Life In the Spirit World and On Earth

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter Five - Meetings In The Spirit World II [Part 1]

Leaders Of The Communist World

Karl Marx
May 19, 1998

Karl Marx lived his earthly life as the chief of evil persons. Why was he so ruthless? His rebelliousness derived from his resentment over the lack of recognition he received for what he considered his great and wonderful ideas. He was not willing to open his mind to discussion because of his awful pride and arrogance over his thought. Thus, he rebelled against the social system and his thought provided the raging mob with the foundation for their revolution. I wondered where such a ruthless person, who was intoxicated with his own ideas during his lifetime, would live in the spirit world.

It was not easy to find him at first. But then I realized that those of the same kind flock together, so in order to find him, I asked here and there for where revolutionaries are to be found.

People who worked for revolution on earth still are intoxicated with themselves in the spirit world. Around the place where Karl Marx lives, I found shabby buildings that look like detainment centers for prisoners of war. In those houses, there were many people who look like remnants of a defeated army. They were exhausted persons who were laying down because they have nothing to do, and disabled persons who walked leaning on crutches. Their faces were spiritless, reflecting the miserable realities of war. Nevertheless, they were going somewhere. They followed a guide.

Then I heard someone shouting with a loud voice from a high place. "My fellow citizens!" he shouted, "Let's start again! We cannot be defeated here. Let's encourage each other and struggle once again! Victory is ours." He was shouting that sort of rhetoric. The man shouting was the very Karl Marx.

I waited to meet him at the rear of the audience. Regardless of the people's difficulties, he continuously insisted that his theory would bring victory. After his speech, I asked him to meet me for a moment in spite of his busy schedule. When I asked, he said to me, "What kind of thought do you represent?" Then I introduced myself, "I am Sang Hun Lee, and I systematized the Critique and Counterproposal to Communism." He replied, "I have nothing to do with the Critique and Counterproposal to Communism. I have no time to talk with you because I am very busy." When he said this, I responded, "No matter how busy you are, you should not treat me like that. I waited for you until your lecture was finished." He lowered his eyes at that, and asked me to sit down with him. He would not let me say even one word. Fortunately, I was willing to listen to him as he explained his theories.

He was a great theorist. He talked about his theory without stopping for breath. Because he strongly insisted on his opinion, I could not open the door of dialogue. I waited continuously. When he seemed to be ready to finish talking, I stood up and said that it was my turn. I said, "I, Sang Hun Lee, am a person who likes to listen to others, but since you have finished speaking, I would like to offer my opinion." I then talked about the core contents of the Critique and Counterproposal to Communism. I explained why the theory of communism failed of necessity.

"Even though your theory is very great," I concluded, "because it explains nothing about God, who exists as a reality in human life on earth and in heaven, communism could not but fail. Do you know God? Without knowing God, you cannot teach about the fundamental purpose of human life. Without knowing God, there is no peace and eternal life for human beings. There is only war. Aren't these all the people who were intoxicated with your thought? Let's look at them! Why do they all live like defeated and failed people?

"Please follow me. Let's go to where I live and look around that place. Let's talk continuously on the way. I would like to invite you to my house today. Please let's go."

When I said this, it seemed that I hurt his pride. So I talked to him very politely. "I would like to invite you as a guest at my house. I want to treat you with great respect." He seemed to feel a sense of obligation to follow me.

While we were on the way, he asked me, "Why did you come here? Why did you come to me and give me an enthusiastic lecture?" I answered, "You will find out when you come to my house." When we arrived, he looked around the beautiful and fantastic natural environment where I live. He seemed to feel very sad. I guided him to various places and showed him one special place. I showed him a beautiful vista of a couple loving each other. Marx was not surprised or embarrassed; on the contrary he was attracted by it. He seemed to be drawn to them by magnetic attraction. Moreover, on the street, people's bright and peaceful facial expressions seemed to cause his thinking to change.

He asked me if there were more places I could show him. I answered, "How can you see everything in a day? I will guide you to more places next time." He asked again whether he could live there. His attitude had changed very much after seeing this world. I came to think that there was a good chance to speak to him about God. When I said, "Only people who adore and worship God can live here," he said, "Let's go to God." When I answered, "God is not here," he said "Then I will go to God and ask some questions. What shall I do in order to adore God? If God gives me some guidance, I will do exactly what He says." Since Karl Marx's mind had opened slightly, I began to give him a Divine Principle lecture, pointing out the errors of his thought. While I was giving the lecture, I could discern from his facial expression that he was in anguish over the difference between what I was teaching and his thought. However, I lectured without stopping.

In this way, I lectured him so many times. One day during my lecture, I suggested that we would have more lectures at his house. He said that he needed more time before inviting me to his house. However, by the time I finished the lecture, he said, "Because today's lecture was more interesting than yesterday's, tomorrow's will likely be more interesting than today's, and the day after tomorrow's more than tomorrow's. So I suggest that I invite you to my house when all lectures are finished."

In response, I said to him, "Because it takes much time to finish all my lectures, let's stop this lecture right now. Then, when your mind really wants to listen to the lectures again, let's begin again." My intention was to be able to give the lectures in his home. When I suggested, "Because your house is too small, so let us do the lecture in your big yard," his face became cool, and he said, "I know the reason you want give an enthusiastic lecture there. Anyway, let's have the lecture there."

One day during my lecture, some strange young people entered the room and asked Marx, "Why do you listen to the lecture all by yourself?" They said that they wanted to listen also. I thought that it was a good chance and invited them to come into the room. From here and there, many people gathered. Then a strange thing happened. Marx's face turned as red as a beet. He began to cry with his head down in front of the entire audience. He continued to cry, and then spoke, "My friends who have gathered here! Please listen to this teacher's lecture." He guided all the people to an open place. In this way, in a wide-open yard, I came to be able to give various lectures in the Divine Principle and Critique and Counterproposal to Communism to many people. Through my lecture, 7080 percent of Marx's followers came to be favorable. Marx was disappointed about that.

At this time he is very close to me, but he has not reached the point of accepting True Parents. However, since he is listening to my lectures very carefully and positively, I believe that he will accept True Parents soon. I will explain to him that the messianic thought of True Parents is the completion of all systems of thought.


As the leading figure of the communist revolution, Lenin may have been a contributor to communist countries, but he is the lowest person before God. Where does he live in the spirit world? I have been to his house before. I went there in order to discuss the Critique and Counterproposal to Communism with him.

When I entered his house, there were many security guards and they checked everything. So it was hard to go into his house. I introduced myself proudly as God's emissary. The procedure to gain an appointment was complicated, and because the purpose for the visit was unfamiliar, it was not easy to gain entrance. Because I could not wait any longer, I told them again that I came as God's emissary with an invitation for their teacher. I told them, "I am going to attend your teacher very well, so please let me go inside." Finally I could pass through.

Lenin was not so big or tall, but his face was very handsome and made an impression of strength. He asked me, "What are you going to accomplish by meeting me?" I answered, "Originally, I had great interest in your thought. I want to meet you and learn your theory directly from you." Lenin did not easily reveal his mind and thinking. He said, "I am not so benevolent that I would speak unguardedly about my thought to a person unknown to me." He tried to verify my identity. When I introduced myself as a physician, he responded, "Why does a doctor such as you care about the disposition of a revolutionary?" His mind was not open enough to allow us to discuss our thinking with each other. So I told him, "Because you are a very valuable and important person, I am grateful to meet you. I would like to invite you to my house." He expressed his deep appreciation for me very politely. So, I told him that I would come back to bring him on the next day.

The next day, I did not enter his house and instead I sent one person to call on him. Then a strange thing happened. Lenin had disappeared, although he had promised clearly to meet me. I asked those in attendance when he would come back, but no one knew. My planning was in vain. Every house around there looked very gloomy and shabby. Those poor looking houses stood very close to one another. Why was he unwilling to meet me? I considered various reasons. For the next two days, I explored around his house. As I walked, I tried to come up with some inspiration or wisdom.

After a few days, I discovered a new house among the many houses in Lenin's neighborhood. It was no bigger than Lenin's was. Lenin and a group emerged from this house. However, I could pick up that they considered it to be an uncomfortable or strange situation. Lenin did not display his audacious and strong features. He seemed to be tense and afraid of something. What was the reason for that? I tried to come up with the reason. In any case, the company came out of the house and did not go to Lenin's house, but in a different direction. I followed them, sometimes at a distance and sometimes very closely. As I did so, I witnessed another situation. Lenin's facial expression reflected that he felt oppressed by someone. The group scattered and began to walk separately. I did not want to lose them so I chased them very carefully. They arrived at an intermediary point and began walking together again. I was wondering what their final destination would be. It turned out to be a little stream.

There they sat down side by side. Because I had to listen to what they were saying, I went into the water a little ways off and pretended to wash my feet. I could hear what they were saying. I heard Lenin's voice. "My friends!" he said, "We have to fight here and gain victory. Otherwise, all of us will be expelled. A dangerous circumstance is coming." I heard the voice of a young man. "Even though we are united into one, because we don't have many members, I think it will be difficult to win." After that young man spoke, the group was silent for a while. And then, Lenin's voice was heard again. "If our identity is known to others, we will be in danger. Therefore, let's move to another place and stay there! If we move to a small house, we will be safer." I was wondering why they had come there, and why they had to talk secretly. But my question was answered soon.

If they had met in their residence, they would have been watched under close guard. I recognized from their dialogue that in their residence, because they watch one another, they cannot divulge any secrets.

Because Lenin followed a mistaken theory, even though he was a great leader in one nation, his life's results were miserable. Therefore, he could not speak even a word with dignity, and he did not have a comfortable place in which to live. If he lived with splendor in the eternal world, he would be able to walk with confidence, raising his head. However, he has to live a limited life, always looking over his shoulder. Lenin's situation provides real instruction for people on earth. How should we live in order to prepare for eternal life?

I returned home praying that I can meet Lenin again in the near future.

Question (Young Soon): "In the physical world, you drove a car. Do you walk to witness to people in the spirit world?"

Answer (Sang Hun Lee): "Because it is difficult to understand life in the spirit world, even though I explain it, you may not understand much. However, I will try. When one walks on earth to get somewhere, you have to walk continuously, but in the spirit world, since location changes according to one's thinking, walking has a different meaning. One can ride a car wherever and whenever one desires it. This is little bit difficult to explain. Even though you may want to know in greater detail, I will stop here and turn to the next task.


When God created this world, He restricted the capacity of the human brain and reason. But Stalin lived his earthly life exercising his authority as if he were God. He wanted to surpass his restricted status as God's creature.

It was not difficult to find Stalin. I thought that Stalin would live near Karl Marx. At a place far away from Stalin's house, many people often gather together. Stalin attends the meeting and proudly tries to show off his authority as he did on the earth. The houses that are around Stalin look like the small houses made of mud, surrounded by fence, which we can see in North Korea. The people in them live poor lives. All of them on earth had served Stalin as God. Around that area are desolate and lonely surroundings. There is a horrible atmosphere that makes you feel as if someone is likely to suddenly jump at you. You always feels as if you are being watched. How is Stalin treated? Because he lived like a king on the earth do the people serve him as if he is a king in the spirit world?

After watching the surroundings silently for a few days, a person opened the door of his room and called for someone to come. He was calling for Stalin. I was anxious about the reason Stalin has to hide and enter the room secretly. As I watched, a man and a woman entered the room, all the while looking around fearfully. Then I waited for long time, and no one came out or went into the room. I changed into shabby clothes and approached the house. I expected that they would discover me, and I was planning to say, "I came to beg for some food." I went to the door and listened, and heard a voice say, "I cannot endure my brethren shedding blood any longer. Let us go back to our families and have comfortable lives!" I waited and listened.

Then I heard Stalin's voice. "Before coming here," he said, "I fought so many times for the sake of my nation and brethren. In light of that, how can we be defeated? You misunderstand about our situation. If we are united into one, we can gain victory." Then a woman shouted out, "Dear king, Stalin! You gave us nothing except suffering and tears. We cannot follow you or serve you any more." After she spoke, she began to cry.

Why could they possibly be here? Because most of the people here are those who protested against Stalin's autocracy, if Stalin's followers apprehend them, their families have no way to be saved. Therefore, they meet secretly, avoiding observation. However, what is Stalin doing? Why does he work secretly? It was very difficult to figure out his identity just by observation.

One day I was able to go into his house wearing a mask. When I said, "I came here to meet the great teacher," a young man came out of the entrance and asked, "Where are you from? Who are you?" I said, "I heard that the teacher whom I desired to meet stays here, so I came here to receive his teaching." I waited for a while, but Stalin did not come out. Instead, another young man came out and said, "Our teacher will not go to the place where people do not honor him as king." However, in a moment, a strange thing happened I was facing the front gate and Stalin suddenly appeared behind me. As I tried to turn around and look at him, some young men suddenly appeared and grasped me tightly, shouting, "How dare you come here?" I quickly said to them, "I came here to meet my respectable teacher. What is wrong with that?" They said, "Show us your identity!"

I, Sang Hun Lee, shouted out with strong confidence in God, "I am God's emissary, sent by God. God called me to you." Stalin said, "Where is God? If you bring God here, I will visit Him." When I said, "God does not have the leisure to visit an individual family," Stalin replied, "I also have no spare time. I am very busy." However, the young men were not willing to release me. So I politely said to them, "What if I study your teacher's theory right here?" Soon they released me.

Stalin asked me, "What do you want to know?" Because I had much interest in his thought anyway, I answered, "I want to learn your thought." He said, "Then let's begin tomorrow." I countered, "Because I am here anyway, I want to learn something from you today." He suggested that we meet at another place, because the place we were in was not a proper one to discuss theoretical matters. Finally I promised him to meet the next day and departed. However, when I tried to exit the way I had come in, the young men held me and threatened that if I returned, I would confront serious danger.

The next day, I met Stalin at a dark and gloomy place a little ways away from that place. He was the only one there. When I asked,, "Why are you alone, even though you are a great man?" he didn't say anything. He just led me to a small quiet room. That room was a secret place that Stalin uses. He asked me, "Do you really want to learn my theory?" I answered in the affirmative, but he said that his feeling was not so good and that he would not be able to give his lecture with much enthusiasm. He said, "Because I live in seclusion, if I speak about my theory publicly, I will be expelled from this place. Not many people around here know who I am. So I'm wondering how you knew me." I said, "Because I work as God's messenger, I have the means to know." When I said that, he replied that if I would provide him a place to hide, he would be willing to follow me.

I immediately realized that I had a good chance to open his mind, so I suggested that he come to my house and teach me his theory there. When I said this, his face was overcome with fear. His eyes and entire attitude seemed to reflect his fear that I would torture him. Nonetheless, he asked me to show him the way of salvation. When I responded, "Rather, I would have you save me," he said, "All right; I will follow you."

That very day, I guided Stalin and showed him all around where I live. He saw all varieties of peaceful and comfortable life, beautiful dance and song, the beauty of all things of creation, and the splendor of God. He asked me what kinds of people are those who live here. I said that only people who served God and attended him can live here. Like Karl Marx, he also said, "Where is God? Please guide me to Him. I am going to serve and attend Him." When I said that only after studying Unification Thought completely, can you receive permission to meet God, he urged me to quickly begin his course of study in Unification Thought. I explained about Unification Thought, the Critique and Counterproposal to Communism, and the thought of True Parents, and pointed out in detail the errors of Communism. After listening to my lecture, he asked, "Where did you learn this?" I replied that I learned it from the True Parents when I lived in the physical world. So, he said, "Your parent is a very great person and great revolutionary." When I taught him that my parent is revolutionary, but he is a revolutionary of true love and the savior of all humankind, he said, "When I was in the physical world, I also was treated like a savior." I asked, "Then why do you live a life of seclusion now?" He answered, "Because people do not treat me well."

He did not yet recognize that his theory was wrong. It seems that I must take a great deal of time in order to persuade him. He seems to need time to receive True Parents. However, as long as he pays attention to my lectures, I believe that there is hope.

True Father and Mother! Please wait for the day of victory. I, Sang Hun Lee, will reach the enemy of True Parents.

Question (Young Soon Kim): "Stalin killed more people than Hitler. Nonetheless, Stalin just lives a life of seclusion. Why?"

Answer (Sang Hun Lee): "Mrs. Kim! If one commits sin and lives in hiding, is it happy life? It may be a life of even greater suffering. When one lives in hiding, his is a life filled with fear."

II. The World War Criminals

May 20, 1998

Hitler killed Jews with great cruelty. Of all the murderers of history, Hitler inflicted the cruelest slaughter. I thought that he would live among an evil group. I was very busy finding people whom I wanted to meet. In the course of my efforts, I happened to hear a group of Jews shouting, "Let's kill him." When I turned my head and looked, I witnessed a tremendous mass of people, all of whom were bound in chains, shouting, "Kill him! Kill him!" The crowd was so vast I could not see its end. Further, I could not readily find out who it was whom the crowd wanted to kill. The shouting of the crowd continued. There were many people covered with blood. Some of them fell down and were dragged on by others. It was a tragic scene reminiscent of a battlefield. Still I could not discover the object of their murderous wrath. Searching here and there, I tried to find that unfortunate person. In my heart, I felt as if I was digging up mines in a minefield.

Oh my! What's wrong here? There came into my view someone hanging on a tree, his body naked. Because he was in the middle of the mass of people, I could not see him well. No one seemed to regard this naked man as human. They shouted, "You should suffer more than you made us suffer. Do you feel shameful? Women! Please hold and touch this guy's testicles. How attractive the balls of that person are! He slaughtered millions of people as if they were animals. Touch the letters that are written on his chest. What do the letters say? Are you the King of the Nazis? Because you exercised a king's authority over us, now we will judge you as a people judge their evil king." They shouted all varieties of curses and insulting language at him. "Pull out his eyes. Pull out his hair. Light his hair on fire." All this and more and more. No matter how miserable a man's life can be on the earth, no scene that horrible could possibly take place on earth.

If I had tried to help him, I am sure his tormentors would have killed me. But in view of such a tragic scene, it was heart wrenching to depart without doing anything. After returning home, I could not endure the pain in my heart. Whom should I ask to repent first? Whom should I embrace; to whom should I teach about God and talk about True Parents? I could not resolve this question. So, I prayed to God.

"Heavenly Father!" I cried in prayer, "What can I do for the poor people who are suffering in such agony?" I prayed sincerely for God's answer. At that moment, I heard God's voice. "Sang Hun-ah! I understand what you are going through. However, since those people are suffering in painful resentment (ban), until their anguish is released, you have to wait. If you ask them to pardon Hitler now, they will kill you. Please wait. Hitler has to pay indemnity for the evil he committed during his earthly life. When one commits sin, one must pay indemnity. Whenever you pass by that place, your heart will be painful. At that time, please pray for him and offer consolation. How much can they have? As time passes, they will become calm." This was God's word.

I prepared various lectures in order to dialogue with Hitler. But, whenever I went to that place, the same awful events were taking place. When one group of people shouted so much that they became exhausted, another group came and repeated the same thing. One day, I went into the crowd and met a young woman. She was slender and quite pretty. When I asked her how she was killed, she turned her head and asked me not to bring that up. So I approached the subject with the heart that God had conveyed. "How unfairly you have been treated! How much pain you must have in your heart! I can understand your painful heart." This moved her mind. She said that she was murdered as we see that person being murdered. What she meant was that she was naked when she was killed, and soldiers came and looked at her as much as they wanted. They put her into the gas chamber and whenever they wanted to look at her, they opened the door and looked at her until she became unspeakably miserable. And then, finally, they released the poison gas that killed her.

The naked Hitler is the object of all this resentment. Even though he is completely exhausted as a result of the vengeful shouting, he is forced to endure it continuously. You in the physical world cannot imagine how miserable he is.

I met another person whose hands and feet were bound in chains. I tried to console him, saying, "How much suffering are you going through? How much pain do you feel?" He said. "That person confined us and made us live according to his will. Therefore, we lived in captivity, and because that person regarded our tribe as his enemy, we could not survive. We cannot even imagine his cruelty. Now, our tribe is going to get revenge. If we collect all the chains that bound us, and cover him with them, it will be his gigantic tomb. I believe that our wish will absolutely be realized some day. We all want to grind up him, mix his dust with water and drink it. And even if we can do that, still our resentment will remain." That was how that one man expressed his resentment.

How can I fully describe this miserable and tragic scene in words? It is constant suffering and continuous agony in endless repetition. However, I have to love those poor people. So, I will wait a little while longer and visit them again. In order to meet Hitler, I have to wait until the situation around him becomes calm. I am waiting in prayer and meditation upon God's word. I hope that I can meet him as soon as possible.


There are many things that people need in order to carry on their lives. Food, shelter and clothing are particularly essential. Mussolini's idea was that weapons are the most important thing for a person to have in life. He was absolutely convinced that a person with a large store of weapons could devour all the countries around him, and achieve victory in every situation. The most wicked aspect of his thought was that killing was not a sin. He believed that people were justified to dispose of people who got in the way, because this was no different than what was practiced in the animal world. I was curious to know about this person's life, his thoughts and about his life in the spiritual world.

Whereas Stalin's life can be described as a continuation of a secluded existence, Mussolini can be described as leading the ideal of a secluded existence. Simply put, he may be in one place today but a completely different place tomorrow. He has no permanent habitat of his own, and must wander from place to place like a gypsy. You may wonder how I came to meet Mussolini. He has no place of his own but is always making himself a burden on others, so I happened to meet him while I was visiting someone else.

The people in that area told me, "That person over there doesn't have a home. He's always wondering from place to place. He could stay with us if he wanted, but in a little while he will leave." I was curious to find out who this person was and why he lived like this.

One day, I followed this man as he went along, hoping to discover his identity. I was very careful not to let him know that he was being followed. He stopped at three or four places, but he never engaged anyone in serious conversation. Instead, he would just exchange a few words and then move on. Then one day, Lee Sang-hun grabbed hold of this man and shouted: "Brother! Let's talk for a while." He acted very surprised, and demanded to know who I was. I told him that if he didn't have a home, we could go to my home. I told him we wouldn't be disturbed there. There would be only the sound of elegant music, and there would be many places where we could have a very wonderful conversation, I said. He replied, though, that wandering from place to place was suited to his character and he didn't want to settle down anywhere. So, I asked him if we could at least be friends. He wanted to know who I was, so I said that I, too, didn't have a permanent home. I said I had a place where I could stay, but I wasn't comfortable there, so I was wandering around. I suggested that we travel together as friends, since two would surely be better than one. He cocked his head in a gesture of bewilderment. I decided that I would travel along with him until I could find out his identity.

I'm not sure how many days passed. He asked me what I had done in the physical world. I told him that I was originally a doctor of internal medicine. Then, I asked him what he had done in the physical world. That's when he started to open up.

"I was a major leader of a certain country," he told me. "I had always had a keen interest in international affairs, and at some point I began to have a growing feeling of ambition. Soon, I began to have a desire to become a figure of worldwide caliber, and so I focused the entire economy on building up the military arsenal. What I am today is a result of my thirst for power while I was on earth. My name is Mussolini. I am a monstrous criminal. Because I am a criminal, wherever I go I am always afraid that someone might recognize me. That's why I am always trying to hide. My heart is very much at ease now, because I have opened up to you. Why is it that you are following me around?"

I replied, "I was hoping to find you. I will tell you much more about that later. How would you like to hear me give a lecture?"

He said he was quite willing to listen, but that he was afraid that if he stayed anywhere for an extended period, people would discover his identity. "If that happens, then not only will I be caste out again but I will also be cursed," he said.

I told him, "If someone commits a crime, then it's natural that he be punished. Also, I think a person has to know and understand the seriousness of the crime he committed and then never repeat his crime. If you've done something wrong, then of course you have to face punishment. How long do you intend to keep running away?" I tried to explain this to him in a way that he would understand.

As it turned out, the good in Mussolini's character outweighed his temperament as a thief to a greater extent than I had expected. When I pointed out the errors in his ways, he responded with gratitude. Also, he asked me politely to let him hear my lecture. Since he didn't have a home where we could go, I asked him where he wanted me to give the lecture. He responded that he would follow the lead of his "teacher." So, I decided to open up my home to him. It seems, though, that this person led a very complex life in the bedroom-that is, his relationship with women. When he saw my bedroom, he asked how it was that I could have such a good and beautiful room, but have only one woman. I was at a loss to know where I should begin with this person. At any rate, we settled ourselves in my home.

First, I explained to him the motivation for the fall. He asked a lot of questions. He wanted to know where I had learned this, what grounds I had for believing this, and so on. Methodically, I took him step by step through the Principle lecture, Victory Over Communism Thought, Unification Thought, explaining everything in detail. He was deeply impressed with the content. He asked me many questions-"Who taught this to you? Who came up with these ideas? How did he figure all this out?" The heartistic distance between us, though, was too great for me to give him the answers to these questions in much detail. I simply told him that I had learned these things during my time on earth from the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who is the True Parent. Mussolini then remarked that Rev. Moon's theories were very systematic, but that it would be very difficult for someone to actually live according to these ideas.

As a final matter, Mussolini needed a place to stay. I asked him how long he expected to keep wandering around. He told me he hadn't made up his mind on any particular place yet, and that he would decide on a place when he found some place that was appropriate. It is God's Will. As yet, he doesn't understand the conditions for indemnity or the root of evil, so it is likely to take considerable time. I can only give praise to True Parents and pray that God will help him.

Question: Dr. Lee, what language did you use when talking to these people? Confucius spoke Chinese, Shakyamuni spoke the language of India, Jesus spoke Aramaic, Karl Marx spoke German, Hitler spoke German, Mussolini spoke Italian.

Answer: In the spiritual world, I meet someone and my meaning is conveyed to that person. Then, that person's meaning is conveyed to me, so there is no need for language. When I look at a person, my meaning is conveyed to him. When he looks at me, his meaning is conveyed to me.

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