Who Is He?

By Sung Mo Koo

Chapter 2 - The Korean Books Of Prophecy

Chart 1

Do not ever doubt that the heavenly Holy One will descend from Heaven in the east. If the east fails to recognize the Holy One, he will come to be known through newly educated western people. If both east and west are unable to discern the Holy One who is to come, both east and west will be discarded and new humankind will emerge. What can we do?

Chart 2

Returning from the west after receiving such regretful treatment, now looking down from the high mountain upon the world far away. At this time of the latter half of the twentieth century, come to the east and undo all the regrets.

All the central prophecies of the Korean books of prophecy focus upon the advent of the Chung Do Ryung. The books present detailed explanations of how the Chung Do Ryung ("true man" or "holy man") will appear, with what appearance he will come, and how he will save humankind and achieve world peace, in great detail.

1. Kyuk-Am-Yu-Rok

Concerning both past events and today's ongoing phenomena, the most accurate accounts appear in the prophecies of Kyuk-Am-Yu-Rok. Backed up by a record of 100 percent accuracy in predicting the highlights of the events of the past one hundred years, it provides prophecies relevant to how we should live in the end of days. It presents these much sought after concepts with the utmost clarity.

The author of Kyuk-Am-Yu-Rok, Ma,.ster Nam Sa Go, was born in the fourth year of King Joong Jong of the Chosen dynasty (1509) and died in the fourth year of King Sun Jo (1571) at the age of 63. He was extremely knowledgeable about astrology, geography and feng sbui. Under the reign of King Myung-Jong he served as a magistrate responsible for ceremonial offerings and gravesites, to insure the well being of both the royalty and the people.

The preface of the book states that the Kyuk-Am-Yu-Rok was revealed to young Master Nam Sa Go some 450 years ago.

Chart 3

The double bow and double Ul are the truth of Heaven and earth. Those who concentrate on financial matters excessively will not see this white cross.

The day will come when all living beings can resolve their regrets. It will be the day of judgment, when God will save the good people and destroy those devils who deny God by burning them in fire.

The double bow means bow-bow and the double Ul means Ul-Ul. [English Ed. Note: "Double bow" is referring to the double notation of the Chinese character "goong," ( 4 bow), and "double Ul" is referring to the double notation of the character "UP' ( L bird.) The appearance of the double notation of these characters has the meaning of a cross in Mr. Koo's interpretation. These together depict a cross (+), but it is not the cross as we have known it. Instead, it refers to a white cross, a great heavenly way that unifies Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and all other religions into one.

What is the white cross? Take two letters of an bow and arrange them with the second letter inverted and they will form a cross.

Chart 4

The Bible is a book of prophecy that God gave us. Not one iota of these words is false. The Bible is true. At some point in time we should hear the calf cry out for its mother. When that time comes, do not look to the right or left but rather march forward toward the white cross.

Chart 5

Somewhere in the world you will find that man: he is the holy man. Look at the world justly. He will come (2000-2007 or 2024-2025) and unify the world.

Those who are blinded by the desire for gold cannot escape. Look at the secret message sent to South Korea; everything is hidden in that secret message.

Chart 6

Foolish people will not find it.

The one who is to come will establish a foundation in the early part of his life. In his middle years he will meet a pre-arranged spouse and marry again, and in his latter years (2000-2001 or 2024-2025) he will accomplish the will of God and his couple will rejoice together.

Chart 7

He will suffer and shed tears of blood centering on the island nation and reach out to the four-corners of the world. He will unite Confucianism, Buddhism and Christianity and he will come as the true man (holy man) with great benevolence.

Trust that God's eldest son who is in Heaven will come at this time. Those nations that do not believe in God but betray Him will perish eternally.

Chart 8

The way of the white cross combines the fortunes of both east and west and it is like a newly emerging branch. At this time, women will be the ones most blessed with God's fortune.

Believe in God (this is the teaching of the holy man who came from Heaven). Accept the wisdom and teachings given by the Buddha, and drink. There will be nothing that you cannot be through understanding.

Chart 9

Prophecies telling of the end of the world are given to both the east and the west. These prophecies are teachings given in advance by God through godly men, but humanity cannot understand. Alas! The days when the calamities will befall the world are not far off, but how many will come to understand this?

Chart 10

First of all, this man (the one to come) is the wise man whom Buddha sent; Heaven predestined this thousands of years ago. The fortune of this Messiah is as the coming of Buddha (Second Coming of Buddha to this world. When this time arrives, the entire world will be in chaos. Fire will fly and fall to the ground and the world will become hopelessly confused.

Chart 11

Where is the land in which the holy man will make his appearance? It is at the foot of Young San above Myung-Sa-Shim-Ni (a famous Korean locality), where a rooster crows and a dragon roars. (Could this be Yong San in Seoul.)

Chart 12

There will be no place for even one evil spirit to reside in the new world. A double bow, i.e., the white cross: this is true Buddhism and the savior who comes through the white cross is the Buddha's Second Coming. He is the one who has pity on the men and women who are dying and thus saves them from death's grave. He is the one who builds the new Heaven, new earth and the clean and clear new world.

Chart 13

Pray to God for peace. The white world will become totally new. Children, this is the plan of the Father (Parents). The whole world will be unified and once again return to the original point. The mulberry plantation will turn into a blue ocean and a chaotic world will result.

Chart 14

The people of the world will say that money comes first and is most important, but this is the most unenlightened thing to say, even for the strongest man on earth. After creating a heavenly way to bring all the various fortunes of the world into one, he will call all of humankind and save them in the years 2000-2001, or the years 2022 -2025.

Chart 15

How many thousands of miles has he trod, undergoing universal turbulence for so many, many years? This way will be accomplished when the world is in utmost turmoil. The way of the west has taken a long, long time to reach the east. A nation must prosper before my house can prosper.

Chart 16

For thousands of years it was determined to happen on this day. If you cannot come to understand now, you will miss the opportunity represented by the white cross.

Why do you wait and wait and expect to encounter another opportunity so good, spring like and beautiful. All the spirits are rendering protection for this holy man's couple.

Chart 17

Without sound or scent he will land in the east and burn out all evils (those who do not believe in God) and do away with their seed (offspring).

Whether he is God or a man, even God Himself may wonder, and whether he is God or a man, even Heaven may have no clear idea.

Chart 18

The families who read these messages are the blessed ones, and those who do not understand these messages are the families without blessings.

Who will ever realize that this man is the holy man. This man is the most troubled man in the world; this one is none other than the holy man.

Chart 19

Who can fail to laugh when he realizes that this man is the holy man? This man will surely achieve his goal after enduring much difficulty. All people of the world must accept and uphold these words as God's own commandment. He is the one who comes to this world from Heaven in the last days, to save every person on earth.

Chart 20

Every person on earth should close their mouth and dare not speak. The one comes from a peninsula on a corner of the eastern continent in order to harvest humankind. He comes as if to harvest grain, blowing away the bad grain and harvesting the good, solid, mature men and women.

Chart 21

The holy man is born north of the 38th parallel and comes with God's great mission. He is like a man but he is not a man. He is the one prophesied to come to the island nation, but no one in the world discerns the holy man.

Chart 22

The original text of Chung-Do-Ryong calls him "king of the clouds": he who comes in the clouds. He comes to this world for the second time.

Chart 23

He comes to this world of the Buddha and he comes as master of the religions of Confucianism, Buddhism and Christianity and to bring all the other religions into oneness. He is the one who comes to this world for the second time.

Chart 24

He is the master of both the east and the west; he is the holy man coming from the olive tree and he appears to be a man but he is not a man. He comes as three spirits in one body, those of the Chung-Do-Ryung, Buddha and Jesus Christ.

Chart 25

He is a king six thousand years old and he is grasping the handle of all power. Sitting on the throne he will burn devils in their chest with fire to kill them.

Chart 26

Buddha's cultivating and the seven measures (Buddhist truth) are God's cultivation, fostered in the lofty and beautiful stone well of Heaven. The holy man from Heaven will give truth to those who thirst for truth as if he were giving water to those with physical thirst.

It explains that the east is the training ground for people over the millennia. Also, it explains the end of the world for those who attained enlightenment earlier than others.

Chart 27

In the year Shin- Yoo (1992-1993, war will break out in the Middle East. In the year Sool-Hae (1994-1995), many will lose their lives. In the year Ja-Chook (1994-1997, confusion will dominate the world and it becomes difficult to predict the future. In the year ln Myo (1998-1999), the future can be predicted. In the year Jin-Sa (2000-2001), the Messiah (the holy mangy will appear. In the year O-Mi (2002-2003, every house will be, full of joy

(Note: The above time predictions can be moved forward 24 years.)

Chart 28

What will the holy man who comes from the mountain of the island nation be like? It is God's dispensation that in the last days one man will incarnate and represent the entirety of Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and all the other religions. The king of Heaven has come to the eastern peninsula. Owing to the holy man, the world will become paradise (the Buddhist ideal of the good world).

Chart 29

You can live on without having to farm. Without working in the field you can clad yourselves and without a horse you can travel afar.

At this time the true man will come to the island, and those who go against the will of the holy man who comes from Heaven will perish and those who follow him will prosper.

Chart 30

The true man will come to the island nation and those who go against Heaven will perish.

This part of the prophecies is clearly a warning to Japan. It is written that the new heaven and new earth, that is, the future way that will build a beautiful world called paradise on earth, will begin in the east. But it is written that the true man will come to the island nation. If so, where is "the east" and where is the island nation? Most Koreans construe "the east" (Kay-Ryong) as the literal Kay-Ryong mountain in Korea. But in reality, Mt. Kay Ryong in Korea is not the originating point of the heavenly way, neither is it a site for the new capital of the nation of the East. In fact it is wise to avoid the Mt. Kay-Ryong area.

Kay-Ryong, according to the I Ching principle, refers to the southeastern part of the earth.

Furthermore, this book of prophecy, Kyuk-Am-Yu-Rok, is not confined to a limited interpretation but is very comprehensive and universal.

In this sense Kay-Ryong (the east) is not limited to the Korean peninsula but also includes the islands of Japan. However, the center of the area is Seoul in Korea. (Refer to Central Directional Line of the Capital Graph I).

*Also, judging from the overall flow of the Kyuk-Am-Yu-Rok and the yin-yang theory in the I Ching, without including the islands of Japan, the true way of the last days cannot be achieved. Why must Japan be included in the area of Kay-Ryong (the east)?

In the yin and yang, yang denotes Heaven, high, mountains, manhood, fatherhood and so forth, and yin represents the earth, low, valleys, womanhood, motherhood, etc.

Further, what is concave is yin (woman) and what is convex is yang (man).

Here yang is metaphysically the "basic principles" and the atmospheric force of the predisposition of nature (toward good fortune or bad fortune). Yin is the physical vessel or instrument. The phenomena displayed through all the things of the universe arise from the distribution of yin and yang. For example, flowers and fruit are born in physical vessels. In animals, the male gives the atmospheric force of natural energy (the sperm) to the female and the female receives it, gestates it in her body and upon its maturing delivers it to the earth. Even minerals and inorganic materials are comprised of yin and yang (- and +) and today's science discloses that even the atom is composed of yin and yang. Then let us examine this.

The meaning of the eight trigrams

1. strength (the male organ)

2. expansion (the embrace of male and female)

3. entry (the female organ)

4. motion (the act of love between male and female)

5. pleasure (the climax)

6. stillness (coming to the end)

7. retrieval (ending)

8. softness (the state of relaxation after satisfaction)

This is the principle of existence for all created beings based on the principles of yin and yang and the dispensation of the Creator. Also, it is the philosophical and scientific principle underlying the gestation, change and development of all things.

How does this apply to the earth's surface?

The earth's surface is, of course, comprised of mountains and rivers, lands and oceans, reflecting the elements of high and low, yin and yang. Land symbolizes man (high, mountain) and ocean, woman (low, valley).

Interpreting the earth's surface from the framework of yin and yang, we can easily understand that the Korean peninsula and Japan are representative forms. The Korean peninsula, with the Asian continent as its body, symbolizes the male, while the islands of Japan, with the Pacific Ocean as their body, is a typical ocean nation symbolizing the female.

Then what is the way that the holy man brings to the Korean peninsula at the end of the twentieth century? It is said that it is the way of "the union of man and woman-yin and yang." This means that it is the way defined by the principle of yin and yang, of "man and woman joining into one body." Does this mean, then, that Korea and Japan must become as one body?

Yes. Korea and Japan, like an eldest son and eldest daughter, must become good counterparts to each other.

Let us examine the following map:

Korea is a small country protruding north to south out of the eastern edge of the vast landmass of Asia into a corner of the ocean.

If we compare the continent of Asia to a human body, what can we make of an elongated shape hanging not from the upper or lower part of the body but exactly from the middle? Needless to say, it unmistakably appears as a phallus, the part of the male responsible for the reproductive function. Further, you find underneath a small, roundish shape hanging further down. That clearly resembles the scrotum of the body, an important and indispensable part of the reproductive system. The Korean peninsula has such a geographical shape.

The root of a male, the phallus, is connected with the entire nervous system from head to toe. If an illness develops in the central nervous system, which is the center of the human body, the root (or phallus) cannot function normally. Then, looking at Graph 4, where is the line of this vertebrae and where does it connect to this root?

It, of course, begins in the center of China and the Himalayan mountains, which are said to be the center and "roof' of the European and Asian continents. It then extends northeast to Mt. Paek Do, of the Tae Baek mountain range. This is the vertebrae of Korea, centering on Mt. Kum Kang, where all the energy is concentrated. It is said that the holy man who has inherited that spiritual energy is to be born in North Korea.

(Graph 31: Map of Kay Ryong)

In conformity with the yin-yang principle, the counterpart must be a female.

Let us then examine the islands of Japan, located next to Korea.

The islands of Japan extend north and south within an ocean more vast than the Asian continent. The northernmost point, Hokkaido, is the equivalent of the head; the main island of Honshu is the torso, and the southern islands of Kyushu are the legs. It appears as if she is lying down with her legs outstretched. This very island nation of Japan, which symbolize a woman, is the land in which the flowers bloom and where the fruit born of the heavenly way of the holy man is sent to the male land of Korea.

Thus Japan is woman (yin: mother) and Korea, man (yang: father), and the two must become husband and wife. The dispensation of God expects that these two countries support each other, upholding the heavenly way sent by God the Creator, fulfilling an important mission for the sake of humanity.

If Japan fails to fulfill the role of God's eldest daughter as the bride of the eldest son, which is the mother's role for the future world, serious consequences will follow. In that event, another oceanic nation (for instance, a maiden oceanic nation such as England, or a middle-aged oceanic nation

such as the Philippines or Indonesia) will have to become the eldest son's spouse country and complete the unfinished task assigned the mother. But none of these countries are the predestined spouse of the eldest son.

When Japan successfully fulfills her mission, the Second Coming of Buddha, who is the son of the Superior Emperor (God), the Second Coming of Jesus, the Second Coming of Confucius, i.e., the Messiah, will bear the fruit of salvation and accomplish the will of God upon the face of the earth.

If Japan fails to accomplish this mission, not only Japan but also all humankind will undergo unimaginable tribulation, without parallel since the creation of the world.

The principle of salvation in the last days can be explained only by the principle in oriental philosophy of the compatibility and incompatibility of the five elements.

The five basic elements are water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Compatibility exists in the relationships in which one of the elements yields or brings forth another. The order here is water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Water yields wood, wood yields fire, fire yields earth, earth yields metal and metal yields water.

On the contrary, incompatibility exists in the relationships in which one of the elements defeats the other. The order here is water, fire, metal, wood and earth. Water defeats fire, fire defeats metal, metal defeats wood, wood defeats earth and earth defeats water.

At the time of the flood judgement thousands of years ago, Noah saved the seeds of humankind and the animals by building the ark. Noah's ark was built of wood and this instance complies with the rule that water yields wood.

However, the judgment that now is to come is of fire. The only element that can defeat fire is water. To survive the fire, this time we need water, as is stated in the principle of incompatibility (water defeats fire).

Here the water signifies the white water or well water of Kon-Ryun mountain (in China), which symbolizes Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and the other religions, i.e., the white cross. This means that only those who drink the water of truth will survive the time of judgment.

Kyuk-Am-Yu-Rok interprets fire in two ways: the fire that falls to the earth, fire flying in the air that falls to the ground, and the fire that shoots up from the earth.

The first fire is the man-made fire of nuclear bombs and missiles, and the second fire is the fire from calamities (or acts of God) such as earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

Chart 32

*The true man will come to the island nation and those who go against Heaven will perish.

This prophecy that the true Man comes through Japan is a serious message containing a grave warning.

Chart 33

What is it that kills me? It is fire. What is it that saves me? It is to practice true morality. The white stone that God gives us is the weapon that destroys devils. When a good person possesses it, it will bring him or her salvation, and when an evil person possesses it, it will send him or her to hell. The only person who has the power to use this weapon is the very one sent by Heaven.

Chart 34

Alasi Everyone must awaken. The center of the capital of Korea is the command post.

This is the first fortune (opportunity) since the creation of Heaven and earth, yet they (the people) cannot recognize properly the holy man who comes from Heaven in the last days.

Chart 35

How dare you compare the long life and happiness of the holy man's couple with that of Jesus who came before? Those who seek truth must come to a deep realization.

Whoever fails to be truly attentive will lose his or her life. Who would recognize Confucius if he came to the earth?

Chart 36

He may make no noise and have no odor or particular taste, yet he is filled with mercy and benevolence and loves all the creation.

All the religions of the world assert their claims, unaware of the fact that a tremendous revolution is taking place in the world of faith.

Chart 37

Blinded by the violet mist and distracted by the yellow fly, one fails to see the way right in front of him.

With fire shooting up into the sky and heat filling the air, the road becomes impassable. How can they ever find the foundation that will preserve their lives?

Chart 38

This is the time when fires fly in the sky and the earth trembles with earthquakes (all calamities). The floods dry out and people are scorched to death. They die of unknown diseases; the man alive in the morning is found dead in the evening. Only one family out of ten will remain alive.

Chart 39

Do not move out so easily, you Japanese soldiers. What do you wish to gain by mobilizing again? Your final victory? It will turn out that what you gain will only be death.

Chart 40

The religious way is the way centering on God, and its elite heavenly army contains 12, 000 of each of twelve tribes, a total of 144,000.

By God's eldest daughter (Japan) and the religious way of Korea uniting, Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and the other religions will unite and the fortune (opportunity) of Heaven will finally arrive where God can rule directly.

Chart 41

There is no doubt no matter what he builds. The millennium in the east comes to an island country; within the ocean is the son of God. He, through shedding blood and tears, will bring peace to the world, will win over death and will create the new world in which all regrets are vanquished.

Chart 42

As the saying goes, "Wherever good things are happening, bad will follow" (traps: light is usually followed by shadow, there will come betrayal by colleagues. Those who rule over others and do not become humble will perish, but he who humbles himself will survive.

Every person should humble him or herself. The holy man of reconstruction who comes in the east is the father of humankind and he comes also in Buddha's capacity. Bow down to him unconditionally.

Chart 43

The day will come when those who study philosophy or science will disappear overnight. They will find their effort to discover truth through philosophy or science to befuddle. Greatly disappointed, they will become like the insane or drunk and yet will be filled with vanity.

Chart 44

Nothing is above it or below it, nor is there anything other than it.

You can depend upon the sagacious and wise, but never upon secular power.

After first shedding tears, you will singsongs. Starting from the beginning till the end of time, if humankind will participate with one mind and one will, we will see the world in which we can eat the food we extract from atomic materials.

2. Chung Kam Rok

There are many variations of the Chung Kam memoir (or record) in circulation to this day. Yet it is safe to say that we should regard The Book of Discussion between Chung-Kam and Lee-Shim as an orthodox edition. (Chung-Kam-Rok Collection. Tokyo, Japan: Ji-Yu To-Kyu-Sha, 1933)

The highlight of its prophecies of historical events is the accurate prediction of General Douglas MacArthur's successful Inchon landing operation. MacArthur was commander of the United Nations forces at that stage of the Korean War, which broke out June 25, 1950.

He also predicted the defeat of Japan in World War II and he also predicted some thousand years ago the white cross, a very significant feat.

The writings of Chung Kam Rok are estimated at roughly a thousand years old.

Chart 45

When the uneasy days (the last days) arrive, a misfortune of "seven killing" will invade. When these days arrive, follow the principles of the double bows and double Ul's, i.e., the principle of the white cross.

You will find a way of surviving in that white cross. When you come across difficulties, find the white cross and unite with it.

Chart 46

There will ensue an effort to continue a dynasty for a second generation in North Korea, but to no avail; it will end. Negative winds will blow at a tree from all four directions; thus it will be hard to endure. Six multiplied by six equals thirty-six: after the thirty-six years of Japanese colonial occupation transpire, Korea will enjoy good years. A beautiful country in the east will be divided into two (one white, the other red: democratic and communist) but eventually it will be united again.

Chart 47

North and south are confronting each other militarily. It is a very dangerous state of immanent warfare.

Concerning this division of one race and one nation into two. by the time of reunification and return to the original pre-division state, there will be many people starving and stricken ill.

How many will ever survive. The year of famine and starvation will recur repeatedly.

Chart 48

Oriental people (white clothes) and western people (blue clothes) will mix together and endure a life like that of meaningless worms. The countryside and cities to the west and south will be engulfed in the misery of war. (trans: the Korean War) At this time there will be a general (General MacArthur) who commands soldiers in the sea and on the island to protect the country from the danger.

When these soldiers cross the Kum River and save people throughout the land, a great heavenly fortune will arrive.

Chart 49

However, at that time, soldiers of the Chinese army will intervene in the war suddenly and fight against the soldiers of the general who came across the sea from the island.

The general who came across the sea to fight the war of defense is the one who defeated Japan; he is the commander of the Allied forces of the southeast. This general helping the white forces (South Korea) tries to expel the Chinese forces. However, the Red Army calls itself righteous and tries to take the entire peninsula and even Cheju Island.

Yet the Red Army will be forced up to the northern boundary of Korea and thus the war will end in three years' time, leaving the land of Korea devastated.

Chart 50

When this time comes, there will begin to dawn the heavenly nation in the east. In the west, voices will cry out, "Chung-DoRyong, Chung-Do-Ryong, " and "Messiah, Messiah. " However, when this time comes, one must find the double bow and double Ul, i.e., the white cross, before one can partake of the great benefit.

Chart 51

Now humankind has come to meet the central fortune of Heaven. This is the time when the eldest son of the east (Korea) meets the eldest daughter of the southeast (Japan) and marries her. Everyone covets and waits for the True Man, but who is he? He is the one who judges all good and evil. (Refer to Chart ?)

Chart 52

The one who comes with the full power to administer Heaven and earth does not come from the mountains nor from the fields but from where the white cross is situated. At this time, he will surely come with the heavenly law.

Chart 53

That number of heavenly law is the number 21, 600 and this clearly is the number denoting Heaven. Also, there is the number 74,400, which denotes the earth.

Chart 54

These two numbers added together total 36, 000, representing the sum of yin and yang, Heaven and earth. It is written that when good men and women in matrimony reach this number, the holy man will come. This particular number signifies the balance of Heaven and earth in consistency with the principles of the I Ching.

Yin and yang in harmony together bring the fortune of the heavenly way. Thus, the way of the united fortune of the east and the west is the `Fortune of Ten Victories. "

Chart 55

The number, 36, 000 is that very number that changes the predisposition of nature (for example, toward good or bad luck).

When the religions of the east and west come into good accord, all the people of the world will become as close to each other as brothers and sisters. Interpreted by the principles of the 1 Ching, this is clearly the white cross; according to the principles of yin and yang, Heaven and earth.

Chart 56

The "Great Way of the Ten Victories" appears from the east.

There will be a thunderous voice calling out to offer the blessing. If you scorn this and go against it, your act will be as that of a small insect, such as a praying mantis or cricket, trying to stop a rolling wheel, and the holy man will only laugh.

Chart 57

Matching good men and women, the holy man will live comfortably. Those good men and women who receive his matching and return gratitude to God in prayer will receive precious children.

When this happens, the whole world will be united. From the dawn of creation, this has never happened.

Chart 58

In the east where the sun rises there will appear a white cross and it will shine upon all the corners of the world. The savior (Chung-Do-Ryong, holy man) is the "Great King of Ten Victories. " Remember. He is the king of all kings!

*Original translator's note: It was prophesied that World War II will begin out of a certain direction (northeastern direction) which points to the areas of China, Korea and Japan. It is truly amazing that the ChungKam-Rok, which has the history of a thousand years, would point out that 36,000 is the number of Heaven and earth and yin and yang harmonizing the engagement of men and women. The place of refuge at the end of the world is where the white cross is located. Therefore, to seek it is also a very special task.

3. Cho-Chang-Rok

The Cho-Chang-Rok is the dialogue between Yu Hyung Won (pen name: Ban Gye) (1622-1673) and his son (Cho-Chang). Yu Hyung Won was a well-known scholar under the king Hyun Hong in the middle of the Yi Dynasty of Korea. The value of the Cho-Chang-Rok lies in its testimony to the Kyok-AmYu-Rok, validating the authenticity of the Kyuk-Am-Yu-Rok.

Chart 59

My father is the elder Ban Gye. One day I asked my father for advice about a detailed plan to deal with the famine that we were confronting. My father answered, "You will find the details about how to preserve one's life during famine and avoid death from communicable diseases in the Yu-Rok of Honorable Kyuk-Am. It should not be a real problem. "

Chart 60

Questioned as to what the names of the diseases at the end of the times would be, the answer was that they are strange diseases given by Heaven for which we do not have names.

Chart 61

The war between Japan and China will eventually escalate to the global scale. The world will be like a stork that tries to pick clams and the clans will not let go of the beak of the stork. So the entire world will be involved in this huge turmoil and all will decline.

Chart 62

Question: Where is the true manuscript copy.

Answer. It should be described in detail in the Kyok-Am-YuRok. However, if the man's mind is not honest, it will not be of full use to him.

Chart 63

However, Honorable Kyuk-Am's Hong-Sufi and my Ma-SangRok contain some of the content. Therefore, some of the descendants' moral life will qualify them to look at the graphs, so there will be some who will receive the effect.

Chart 64

Question: What is it that has a small head but no legs? Answer. That which has a small head but no legs is fire. All humankind will perish by fire.

4. Hong-Su Ji

This also is the work of Nam-Sa-Go, who wrote Kyuk-Am-Yu-Rok.

This book too receives a lot of attacks from many people.

Mr. Ju asks, "What is Hong-Su?" The answer is: The situation and disposition of the world is between the Red (bong) and the White (English ed. Note: su, which literally means sleeve, specifically a sleeve of white silk), and the world war will begin in the northeast and end in the northeast as well. (The prophecy of World War II)

Chart 66

Question: What is the meaning here of Red and White? Answer. Western people and Russians will enter into Korea. The Red will occupy the land north of Kae Sung and the White will occupy south of there. (The prophecy of the division of North and South Korea.)

Chart 67

Question: When will this happen? Answer. Ul-Yu year (2945), the 7th day of the 7th month by the lunar calendar (August IS, 2945 by the solar calendar). Japan will gradually lose its power and eventually perish. Hence, the north and south will be divided and disposed of by the Red and White.

Chart 68

Question: Will the fight between Red and White be fought with spears and swords? Answer. The war fought with spears and swords is a very small war indeed, but the war using chemical weapons and fought in space (in the air) will be a big war.

Chart 69

Question: How can this chemical war be prevented.

Answer. A general with the surname Cho will appear from the northeastern direction leading twelve godly men. Using God's creative energy, he should be able to prevent it instantly, overnight.

Note: General Cho (The Chinese character "Cho" is composed of meaningful parts [moon + star + run] which means the man from Heaven: the Holy Man, the Savior).

Chart 70

Question: Is the saying that the central country of the world will be established in the east true? Answer. It is said that the mind of the people is the mind of Heaven. How can a false statement be made.

5. Ma-Sang-Rok (Or the Horse Record)

Ma-Sang-Rok is the writing of Yu-Hyung-Won (pen name Bahn-Kye). Here are some excerpts.

Chart 71

When the Orient and Occident of the earth are connected directly, the world will come into unity. When this time comes, the True Man can be seen and the holy man can be met with easily.

Chart 72

He who denies in the east what has taken place in the west is not a godly man. He is a man who is neither capable of nor aware of anything. We are to live together with Japan for ,36 years. We lament it, but there is a deeper meaning to it.

Chart 73

In eastern China the same will happen and it cannot be avoided.

They assert that Buddhism alone is the religion of truth and the religion of salvation, yet this is not true; God has divided the merit. Each (east and west) wants to get the better of the other, but Heaven treats the world fairly.

Chart 74

While Reds (Communists) are still in the east, the holy man will appear with the heavenly way. In the north there will be a person who has no fear of the world, like Hang Woo, and he will incite a huge riot that even Heaven and earth cannot quell. The south will not be aware of this in advance, let alone the world.

Chart 75

Only when people's minds return to the will of Heaven will the human will come to realize the heavenly will.

6. Yul-Gok-Bi-Ki (Yul-Gok's Secret Note)

Yul-Gok is a pen name. His real name is Lee Yi (1530-1584).

One of Korea's greatest philosophers, Lee Yi served in important positions such as minister of personnel, of internal affairs, of national defense and so forth. He foresaw the forthcoming Japanese invasion (of the sixteenth century) and is famous for proclaiming the need to prepare 100,000 troops. His gift was his ability to grasp the basic principles of the universe and all things and to study them comprehensively.

Chart 76

In the autumn three hundred years after this Japanese invasion, the Korean dynasty will be annexed to an island in the middle of the sea. However, on August 14, 1945 all the Japanese will return to their own country and the land of Korea will be divided and occupied by Russia and a western country.

Chart 77

There are only one Heaven and one earth, but how can there be two kings to serve.

There are only one father and one mother, but how is it that one side serves a red father and the other a white father. The west will grow a hedge around the south and the north will depend on Russia. Foolish people will just act aimlessly.

7. Sam-Yuk-Dae-Kyung

Sam-Yuk-Dae-Kyung is the writing of Lee Min Jae, whose pen name is Myung Ho San Ju. He was deeply interested in the Dong Hak thought and became a disciple of Master Choi Jae Woo (pen name Soo Woon). Then he began to question whether the Dong Hak thought was consistent with the law of nature, so he went to meditate under Mr. Chi Ri. As he was returning from the mountain, he is said to have had the revelation written here.

Chart 78

Foolish people will see him (the holy man) but they will not recognize him. They will hear him but not understand. It is lamentable.

Chart 79

Be diligent and try hard, and do not miss the Heaven given time. If you miss this time the opportunity will not come again.

With all your will and might build the correct culture, man age your families and your nation. Peace in the world will be achieved.

Book Six - Who Is He?
Sung Mo Koo
August 1998

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