Who Is He?

By Sung Mo Koo

Chapter 5 - The Purpose Of the Messiah's Advent

1. The Messiah Comes In A Time Of Great Transition

After a close study of prophecies, it appears that human history and all things of the universe are managed according to the dispensation of the Creator who is in Heaven. Let us now examine the history of the shifts in the earth's crust, as the earth is the very foundation of human life.

1. The Incan fortress where a boulder weighs over 100 tons.

2. Mysteries of the brilliant ancient Incan civilization, which was buried under the Andes mountains.

3. The life of extinct nomads on great fertile plains that are today's Sahara desert, estimated between 2000 bc and 6000 bc.

4. The castle walls of the city of Jericho of 9,000 years ago, the world's first city, now buried 17 meters underground.

5. The extinction of the Mayan culture on the magnificent Yucatan peninsula of Central America.

6. A mysterious stone construction called Nammatal that remains on Ponape Island in the South Pacific.

7. The mysteries of Mt. Everest, which once was at the bottom of the sea.

8. The fossils of clam, fish and other sea life found at the top of the Himalaya mountains.

9. The legendary continent of Atlantis.

10. Noah's great flood, which is surrounded by mysteries.

11. The underground deposits of coal now being found in the permafrost of Siberia and Alaska.

12. Discovery of the remains of a giant mammoth whose tusks are over three meters long, and of perfectly preserved frozen mammals and fossils, and of holes where literally tens of thousands of animal bones are found, in Siberia, the Alps, North America and the permafrost north of the Caucasus mountains. These all suggest that there were abrupt changes in the earth's crust. In fact, they serve as a perfect proof of it.

As we saw above, the earth has been undergoing multiple changes in its crust for vast expanses of time.

Furthermore, according to today's physics and geological and anthropological theories, glaciers also existed in what are now tropical zones at the equator, and shifts of the poles have taken place at least sixteen times in the last million years, and over one hundred times since the creation of the earth.

Where are those who achieved such brilliant civilizations and left them behind? Where are we heading in the 21st century?

Is there any assurance that the people of today, who have built this contemporary civilization, will not disappear forever with only traces remaining?

History repeats itself.

The earth will repeat the great shifts of its crust.

If that were to happen, who would survive?

Who would save us who are living today?

Only God, who is the Creator and who created the universe and all things and is in Heaven, knows the answer.

2. The Destiny Of Humankind and the Responsibility Of the People Of Korea and Japan

According to geologists, the earth undergoes a polar movement and resulting shifts in its crust. At this time there is no guarantee for the safety of human beings nor of animals.

Above all, the suffering human beings would endure is unimaginable.

To make it even worst, the existence of nuclear substances, which we boast of as the ultimate scientific accomplishment, is now presenting to us the specter of death, a vision of our own gravesites.

It is said that the amount of nuclear weaponry that is in storage is enough to destroy all human beings one hundred times over. The detonation of this nuclear stockpile by the percussive effect of earthquakes, volcanoes or other calamities is a horror even to imagine. What about the other chemical and biological weapons? Until now, we have been influenced by a plot engineered by evil spirits to dig our own graves. Do you think our Father, the Creator Himself who is in Heaven, will just observe this plot by evil spirits and watch men and women dying as a result of it?

The answer is an emphatic no.

Thus He has sent His eldest son to the earth as a savior.

His eldest son could not accomplish his works of salvation alone, so he wed the spouse whom God chose for him.

Thus giving birth to children and creating a family, they are destined to fulfill the mission of salvation inherited from the Parents above in Heaven. It has all been planned.

This is the point made by the Korean prophecies. It is the principle of yin and yang and the two Ki, the principle of all creation.

If they do not marry, there can be no child; and if there is no child, they themselves cannot be parents.

Then who is the woman whom Heavenly Father chose as the spouse of His eldest son?

The spouse of His eldest son is a universal being visible from the perspective of Heaven. On the other hand, she is a symbolic existence we cannot see from the human perspective. The spouse of the eldest son of God the Creator is His eldest daughter.

Who is the eldest daughter?

According to the principle of yin and yang throughout the universe, the eldest daughter is the island country of Japan, which is located southeast of Korea. (southeast of Korea; refer to Graph 1)

As was explained in Chapter 2, according to the yin-yang principle active throughout the universe, Korea is the eldest son and Japan is the eldest daughter. Therefore, Korea (the eldest son) and Japan (the eldest daughter) are the parents of humankind.

What is the responsibility of the parents? Certainly it is not to give birth to children and then discard them.

Parents are to love, feed, clothe, educate, protect and nurture the children. This salvation of children is the parents' responsibility. Korea and Japan must fulfill this responsibility as parents.

In his fourth book of prophecy, the third chapter, Nostradamus states that one of the alliances comes from the great Hermes, and a great messianic law is maintained in the nation of the sun.

Which nation is this nation of the sun? Without question it is Japan.

When Japan fulfills the responsibility of the mother embracing humankind with love and nurturing them, the heavenly law of the savior will be maintained and extended to all the nations of the world, containing the world's people as the children. Simply put, with this heavenly law, Japan can become the leading nation of the world.

Note: The heavenly law is the law of world peace. Japan will become part of an alliance with the Messiah, and as the mother nation according to the law of world peace she will become the nation leading the way to world peace. Upon the fulfillment of this responsibility, forgiveness can be granted for her past mistakes and salvation can be bestowed. The law of world peace means the Japanese peace constitution.

Nostradamus also indicates this in his prophecy that one member of the alliance will come from Hermes.

This means that in the event God's eldest son, who comes to the earth, fails to establish an alliance from Hermes, it will become difficult to bear the fruit of the work of salvation.

Then, what is Hermes?

Hermes, according to Greek mythology, is the god of commerce, trade and other economic activities. Then one member of the alliance must be Japan, which has risen to prominence as a great economic power. It is a nation with a strong merchant marine that has been successful in all aspects of commercial, trade and financial activities with the unlimited help and protection of God and the highest spiritual beings.

If the nation of the sun, Japan, fails to become a member of the alliance (depicted as husband and wife), the future of Japan cannot be predicted. Only by supporting the will of the eldest son of God and working together with him will Japan yield the result of supporting God's will. This is the duty of both Koreans and Japanese to God.

3. The Messiah Brings Peace To the World Through Love

What is love? Many answers will arise. Conjugal love between man and woman, love between parents and children, love among siblings, love among friends-love is expressed through countless relationships. Yet the basic substance of love is respect. If you say you love someone whom you do not respect, you are being false and hypocritical. When you see a beggar and feel pity on him, it is a type of sympathy that branches out from love, one of many such branches of love, but it is not true love itself.

The beginning of true love is the love between parents and children. The heart of parents loving their children and the heart of children loving their parents: this is the origin of true love. This love is still a pure love. The love you give and give and yet want to give even more: this is the love between parents and children. In true love, it is impossible not to return greater love than the love that is received. Next in the order of love is the love between spouses and the love among siblings centering on blood relations. This is the love centering on the family.

This is also the inseparable, absolute love at the core of heavenly ethics. Yet here an utmost self-sacrifice becomes necessary. If there is a family absolutely united through love in blood relations, there is bound to be another family such as that elsewhere, and even many other such families. These families will respect each other. Such a group of families will constitute a society, nation and extend to the whole of humankind. This is how world peace is created. The peace of the world will have been achieved.

In this kind of society, all people are of one mind and heart.

The peace of the world will never be achieved without this true love, based upon true blood relations and family ethics. Here, there is no room for evil, hatred, jealousy, antagonism, etc.

This true love that expands and develops from blood relations and family love will lead the society, nation and all humanity into a peaceful world. The Korean secret messages prophesy that the savior who comes at the end of the world will establish this peaceful world, this paradise, in stages.

The Korean prophecies even express shock and amazement as to how the coming messiah is to know all this, not just know it but build it. Did he learn it after his birth, or was he born with foreknowledge?

The savior teaches that this philosophy of true love and true family ethics will extend to all societies, all nations and to all humankind.

Book Six - Who Is He?
Sung Mo Koo
August 1998

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