Who Is He?

By Sung Mo Koo

Chapter 3 - The Historical Accuracy And Validity Of Korean Prophecies

The future dependability of a prophecy should be attested by its past accuracy. I would like to examine some of the issues of the present day, such as Korea's general fortune, changes in political power, the time of unification and prophesies of the last days, in relation to the past accuracy of the various prophesies.

1. Korea's National Fortune and Major Political Changes

Chart 1

In September of the 4th year of Yung Hee, the Yi dynasty will come to an end. It is the season cicadas sing. Destroying the existing sound moral customs of Korea, Japan will degrade morality and etbics, will abolisb the old studies and systems and will establish a new educational system.

(Note: It becomes the year of 1910, the year Imperial Japan annexed Korea.)

Chart 2

For 36 years following the Japanese annexation of Korea, Korea will be a people without a king and will become sons of a Buddhist monk, where they (the people) do not even know Buddha. (Note: The Japanese set forth a decree whereby all the men had to cut their hair short, like Buddhist monks.)

Japan will first rise as the sun rises in the east and when the time comes it will set beyond the western mountain. When will this time be? It will be when the war between Japan and China escalates into a world war . . .

Chart 3

Beginning in the year 1894-95, and ending in the year 194445, Japan will rise and shine like the sun and then set like the sun at dusk. In the year 1945, Japan will fall and its people will return to their country in great despair.

Chart 4

The Korean people will be divided into two and they will yearn for each other in tears, with a bridge between them. (Note: Pan Mun jeom's Bridge of No Return and the Bridge of Freedom in Im Jin Kak.)

The Korean race will endure the sorrow of forced separation. Japan will move from the west: Korea (western direction) and return to the east (eastern direction: the east), back to their own country. This 36 years of bad relations is predetermined by Heaven and earth. That bad relationship is now over.

Chart 5

Although there is a courtesy that should be maintained among fellow human beings, each side will flock together and plot assassinations. The proper channels of above and below are disturbed, and the sole of the foot that should be on the ground goes above the head. Such abnormal fortune will be rampant.

(Note: This is exactly the way it happened. After liberation from Japan, in 1945, such prominent leaders as Kim Ku, Yeo Oun Hyung and Song Jin Woo were assassinated.)

Chart 6

At this time, if one wants to live, one must pass across the 38th parallel without delay. Three years starting from the year 1950 will be years of turmoil, and Pusan will be the only area remaining in which one can avoid this trouble.

Chart 7

With the happy news of Korea's liberation from Japan, a tired king comes to the south and mismanages the political affairs. Thus the new Lee administration comes to an end after twelve years. The voices of blame attacking Lee for misgoverning a country continue; what can a man do?

Sons that have grown up fight King Lee, and after Lee retreats, Yoon will naturally come in.

Chart 8

To protest against the wrongdoing of the government, the provinces of Kyung-Sang and Cholla in the south rise up in demonstrations beginning in Masan and spreading northward to involve even Choong-chung province. Allover Korea, arguments pro and con will spread like a song ....

(Note: The student revolution began on April 19, 1960.)

Chart 9

Do not support nor oppose. Is it not 1960 and 1961? The three branches of the armed forces (army, navy and airforce) will rise with bonfires and arrest all the thieves in the castle. Even though the military government is at fault, one should keep one's mouth closed as tightly as if it were padlocked. Once you open your mouth wrongly, you will do as much harm as if you were wildly swinging an ax.

(Note: the military coup d'etat of Pak, Jung-Hee on May 16, 1961.)

Chart 10

After Tree Man flies away, who awaits? Next will come the mountain bird.

Note: The two Chinese characters for "Tree" and "Man" could be combined into one character "Park," indicating the former President Pak, JungHee. Likewise, the characters for "Mountain" and "Bird" can be combined into one character "Choi," (Choi, Gyoo-Hwa) who followed after President Pak.

Chart 11

After Park leaves, Chun will enter the troubled world. He sits on the throne ofpower as a general but he should not be complacent. Look at those thieves. Now he may be comfortable but in time his rule will crumble like grains of sand.

(Note: Chun Do Hwan started the May 18 incident in order to take over power. The trial of the military government for the wrongdoings of former presidents Chun Do Hwan and Roh Tae Woo.)

2. The Division Of Korea and the Time Of Its Reunification

Chart 12

When is it that the nation is divided. It is the year of the blue rooster.

(Note: Blue bird, 1945; refer to Graph 1-3.)

Chart 13

When is it is divided for the second time. It is when the tiger and rabbit fight each other and fire is exchanged.

Note: Tiger + Rabbit denote 1950. Fire and water means the south and north. The 38th parallel disappeared and Korea now is divided by an armistice line (refer to Graph 2).

Chart 14

When will armistice be achieved? It is in the month when the dragon and tiger talk to each other and yellow sheep jump in the field.

(Note: Dragon + Snake indicate 1953. Yellow sheep indicate the month of June in the lunar calendar [refer to Graph 31)

Chart 15

When will unification take place? It is in the year when the dragon and snake will jump with joy, and the month when the red dog will jump with joy.

(Note: This is to take place in the month of September (red dog), either in the year of the dragon or the year of the snake. The years that meet this condition are 2000 and 2025. Refer to Graphs 1-3.)

3. The Last Days and the Social Conditions In The Last Days

The last days are the time when the holy man appears. The word "the last days" means the conclusion of this world, or that a great change in human history is taking place, ergo there is an interim time between what was before and what is to come. What are the signs of the end of the world as it nears?

Chart 16

As the time of the last days nears, people will totally ignore the rise and fall of their own nation. Fathers and sons will fight each other over their property. Husbands and wives will divorce each other. Wives will leave their husbands whom they once loved and widows will give birth. Immorality will prevail, especially sexual immorality.

Chart 17

Young infants will lose their lives while still in their mother's womb. This can only mean abortion.

The use of such brilliant inventions as the automobile, train, airplane, telephone, skyscraper, neon signs at this time was predicted. Prophecies portrayed a sketch of the environment of a highly developed world.

Chart 18

People will not be able to see each other's faces but will be able to talk to each otherfrom thousands of miles away over strands of wire that can mix hundreds of languages. Iron horses will run thousands of miles, yet inside it will feel as quiet as if one were sitting in his own three-story house.

Chart 19

A ship will sail in the air (airplanes). It has wings that ride on the air and it will fly as does a white crane, with a red flag, in the clouds.

4. The Way People Must Tread At The End Of The World

The last days are historically the most critical time for the human race. We who live in the last days continue living joyful and affluent lives based upon almighty materialism, without any sense of imminent peril. But this is the time to check ourselves and see if our way of life is acceptable from the Creator God's perspective.

Chart 20

At this time, fire will come flying from the sky and land on the ground, and many human beings will be killed. Three calamities and eight troubles will take place, and by a war of three to ten days the world will come to be unified. Tramp on others or be tramped upon; many cry out in agony.

(Note: Three days of war: although it is a short period of war, there will be unprecedented confusion throughout the world.)

Chart 21

In the time of war, balls of fire will fly over the high mountain where even birds dare not fly, and they will land and leave no trace of humankind.

Chart 22

The savior who comes to this world for the second time will separate all men as grain through a thresher, to separate the good grain from the bad (worthless) grain.

Chart 23

He will be able to discern good from evil as if he were seeing it from Heaven through a glass, and render judgment.

Chart 24

If humankind in the east and west fails to recognize the holy man who comes to this world, they will not escape death.

Chart 25

It is three Gods (resurrection of the savior) coming in one person to rule this world from Heaven. Many good men will live and the evil ones will die. If you choose the wrong, it is like entering into afire carrying a load of firewood. Alas! The days when all the calamities of the world happen simultaneously are not far off. How many will understand this and avoid it? So foolish and so lamentable, but what can be done about it?

Chart 26

Until now he lived in this world as cautiously and insecurely as if he were walking on thin ice. The most benevolent savior loves this world so thoroughly, so very much, that he is even concerned about a dangerous animal stealthily approaching in the night to harm someone, and he renders protection. He is truly an incarnation of love itself. He will have grain brought from afar to provide a life of affluence.

Chart 27

There will be the way of the white cross (+), by which the religions of Confucianism, Buddhism and Christianity come into one with God at the center. It is the great Way of Ten Victories, the place you obtain salvation. You must find that place and win salvation. Here all of the principles of the teachings of Confucianism, Buddhism and Christianity are integrated with consistency. The principles of I Ching can prove this to be true.

Chart 28

A person must abide by three things.

First, one must keep a correct mind and behavior.

Second, one must keep one's mind and behavior clean, clear and bright, and consistent from beginning to end.

Third, white means to keep the mind white, the eyes white and clothing white. This means to keep the environment clean.

Chart 29

How does one live one's life in the last days? When you read this writing you will know, unless you are a fool.

Chart 30

Those who are not concerned or interested will not find anything, but those who seek will find what they are seeking. O, you will come to realize the place of ten victories. Your place of salvation is right in your very mind and spirit.

Chart 31

God's will and the human mind are the same. Once you meet, you depart, and how long will it be before you meet again? Everything has been taught to both east and west through words.

Chart 32

He is a man who comes from Heaven in order to prepare people for the last days and final salvation. All humanity should listen and obey him at the command of God Him self.

Chart 33

There is not anything above it; there is not anything below it; there is not anything other than it.

Book Six - Who Is He?
Sung Mo Koo
August 1998

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