Life In the Spirit World and On Earth

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter Five - Meetings In The Spirit World II [Part 2]

Leaders Of The Communist World

May 21, 1998

Most people in Japan share a national trait whereby they tend to rely on a god in all things. Most households follow one form of faith or another. This person Tojo, though, insisted throughout his life that the god of his own self was superior to all others. His incredible pomposity, arrogance and sense of superiority were far greater than any belief he might have had in a divine being. Simply put, his idea was to say: "There is no God. He's dead. So, follow me, instead."

It was only natural, then, that I would be curious to find out about this person's position and life in the spiritual world. At first, I was not able to meet him. Later, I began to look for him at the direction of True Parents. The thoughts and curiosity of True Parents became my motivation to seek him out.

I had to go into a place where there were no mountains or rivers. As I began to search this area, I couldn't help but wonder whether it was possible for anyone to live there. Then, in one particular place, I began to hear a strange sound, as if someone was moaning in agony. It sounded like he was in a great deal of pain. The sound was coming from a structure that could hardly be called a house. It was more like something that the nomadic peoples in tropical areas of the earth build and then tear down when they eventually move on. I looked more closely, and I began to see signs of human life in this structure. There were a few other structures similar to this one scattered about the area.

I opened the door, which was little more than a piece of tree bark. Inside, I discovered that a few men were using this place to live. One of them was ill. I asked the others whether the man had a headache, but they said they didn't know. I, Sang Hun Lee, said a prayer for them. Then, I placed my hand on the one that was sick, and began to pray for him to be healed.

"I pray in the name of the one who has come as the messenger of God. Let the pain that this man suffers subside," I said. He immediately stopped his moaning and sat up. Then, he asked me, "Who are you that you are able to save me from my suffering?" I asked him to identify himself to me first. He bowed his head, and told me that because I had relieved him of his pain he would consider me to be his teacher, and his god. For this reason, he said, he would tell me what I wanted to know.

"My name is Tojo. While I was on earth, I denied the existence of God. Instead, I claimed that I myself was a god. But when my physical body expired and I came to this place, I discovered that there was no place for me. I tried living in the jungle. I tried going under water. I went many places, but I couldn't find anyone who was glad to see me. I finally settled here on this barren plain. People are so scarce here that even if I cry out in pain, no one knows. Sir, you are my god. Please save me."

I told him that I was an errand-boy sent by God. I also told him that my purpose for coming that day was to give him salvation. As soon as I said that, his body began to tremble. He bowed over and over again and thanked me profusely.

I said to him, "The reason I started looking for you was that the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who is the True Parent living on earth, told me to come see how you are living here and then convey this information to the people on earth. I received God's permission and came here as quickly as I could."

Tojo said, "The True Parent is your parent, so how is it that he wanted to find me? For what reason did he want to find me?"

I continued to explain to him about True Parents. I told him that the True Parent is not only my physical father but also the messiah at the Second Advent who comes as the father of all people. Tojo wanted to know whether, if the True Parent was the father of all humanity, then could he also be the father of someone like him, Tojo. This was the chance I had been waiting for. I told him, "Yes, that's right. If you just hear the ideas of the Messiah and believe, then you, too, can be his child. He immediately began saying "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you very much" over and over.

I asked if he wanted to hear my lecture, and he said that he would be glad to hear anything that I had to say, because I was the person who had saved him. So, I said I would give him a short lecture right there. I took the content that is normally given over three days and poured it out to him all at once. First, I lectured the content of "The Messiah: His Advent and the Purpose of His Second Coming" and I explained to him the reality of God's existence. Then I poured out the contents of Unification Thought and Victory Over Communism Thought. He seemed totally captivated by the words. Then, he began to cry.

"I, Tojo, deserve to be punished in front of all the people of the world, because I was so arrogant as to put myself in the place of my God." He confessed that he was a sinner among sinners, and asked me to tell him what to do. He asked me to save him. I told him: "Sometime in the future, the Messiah will also come to this world. Until then, let's work together to spread his words." He looked very surprised by this, and said, "If we do that, I will only bring you harm. If you work with me, then you will be attacked, too." He asked it there was any other way that he could be saved. I told him, "This is the only way, so let's wait for the Messiah with a heart of atonement." I asked him to pray, offer expressions of his devotion and assist me in my work. After that, I returned.

Leaders Of Korean Christianity

Kim Hwal-Lan

Kim Hwal-lan was a very famous woman on earth, who took pride in the fact that she had graduated from the most prestigious academic institutions. She led a life of faith based on certain strong convictions about God, and many people looked up to her as a member of the elite. The question, though, is whether a member of the highest elite on earth can also receive an elite position in the spiritual world.

I visited a club of Christians one day not long after I came to the spiritual world. The people there were waiting earnestly for the Lord to come on the clouds-so much so that they had created an effigy of the Lord and hung it from a cloud. They were praying and expressing their longing for the Lord. I also saw a painting of Jesus there, but Jesus himself was not in the club. There are many such clubs formed by Christians gathering together among themselves.

I visited the clubs, because I was searching for a specific person. Even more than the pain that she had caused the members of our 36 Blessed Couples, I was curious to know the outcome of her erroneous judgements about God. One day, I found her. I came across a woman in a rather unusual club of Christians consisting of members of the upper class. The woman was preaching very energetically, and I went in and listened to what she had to say.

She was saying basically that, since the Lord who is to return had not yet come, it was the responsibility of women to hold candlelight vigils and pray until the day of his coming. We should not be derelict in expressing the devotion of the bride as she waits for her bridegroom, she said. She called on her listeners to join together in prayer until the day of the Lord's return. I, Sang Hun Lee, stood in the back of the crowd and clapped very loudly. I did so, because I wanted her to notice me so that I might have a chance to meet her. Instead, though, I found that the entire crowd turned around to look at me. Kim Hwal-lan suddenly appeared directly in front of me, and greeted me very politely. I introduced myself as a messenger from God.

She said, "You look like a respectable person, but why do you joke with us? A messenger from God?"

Many people were focusing their attention on me. I continued to lead the conversation in a direction to where I would be able to declare the coming of the Messiah.

"Madam Kim," I said, "the Messiah already returned a long time ago. Your education of brides here is mistaken. I'm sure Jesus knows this, too. The Lord has come. He came a long time ago, and he is working hard for the building of the Kingdom of Heaven, for the establishment of world peace and for the salvation of humanity."

She responded: "That's what the heretics say."

"Then," I continued in a very earnest tone, "will you listen to me while I talk a little about what the heretics say? If you can show me that what I say is mistaken, then I will be glad to study under you."

Most of the people in the crowd were women, and they agreed that they wanted to hear what I had to say. I knew this was my chance. I explained about "The Messiah: His Advent and the Purpose of His Second Coming." I used a detailed historical chart to talk about the parallel providential periods for the coming of the Messiah, and compared it to the present age so that they could understand for themselves that this was the time for his return. I also talked about the issue of Jesus' crucifixion, and how the Lord at the Second Advent would have to carry on the work that Jesus had begun. Then, I put a question to the crowd at large, and particularly to Kim Hwal-lan.

"Am I a fraudulent messenger? Is the content that I have introduced here in error? Doesn't it agree with the general principle? There are many areas of detail. If you like, I can talk about those at another time."

Kim Hwal-lan raised her hand to ask a question. "Why did you come here? Who did you come to see?" I told her that I had come to meet Kim Hwal-lan. Then, I began to talk about True Parents.

I asked her whether she remembered the name, "Sun Myung Moon." She said she did not. I asked her again, but again she said she recalled no one by that name. "In that case," I said, "do you remember hearing about the Unification Church?" She thought for a while, and said that indeed she did recall hearing something about that. I said: "Do you know who is the founder of the Unification Church?" Finally, then, she was able to remember Rev. Moon's name.

"The gentleman who founded the Unification Church is the one who is the Lord at the Second Advent and the True Parents. He is now shedding his blood and sweat on earth for the sake of human salvation." Kim Hwal-lan's face turned as red as a beat.

"Then, I am a terrible sinner," she said. "Have you come to take me away as a criminal?"

I told her it was not for me to determine whether the term "criminal" applied to her. This is something that only God and Madam Kim herself could judge. The other members of the crowd were very curious. Madam Kim and I were talking about the coming of the Lord at the Second Advent, but they had no way of knowing who we were talking about. Kim Hwallan suggested that the two of us meet later in private. I told her then that I would end my lecture for the day. I offered to return the next day, if she wanted, to lecture the Divine Principle. Kim Hwal-lan seemed very dissatisfied with this. She said her group would have a meeting and decide what would be good time for me to come. One woman in the group, though, raised her hand and said: "I want to hear what you have to say. Let's listen to him." Others, then, joined in with her in a chorus of "Let's listen to him. Let's listen to him."

I lectured there for three days. Everyone wept and prayed and sang hymns. We began singing "When the Bridegroom Comes," which is hymn number 162 in the Korean Christian hymnal and has the refrain "Prepare, Prepare." It made quite a ruckus.

Many members on earth, especially those who were forced to terminate their studies at Ehwa Womens University, are interested to know what has become of Kim Hwal-lan. Kim Hwal-lan kept beating her breast with her fists and shouting, "Lord, Lord, what should be done with this sinner? Lord, Lord, please save me, for I am a sinner."

Later, Kim Hwal-lan met with me, and sincerely apologized for what she did on earth. She asked me what she should do for the sake of those who had suffered as a result of her actions. I told her that she should work for the sake of the coming Lord. She should take full charge of the task to go to all women Christians and bear witness that Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the Lord who has come on earth, that he is the True Parents and the Savior, the parents of all humanity. She smiled and said she would do this work to the best of her ability with a heart of atonement. It made me happy to have overcome these people, but I also felt a certain bitterness to think of how they once left a terrible mark on our providential history.

Question: How is it that a person who opposed our will so vehemently is able to live in such tranquility?

Answer: A person who was recognized on earth as an intellectual of the highest order and who served God and made many great efforts during her life is now consigned to a lower realm of the spiritual world where Jesus does not live. Is it accurate, then, to describe this person's position as "tranquil"?

The Family Of Maria Park

God who rules over all things in creation spoke as follows: "Sang Hun, it may seem to you that people live according to their own wills, but it is only when the direction of their will is consistent with that of God's will that they can be said to be following a true path." I was curious to know why God had spoken these words to me, and I waited for Him to explain. Then, one day, God told me: "There is a particular place where you must visit today." He then sent a woman of small stature to where I was and told me to go with her. The woman was a messenger of God. Because we were going on God's command, I was especially curious to know where it was that we were going.

The woman told me that the place where God had told me to go and see was not a pleasant place. After we had traveled a certain distance, the woman told me to stop and wait. She called a man to where we were, and invited him to accompany us on our journey. I felt strange in my heart, but I continued to follow along.

Where is this? I could see a large gate that looked similar to the prison gates on earth. It was very high and tightly closed. But then, what is this? After waiting for a long time, the man who had traveled with us said something, and the gate suddenly opened wide. We went in. I could hardly believe what I saw there. The people were all people, but they didn't have the form of normal humans. There were "crying people," "fighting people," "people who have been struck with a sword," "people with crooked eyes," "people biting on a stick," "people with their hands behind their backs," "people with their feet sticking up in the air," "people with blood pouring from their bellies," "people with blood flowing from their ears," "people with malformed hands, feet and ears." The place was filled with people whose appearances are difficult to describe with words. As they moved along, each person kept repeating his or her particular motion, so the group had the appearance of a colony of people suffering from physical disabilities.

This was really strange. I was curious to know why God had sent me to such a place. As I stood there feeling pain in my heart over what I was witnessing, the woman who had come with me called to me and motioned for me to look in a certain direction. "There she is," she said. "The person that God wanted you to see is over there."

I looked in the direction she pointed, and saw a woman who was holding her lips with her hand. Her hand was stuck to her lips and wouldn't come off. She would try to eat something, but the hand got in the way, and so she would spill more food than she would manage to get into her mouth. I stood in front of the woman and said, "You're Maria Park, aren't you." She nodded her head to tell me I was correct. There were many things I wanted to ask her. But there was no way to do so, because she couldn't open her mouth. I myself was surprised to hear the words "Father, what is to be done with this person" echoing in my heart.

Then, suddenly, the woman began leading me to another place. She pointed out a man who turned out to be Lee Ki-boong. We looked at each other, and I could hardly believe what I saw. Lee Ki-boong had blood pouring from his chest. We were close enough that we could recognize each other. After that, I began looking around on my own. I wanted to find the son of Lee Ki-boong. I wanted to find Lee Kang-suk. How was it possible that an entire family had ended up in such a place? I found the son. He was in a permanent pose of standing behind his father with a knife in his raised hand.

The woman looked at me and suggested we return to God. I offered a prayer to God in this place. "God, please save these people. Please liberate these people before True Parents come here and see them in their present form." No one, though, responded to my prayer. As I traveled back through the large gate, I was thinking: "What is to be done about this gruesome sight? How am I to show this to True Parents?"

I called out to God, and He responded: "Sang Hun, is there pain in your heart?" I just began to cry before God. God told me: "Sang Hun, it's not something for you to cry about. I wanted you to see this, because it's something for which you have to bear responsibility. You must tell my children to live good lives. For the people in that place, the path of salvation will not be easy. Tell my children to live good lives on earth before they come here. Do you understand my meaning? Sang Hun, I'm asking you." Then, God was silent.

Park Tae-Sun

When Elder Park was on earth, he was venerated so highly that his authority seemed to rival that of a god. Next, I would like to describe this person's appearance and life in the spiritual world.

I found Elder Park living in a community of regular Christians. The standard of these Christians, though, was not that of faithful people who had lived in attendance of the Lord. Instead, their standard was that of people who had put only a little effort into their faith. So, for example, when they sang hymns or prayed, they didn't know the words very well. They were novice believers. Elder Park was among them. I have never conversed with this person. The reason I have not been in a hurry to speak with him is that it is obvious that he is purposely hiding himself in an area that is not appropriate to his position. From what I've seen, I can tell that his faith was based on an arrogant heart, and that he became intoxicated in his mission. In this world, he is living in a place that is considerably distant from God. He still does not understand his position. He lives among novice believers and still holds on to his past domain. I will let some more time pass before meeting him.

Next is the life of regular Christian ministers. In the Christian realm that I have seen, I have not come across anything remarkable with regard to ministers. I have not found a situation where a minister who was specially revered on earth has been given a special position here. What I have noticed is that even if a person is given the position of minister on earth, here he may not have that position. I have not yet seen the ministers who opposed us. In hell, or in the place that is called Heaven, there is no sign indicating where the ministers are, so I have not been able to find them. This is something that I am planning to do in the future.

Korea's Political Leaders

Syngman Rhee

I was curious to find out about how people who had been president of a country were living in the spiritual world. Here, a person doesn't receive a large residence just because he was president of his country, so it's difficult to find these people unless you really look for them. I decided to use an unusual method in order to find President Syngman Rhee. As I meditated, I prayed: "God, please lead my heart to wherever President Rhee lives." At a particular spot, I began to hear very beautiful singing. It caught my attention to the extent that I started heading in the direction of the sound. After a while, the singing stopped. I stood for a while, wondering how to continue my search, and I finally decided to just try on my own. The place was surrounded on four sides by mountains, though, and this made it difficult to see where things were.

I decided to put my trust in the general direction that I had followed in order to arrive at this place, and began looking around that area. Once in a while, people would come and go from the woods. I wasn't sure whom I should ask, and so I just kept searching the area. Soon, I noticed a man sitting at a bend in the road, apparently in deep thought. I went to him to get a good look at him, but he wasn't Syngman Rhee. I asked him whether he had ever heard of someone named President Syngman Rhee nearby. He answered me in a way that I thought odd. He said: "I don't know if he's a president or what, but someone lives in that house across the road there."

I went to the house, thinking there was a chance I might find President Rhee there. The house was a little bit better than most homes. Oddly, though, it was very quiet, and I didn't see any signs that someone lived there. Inside, there was no sign of anyone. I was looking around inside the house, when finally I heard someone make a noise. It turned out to be President Syngman Rhee. I was very surprised to see how he was dressed. His clothes were very shabby. His appearance was scruffy, and he had no one with him.

I quickly greeted him: "You must be President Syngman Rhee. My name is Sang Hun Lee." He wanted to know how I had known where to find him. I told him that God had sent me, and he asked me if I had ever met God.

I said, "Yes, I met Him."

"Why, then, has such a great person come here?" he asked.

I asked him why it was that a former president was living such a lonely life in this place. He said he didn't know the reason himself. He told me that he had a large house in another place nearby, but he lived here because he was more comfortable. He told me that since he couldn't be treated the way he wanted, he felt more comfortable living in a place where he didn't have to meet anyone.

"Well, yes," I said, "but this is a place where neither God nor Jesus are present. Do you have to live here?"

He replied, "God and Jesus have forsaken me." But he also said that he wanted to meet God and Jesus. When this man who was responsible for a nation failed to fulfill his responsibility, he heard his own people demand that he give up his office and was thrown out of office. Seen from the perspective of eternal life, Syngman Rhee's life is nothing more than the result of his failure to fulfill his responsibility, either during his tenure as president or during his life as a human being. I have not done so yet, but someday I plan to invite him, too, to my home and talk to him about True Parents.

*All the people who now live far below the stations that they enjoyed in the physical world are people who were traitors to the providence, and I think that the place where they exist now is none other than hell.


A Letter Presented By Jesus To True Parents
May 22, 1998

Father, my name is Jesus. Though I am not worthy, you have given me so much love, concerned yourself for my sake, and prayed for me so often. Even this is such a tremendous blessing for me, and yet you have even given my wife a home that is far more than she deserves. How can I ever repay you for all your kindness?


My wife is a woman who is far better than I deserve. Truly, I am awestruck. From this point on, my wife and I will uphold your will and work to make an offering of our lives as a beautiful family. I will attend Heung-jin Nim, offer my prayers and hard work for the sake of the direction of the True Parents and the providence of restoration.

Also, Father! There are vast numbers of Christians here, but their hearts have been closed. Now, you have narrowed the gap between us and Heung-jin Nim, who is able to establish the same flow of cooperative relations as on earth. We will work hard now on the basis of this spiritual backing and foundation.

The name of "Jesus" is always being made to stand out on earth, and no words can describe how ashamed I feel before you, Father, because of this.

Father, please forgive this sinner (in the sense that the responsibility was not fulfilled). Some day, your resentment will be resolved. Christians on earth will begin to have dreams about the wretched appearance of Jesus in the spiritual world.

Father! I truly thank you. I love my wife. Thank you.

I pray that the Parents may have long life and good health.

Jesus, who was born in Nazareth of Judea sends this letter from the spiritual world to Father.

*I am very sorry, Mrs. Kim, to trouble you so often. (This is in reference to the letter that I sent to Mr. Chang.)

A Letter Presented By Choong-Mo Nim To True Parents

Father, this is your mother.

Father, how many difficulties you must have faced over the years! As a result of my inadequacies, you were not able to go a smooth course, and you are left with no choice but to live a life where there is no difference between night and day. Father, it always pains me to know that you have had to suffer, because you lacked the foundation of your mother's devotion.

Father! Together with Dae Mo Nim, I am learning many things and teaching many things. Whenever you think it necessary, I am willing to assist. Am I being too arrogant? Is it still too early?

Father! I will become a loyal mother, or "choong-mo," according to the title you have given me. And, Father, the image of me wearing a towel over my head is very unattractive, isn't it? It causes you shame, doesn't it? I have asked this lady to remove the towel, because I'm afraid that image will cause you embarrassment.

Father! Please wait and see. I truly will become a loyal mother. Father, Mother, I pray and pray again for your long life and good health.

*As she writes this letter, she is crying again. Whenever she appears, she is crying.

A Letter Presented By Young-Soon To True Parents

I present this letter to Father.


This is Kim Young-soon. I dare to present this letter to you. I received your instructions from Rev. Kwak, and in the car on the way home I was feeling the weight of the task, because I didn't know what to do. Then, I received God's encouragement to "Be joyful that you have been blessed." I felt I had to offer devotion. I thought I would offer 40 days. Then, I wanted to make it 21 days, and then 3 days. The longer the period of devotion, the longer you would have to wait. The next day, I received a phone call from Rev. Kwak. He told me that he was leaving for the United States in three days, and he needed me to give him all the results of your instructions before then. I was at a loss. Oh God, help me. How can I complete everything in three days? God, please, please help me. How can I do this in three days? Then, suddenly, I heard a voice say: "Mrs. Kim, this is Sang Hun Lee. Don't you know Father's character? Let's begin this evening. I'm ready." Then, he gave me a list of the prayer items. I told him that I didn't even know who "Japan's Tojo" was, but he told me not to worry. He said he knew about Tojo well, so I didn't have to worry that I didn't know him.

He was very calm and kept encouraging me. He never comes unless it is for a public purpose. Yet, when Father's instructions are involved, he comes immediately. I realized how deep the communication is between a father and son. The spiritual world that cannot be seen with the physical eye, . . . I am learning many things, and feeling many things.


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