the Cain and Abel relationship became one of distance. Because the situation on earth became complicated, the situation in spirit world became more complicated. The ideal of the kingdom of heaven must first be realized on earth, and on that foundation the spirit world will become perfectly organized. I want you to live your life on earth through reorganizing, rethinking and reestablishing the original Principle of Reciprocation.

The Kingdom Of Heaven
August 9, 1997

What Is the Kingdom of Heaven?

In simple words, the kingdom of heaven is the place where the people who have no individualism or self-centered thought gather and live. In other words, it can be summarized as the world of living together and glorifying together, with the heart of willingness to live for the sake of the other, willingness to give endlessly.

What Is Hell?

Hell is the place where people are gathered who have an attachment to "I," the individual, to my situation, and to my possessions. Hell is the world where persons with such thought go.

The World of Eternity

Generally, most people living on earth pursue physical pleasure as their ideal of life. This is the reason that life in the physical world, not knowing God, can easily become preparation for hell. The world of eternity is unavoidable for everyone. For this reason, considering the eternal world, we must live our short physical lives with daily examination. The law of the eternal world accepts no excuses. There are no personal explanations. This is the content that Sang Hun Lee truly wants to communicate, so as to help the people on earth, and this may be my best gift. All I want to mention again and again is, "for the sake of eternity, do not live in the moment foolishly." That is the way of filial piety to the True Parents.

Life In The Kingdom Of Heaven
August 9, 1997

The kingdom of heaven is the area in which we become one with each other's love centering on God. In this world, each person respects the other's personality, is always humble, always warm, and always smiles. Your height, your beauty, your position, your wealth, your education do not matter at all. In this world, there is no difficulty and no envy, but only eternal happiness.

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