Who Is He?

By Sung Mo Koo

Chapter 6 - Look For the Messiah

Thus far we have examined closely, sentence by sentence, side by side with the original texts, that which prophecies both east and west foretell relating to the past and the present, and whether they are trustworthy. If the prophecies are all correct, the time of great transition is between four and thirty years away. One day during this period, humankind will face the most severe, last judgment.

Now the holy man, the eldest son of God the Creator, is situated in the center of Seoul, on the southern Korean peninsula of the eastern continent. He is directing the world with a God-given great mission, giving good men and women the blessing to become the heavenly humankind and establish the millennial kingdom. Its concrete time is either April of the year 2000-2001 (lunar calendar) or April of the year 2024-2025 (lunar calendar).

He surpasses in his concept the rulers of the ancient clan-based nations or current race-based nations. He is to extend the ideal of the principle of true love and true family, and as the king of all kings he will build ideal nations and world peace, step by step. He is managing everything spiritually as the king of all kings.

He is as an eldest son of God in Heaven, entrusted with the right to act for God. He came to actualize God's will on earth. The objective conditions of his mission were shown from examples in the original texts of prophecy juxtaposed under twelve points in Chapter 4.

Then do we have any additional subjective and realistic account in addition to what we have seen? Who is he prophesied to be? A description of this type is found in the 65th section of Soon Woun Ron in the original text of Kyuk-Am-Yu-Rok, as follows.

Chart 1

Chart 2

Two holy men appear. The first one is not the real one, but the one who comes the second time is the savior. When Heaven sends him to the earth secretively, his family name is Moon.

When the message gets to those unwanted ones, they will cause problems for the Messiah because no human beings want to be defeated. Thus, it becomes difficult for the Messiah to appear. These messages are meant for those who understand the principles of I Ching and can decipher them.

For this reason, heads and tails are hidden in all prophecies and the sequence of discourse is not orderly and consistent. It is designed to be understood by those who have wisdom. Do not disclose it to those who do not have wisdom. If they know, they will only create more troubles.

God's eldest son was sent from Heaven with his identity hidden and the messages about him hidden. Why were these hidden?

There was disclosed the clear reason why.

The Messiah. Then who is he? When heaven sent him down to earth in secret, his surname was Moon. Born north of the 38th parallel, going through the suffering of prison life, receiving ridicule and rejection and giving matchings and the blessing of marriage to those who believe in God.

Who is he? Is he not the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, whom all humankind is to attend as the True Parents?

All secret messages and prophecies are meant to testify to this very moment and to this hitherto hidden heavenly secret.

Oh, God! Oh, our protector! Thank you, we can only thank you!

The Lord's Prayer

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come; thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen.

Book Six - Who Is He?
Sung Mo Koo
August 1998

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