HDH for the Divine Principle

HDH for the Divine Principle

These readings were originally created to serve as morning readings in a 21-day program for learning to share the Principle. They were coordinated to the particular section of the Principle for that day and aimed to provide more heartistic insight into the material. Over time, the original set was augmented as relevant material became available. The guiding inspiration remained the same—this passage at the beginning of the Exposition of the Divine Principle textbook:

Can we ever grasp the Heart of God? The new expression of truth should be able to reveal the Heart of God: His heart of joy at the time of creation; the broken heart He felt when humankind, His children whom He could not abandon, rebelled against Him; and His heart of striving to save them throughout the long course of history.

Exposition of the DP, Introduction, p. 8 

Unification Thought calls these the “Three Hearts of God” and they are the essence of guiding a child to fulfill their first blessing. The three hearts correspond to the Principle of Creation, The Human Fall and the History of Restoration. This is explained in the Theory of Education.

And there is apparently a “fourth heart” as well, which is extremely relevant for creating and building in the post-Foundation Day, CIG Settlement Era. Father Moon explained:

You have to know the heart of God before creation, His heart during the process of creation, and His grieving heart after the Fall. You have to understand the sorrowful heart with which He has been leading human history toward restoration, and His heart of hope for a new world after restoration is completed. (14-174, 1964.10.03)  

Cheon Seong Gyeong, p. 53  

And lastly, a reminder of the importance of refreshing the original mind with the Word:

23 Why do we hold hoondokhae? We hold hoondokhae because the time when I spoke those words was more serious than today. I spoke those words when on the verge of death. You cannot fathom how serious I was then, and how much devotion I offered to say those words. Today we cannot reach that level of heart. Therefore, we listen to these words so that we can recall what my heart was like at the time. … If I myself failed to translate those words into action, I need to take responsibility for that failure and do my best to finish that work before I die, even if it means I need to prolong the time it takes. …I do not want to leave anything but the Word behind, and I need to leave behind the substantial realization of the Word. (324-027, 2000/06/04)

• Chambumo Gyeong, Book 12, Chp 1,§2

Principle of Creation

  1. The Hearts of God
  2. Heart of Hope and Expectation
  3. The first individual images
  4. A Personal God
  5. God’s Dual Characteristics
  6. Heavenly Parent proclaimed
  7. Life, Love, Lineage
  8. Three Great Kingships
  9. Family is the Training Ground
  10. God and the Work of Creation
  11. Ideal Family Relationships
  12. Adam & Eve as the body of God
  13. Significance of Matrimonial Union
  14. Realms of True Love
  15. Grandparents’ Love
  16. Temples of God
  17. Attendance
  18. Spirituality
  19. The Realm of Existence
  20. Absolute Sex
  21. “Conscience” clarified

The Human Fall

  1. The Heart of Sorrow & Grief
  2. True Father on Genesis
  3. Interview with Eve
  4. Lucifer and the events he precipitated
  5. The Problem of Adam and Eve
  6. The Reality of Satan
  7. Fall in World Scripture
  8. Spirit World
  9. Fall in New World Encyclopedia
  10. Mother Moon on the Fall; consequences
  11. God’s Lament

The Messiah: His Purpose and 2nd Advent

  1. The Life of Jesus as Seen from God’s Will
  2. The True Celebrants of Christmas
  3. Zechariah 1
  4. Zechariah 2
  5. Current Opinions About Jesus’ Death
  6. The Risen Jesus
  7. The Public Ministry of Jesus
  8. Jesus’ Struggle for Acceptance
  9. The Begotten Son
  10. Who led Jesus to the cross?
  11. The Unification view of the resurrection
  12. Jesus’ heart
  13. The Life of Jesus…and God’s Warning to the Present Age
  14. Mary’s Responsibility


  1. Resurrection


  1. Rebirth and Trinity
  2. Holy Spirit

Introduction to Restoration

  1. The bitter pain of restoration
  2. God’s Sorrow and the Providence of Restoration
  3. The God of Re-creation

Foundation of Restoration

  1. The God Who Needs Liberation
  2. Applied Foundations
  3. Motivation to fight
  4. Why God doesn’t intervene with unprincipled acts

Moses and Jesus in the Providence

  1. The Heart of Pain

Periods, Parallels in Providential History

  1. God in the Old Testament
  2. Israel forgiven
  3. God has been miserable throughout history (10-20-30yrs)
  4. Principle of Mutual Existence, Mutual Prosperity and Mutual Righteousness

Period of Preparation

  1. Development of Restoration and Providential Nations
  2. America in God’s Providence
  3. Science and Absolute Values

The Second Advent

  1. The Way in CTA
  2. Path for America and Humanity in the New Millenium
  3. Tribal Messiah: Home Church, Grassroots Outreach
  4. Tribal Messiah: Declaration, Role
  5. Tribal Messiah: Hometown
  6. Opening a Path (PLGC)
  7. Future Leaders
  8. An age to report
  9. True Families
  10. True Authority
  11. The Era After the Coming of the KoH
  12. Three Great Subjects Thought
  13. End of HSA; beginning of FFWPU
  14. World Peace; Blessing; Family

On lecturing the Principle

  1. True Parents on the Principle
  2. The Way to Become a Renowned Lecturer
  3. How to Teach Divine Principle
  4. Mother Moon’s messages on study materials
  5. Lecture training method
  6. Hoondokhae
  7. On Editing the DP
  8. On Youth