Who Is He?

By Sung Mo Koo


For the last twenty years I have immersed myself in the many books of prophecy found in Korea. These books of prophecy, some thirty in number, appeared five hundred to one thousand years ago.

In a sense it is not an exaggeration to call Korea a nation of prophecies. Often called secret communications, prophecies have their human authors. Nonetheless, as we delve more and more deeply into these texts, we come to realize that they are not created through individual decisions. Rather, they are messages revealing the plans of the Creator, transmitted to the earth through living human beings.

In this book, I have selected seven major prophecies and treated as concisely as possible those parts relating directly to Korea and Japan.

We desire to verify the reliability of anything claiming to be prophecy, through its accuracy relating to events that have already taken place. Through examining the accuracy of the predictions relating to events that have already taken place, we can assess the reliability of the prophecies concerning events yet to come.

The prophecies with which I am dealing have proven amazingly accurate relating to the span of the last one hundred years. By reading and translating these books of prophecy, I have come to realize that they are nothing less than the Creator's plan for human history recorded in words.

These prophecies foretell the fortunes of world history centering on northeastern to southeastern Asia, specifically Korea and Japan, and identify the concluding period of world history to be the one hundred thirty years beginning in 1894 and concluding in 2027.

The books reveal to us that the 36 years of Japanese colonization of Korea and the ensuing division of Korea into north and south were part of the Creator's plan.

From the beginning of the twenty-first century, trends of thinking throughout the world will drastically change. The limitations of science, the depletion of natural resources, the problems of land and population, the equalization of scientific technology among nations throughout the world, the rapid progress of the developing nations to reach the standard of the developed nations-these events are going to change the world.

This is of particular moment to Japan. Beyond the social trends just mentioned, we should dread the natural calamities that may afflict the earth as a result of our failure to heed heavenly advice. Japan in particular should take seriously the possibility of catastrophe striking between 1994 and 2070.

These could be called calamities or acts of God, but ultimately this type of disaster befalling us results from our remaining arrogant and failing to fulfill our human responsibility. We must avoid catastrophes.

According to renowned geologists and prophets, the moving positions of the Arctic and Antarctic poles is not explainable by phenomena taking place on the earth's surface, but rather by phenomena coming from the interior, such as volcanic explosions, etc.

It is said that movement of the earth's crust will have a serious impact upon the east and west coasts of America, northern Europe and Japan. The water from Arctic icebergs now melting will flood the land at the rate 176 kilometers a day, submerging two-thirds of the Japanese islands and 40 kilometers of the east coast of Korea.

Two-thirds of the earth's present landmass will disappear under this water. Based on the prediction of the period during which Japan may experience serious calamity, I construe the period in which this submersion may take place to be between 1994 and 2070. What can Japan do to avoid this? I intend this small booklet to offer solutions, difficult though they may be, based upon the knowledge of these historically-validated Korean prophecies.

In this way, Korean prophecies serve as a serious warning revealed from heaven to the people of Korea and Japan, people who are facing the most perilous times of their history as we enter the 21st century.

Secret letters are literally letters that are sent in secret. To decipher a secret message, it is necessary that one obtain the key or code that the original author used to encode the message. Through the use of that key we can unlock and openly present every detail of the secret message.

This is a perilous time of great change on the earth, a time unprecedented since the universe came to be. At this time I pray deeply that we will avoid the path of death and find the path of life, entering into Heaven on earth and coming into the realm of protection of the heavenly God/Buddha.

August 1998
Sung Mo Koo

Book Six - Who Is He?
Sung Mo Koo
August 1998

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