The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1 A Movement for Peace

1.1 The true meaning of the movement for peace

I am going to explain clearly the ultimate purpose of the Unification movement I am promoting. Unification Thought is the ideology of God's truth and love. It is, first of all, to completely solve all the problems of the world, eventually to eradicate communism from this earth and to realize the world of true freedom, peace and prosperity. Secondly, it is to make the world one great family based on new values, ethics and morality. Thirdly, it is to realize the great unified world of coexistence, co-prosperity and universal righteousness free of all oppression, extortion, discrimination and social vices.

In a nutshell, I intend to establish a true utopia. The method of realizing a true ideal society is not through violence or wars typical of communism, but based on a peaceful, ideal campaign centering on truth and love. This is God's Will and His ultimate goal. (129-330, 1983.12.14)

I never lost at wrestling. I was the wrestling champion in high school. There also were no sports in which I did not participate, whether it was athletics or even boxing. Why was that so? It was not for the sake of fighting. I was firm in my conviction to ignite a great revolution in order to reform the world and to create a world of peace corresponding to heavenly principles. Without being possessed of a sound and robust constitution, I would not be able to achieve great things. (085-020, 1976.03.02)

Do you think of me? Do you wish for me to return today? Gazing at the eastern sky, your mind should unconsciously and subconsciously be connecting to me. How powerful is such a mind that can flow through and transcend national boundaries, distance, time and space! You should be able to experience hunger and being choked with tears at any time. You should remember how much suffering you had to endure to meet me. Have you thought about this? History had to witness indescribable human suffering as nations rose and fell in a world of death and destruction. You ultimately came to meet me as the fruits of that historical suffering and agony. Have you ever thought this way? Such thoughts must lie deep in your heart. You should be tearful whether you are walking on the road or lying in bed. Only then can you truly create peace in your family. Your babies will grow up strong and healthy and you will have perfect peace. Just by thinking of me, you will be blessed. These are not my words. They are heavenly laws and principles. You should think of True Parents and God in whatever you do. That heavenly principle was not formulated by anyone, but has existed from the beginning of the cosmos. (081-326, 1975.12.29)

Through my life experiences, I firmly believe that God is true, and that true love is the most precious thing in life. Human progress is possible when humanity serves and attends God and cherishes love most. Let me tell you clearly that neither modern communism nor the free world is ready to lead humankind to a peaceful twenty-first century. What was urgently required from the outset of the 1990s was a true set of values that could occupy the vacuum ensuing from the gradual decline of the values of the free world and the communist world. These new values must be founded on Godism, that is, a God-centered worldview. To broaden its understanding, I have exerted every concerted effort in all religions and religious denominations throughout my entire life. In this way, I could establish numerous research institutes and interreligious organizations which set their aims in the quest for absolute values and in realizing genuine peace.

I have also built up artistic organizations, educational institutions and media associations. Our international foundations are always prepared to assist people like you who endeavor to realize true world peace. True world peace cannot be accomplished without a clear-cut set of common values for all. Humanity will no longer dwell in darkness if its values are definite. (198-168, 1990.02.02)

I have fulfilled many tasks and invested much. However, I do not invest to earn more money. Neither do I work for prestige or glory. I bleed, sweat and shed tears merely to liberate God from His grief and agony and to realize true peace for mankind. If man does not liberate God from His sorrow and misery, and return joy and glory to Him on the levels of the individual, family, society, nation and world, genuine peace for mankind will never exist. I have thoroughly realized this point and personally put it into practice. (198-162, 1990.02.01)

Peace does not just come about. It will not emerge so long as I refuse to annihilate and remove altogether the self-centered concept of living for myself. Rev. Moon is the sole person promoting an ideological movement on a worldwide scale, and you have to know that only this is the truth. (197-272, 1990.01.19)

The reason for unreservedly investing all the resources at my disposal is to create an environment where strong, true peace can be deeply rooted on earth. I do not feel lonesome while engaging in this type of work. Everybody is a peace-seeker. We can ask why peace has not arrived yet. Shouting and chanting for peace is a piece of cake, but achieving it is really no easy feat.

If we still have not achieved peace, I would assume that people have forgotten the overriding aspect of peace. Prior to touching on the topic of interracial or inter-ethnic peace, we first need to talk about making peace with God. All human beings are created to grow into people of God-like personality during their life on earth, so both God and mankind cannot live peacefully together if the ultimate purpose has not been fulfilled.

Owing to an individual's selfishness, not only is he hindering his own progress, he is also impeding that of others and other nations. Selfishness and avarice within oneself become a mammoth obstacle in the path to peace. An individual's greed opens the gates to national greed, which causes disintegration and conflicts among nations and people and leads to bloodshed and meaningless suffering. Millions of lives have been tragically lost in this way.

As a consequence, our world needs a spiritual revolution more than anything else. When a spiritual revolution is realized, we will be able to solve our economic and social issues for the first time. People can approach the impending matters of the modern world, including the issue of world peace only if every individual and nation acknowledges the importance of amicable relations.

The achievement of peace has been my lifelong aspiration. I am not sure whether you are aware of the fact that the Tenth International Conference for the Unity of Sciences (ICUS) was held in Seoul in 1981. Renowned scholars from over one hundred countries participated in that conference, in which I presented my proposal for the construction of a highway for international peace. If that enormous plan is executed, people will be able to drive from Tokyo to London. (193-324, 1989.10)

I was summoned by Heaven in my youth, and I have offered my entire life to the realization of God's Will on earth. I know well that the Korean nation is the central nation in God's dispensation. Interpreting from a different angle the meaning of the ordeals the Korean nation has endured throughout its history, I am absolutely certain that transforming the divided Korean peninsula into a unified homeland is tantamount to the realization of a peaceful world. (193-317, 1989.10.12)

A person who fails to be a savior in jail is a false messiah if he says he is one in an era of peace. Having been vested with the authority of a savior of peace in prison, one does not become the messiah in a world of peace, but a monarch. I see it as an eternal foundation for governing all nations centering on kingship. I know that those who were in Hungnam prison wrote books about me, referring to me as "saint." Incarceration does not put me to fear. No matter how terrible a whipping was and how ruthless and harsh the environment was to me, they could not occupy a mind that esteems love. Nor could they dampen a spirit crying out to God and a centripetal force inclining to God. Instead they were crushed by the reverence for love and that force. Centering on that force, I consolidated my foundation on the levels of an individual, family, tribe, clan, society, nation and world by liberating the vertical stages. (184-281, 1989.01.01)

If I do not put on a good mood, surmount the difficult peak of indemnity with perfect composure, or console God, the heavenly kingdom of peace will not come about on earth. Its representative, a public figure, is a lonely person. Should somebody stand up and comment that Mr. Moon does this and that kind of work, I will instantly break down and weep bitterly. Though almost seventy without any more tears left in me, I feel so lonely that I cannot control my tears of sadness from flowing. You must not forget that kind of parent. (183-086, 1988.10.29)

Now the communist world and the democratic world, the left and right, are collapsing. Removing the disparities between the Eastern and Western cultures as well as narrowing the gulf between the rich and poor in the North and South, I will unite the Asians and Westerners as well as the blacks and whites. People segregated in the north, south, east and west have to applaud peace, centering on love, and God's family and tribe. Next, they have to sing of happiness, centering on His love and nation. (177-160, 1988.05.17)

Neither money nor honor is a necessity for me. The erection of a stronghold for everlasting peace and love by liberating, God, mankind and Satan is the only beacon of hope for seeking a new homeland. You know you have to struggle to continue progressing though obstructed by steep mountains and lofty ranges on the way. You may even forget about your three daily meals, day and night. You know it is a heavenly law that the longer such a life is lived, the more God's ideal love will be with you, your family, kin, and country. Thus, I would request you to live that way. (174-053, 1988.02.23)

The word "enemy" does not exist in my dictionary. As I am oblivious of all my intractable foes, I cannot write my autobiography. I can never write about the truth of every matter as it is without shedding tears. Lifting high the banner of peace, I have to initiate an ideal world and a freedom that can exalt happiness. I also aspire to the restoration of the independence of the homeland. I hate to cling onto my autobiography and weep, but, rather, strive to leave behind a nation that regrets the errors committed in history. I have simply forgotten everything. (174-047, 1988.02.23)

As a representative of love who can represent a true country centering on God, the owner of true love, I represent an individual and lead the family, tribe and nation. In an environment where a multitude of evil spiritual entities negates this fact, I exert myself to the utmost in order to climb over the peak with a positive attitude. Therefore, I make my accusers sincerely repent, and they admit it is a true fact. On becoming my witnesses, if they do not build on this earth a base for peace that can testify before God and humankind, the foundation for a peaceful family, tribe and nation will not appear. Furthermore, the base of a unified nation that mankind has long cherished will not put its root down on this earth. Realizing this fact, I have never ceased to fight for it. (174-044, 1988.02.23)

No one except me has been dealing with world problems for the past fifty years. Just last year, at the thirtieth commemoration ceremony of the death of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, who had sacrificed his life as a forerunner of peace, a guest of honor had to be invited to address world peace. All the people gathered strongly recommended me at the end of the conference. In all of history, the front-running flag bearer for world peace is none other than Rev. Moon. I was invited to be the main speaker at the large congregation of 250,000 white people and 250,000 people of color, a total of 500,000 people, on the thirtieth anniversary of Dr. King's death. (273-155, 1995.10.22)

What is Rev. Moon of the Unification Church advocating? He stands for peace. The trademark "World Peace" is borne in the names of substantial organizations: the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International (FFWPUI), the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP), the Federation for World Peace (FWP), the Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP), the Summit Council for World Peace (SCWP), the Youth Federation for World Peace (YFWP) and the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA), to name but a few.

Who is the chief of world peace? There is nobody else save Rev. Moon. The whole world now knows that for a fact and is saying, "Go ask Rev. Moon about world peace or absolute values." The representative asserting peace in the latter days is I; the one clamoring for absolute values in the world is also I.. I have had to carry out research and read volumes of related literature as I have been leading the circle of ICUS scholars for several decades. (253-019, 1994.01.01)

During the mid-1930s, when I was sixteen and the Korean peninsula was under the forced occupation of Japan, I received a special mission from Heaven through a vision of Jesus Christ. I am seventy-three now, and in the intervening years, there has not been even a single moment of my life when I did not think of God's Will and Heaven's decree.

Immediately following the Second World War, in a development that compounded our already difficult situation, the Korean peninsula was divided between North and South. The Korean War broke out in 1950, and Koreans found themselves in a fratricidal conflict. Various countries of the world on the left and the right opted to support one or the other of the opposing sides. I witnessed this horrifying and tragic scene of history directly, and I know from my heart of hearts how much excruciating pain and unspeakable sorrow has been brought to God and humanity by the loss of a world of peace.

Think for a moment about the fact that I have been imprisoned as many as six times in my lifetime. This alone is enough to tell you how harsh the attacks against me have been. The degree of censure, persecution, widespread distrust and irrational intolerance from various sectors of society I have faced and endured is simply beyond your imagination. (234-247, 1992.08.24)

What is God's strategy today for the unification of North and South Korea? In a confused situation with thousands of different directions, we must bind religions together, because they represent the spiritual world, for the sake of world peace. We should also bind together the representatives of the physical world, the opponents of religions, to create a unified organization transcending national boundaries. You will never build a unified organization, the Federation for World Peace, by just sitting around dreaming about it. You must feel God's sorrow. If you bewail God's situation, you will surely feel His endless sorrow. (221-196, 1991.10.24)

Even if the religious world becomes one and the political world is one, the direction for peace cannot be fixed by the two worlds. A federation can only be set up in one direction. Facing that kind of environment, should I make the Korean nation a dropout, or should I make good use of it? Neither of them. With all my heart and soul, I am raising and teaching these people born with Korean blood. If that does not work out, Japan will be its substitute. The PWPA in Japan is incomparable to that in Korea. The Asian Women's Federation began five years ago. The government and its people are doing amazing things. (221-196, 1991.10.24)

Rev. Moon is showing himself to be a problematic person. In the past, I predicted the downfall of communism. The time has come when people of the world are looking at me with great expectations. On top of that, the scientists, religious and political leaders that attended the ICUS conference in Korea this time were bound in one direction toward a world of peace. This is a new starting point. (219-224, 1991.09.08)

I have made preparations for Korea to become the central nation that will manage the future world based on God, who is transcendent of the human world. From this standpoint, while passing through the historical age, I have studied, in my lifetime, issues on what the future prospect of Asia will be and how I should connect this to the world in order to build a conclusive world of peace, a unified ideal world centering on God's Will. In addition, I have been virtually unsurpassed in my single-minded devotion to put that into action, to connect, assimilate and form a supranational core in many directions. Even the United States of America, which has crossed the Pacific Ocean and is leading the free world, is observing Rev. Moon closely. Korea, Japan, Russia and China have reached the stage where they cannot ignore me. (222-126, 1991.10.28)

We need some teaching materials on people who have persisted in their commitment to and sacrificed themselves for world peace. What textbooks do we use to educate people? People like us know it inside out and become religious leaders. Under heavy abuse and harsh persecution from the world, we have built a solid foundation, an indispensable worldwide result. Otherwise we cannot achieve a base of peace. (212-327, 1991.01.11)

The view centering on the overall providential history of America includes all facets of its politics, economics and cultures. In the case of Russia, the center will be Russia. To bring about unity and to build a unified content so as to approach a world of peace centering on the providential view in the future, we need to disclose the radical problems of communism. If we are not armed with an ideological system that can overcome and counter the communist ideology, the entire world will be thrown into a state of despair after the finale of communism.

American Christianity basically knows very little about God's dispensation. Though there are many religious orders, they are unaware of the providential view that religions have to take by centering on God's Will. From an overall viewpoint of the providence, America has lost its direction. As Russia is taking an atheistic stand, providential content cannot be applied to it. However, America, which is standing in a providential position, does not have an alternative plan for a future world of peace. People like us, who know the providential direction, have to present it to America. (214-133, 1991.02.02)

Rev. Moon has been a problematic public figure till now. After the world's antagonism and persecution has abated, what is going to happen? I will be the constructor of peace, right? At least that is theoretically correct. Then, why has the world been hostile to me? That is because they fail to really understand me. Why did I not protest? I remain silent, since I know I am needed everywhere in the world. While rejecting me, people of the world do not realize what I am doing internally. Not knowing how to build peace in order to proceed to an epoch of peace, they will follow me from now on. Is that strange? The American youth generally hate to learn complex and profound things. That is a snag. I have become the builder of peace without people realizing it. How intensely do religious people fight among themselves? I have always been trying to bridge their differences and unite them into one. We have reached a stage in which all religious leaders in the future will come to conclude they have to be like Rev. Moon. (203-053, 1990.06.14)

As the mind-body conflict is the platform of our adversary, it is my intention to build the base of peace and the heavenly kingdom in the family by uniting the mind and body, husband and wife and the three generations of grandparents, parents and children. Here lies the greatness of Rev. Moon. What is the focus of all this? The core of true love. If you want to go to your object partner, you must pass through the nucleus of true love. If not, you do not possess the right to have an object. As a love relationship is established with an object, that is the core of true love. Regardless of sex or age, everyone is longing for love. What kind of love? Love for the sake of others, not a love that orders people to love others. (211-206, 1990.12.30)

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