The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1 A Movement for Peace

1.2 The mission of the True Parents, Jesus and the saints: standard bearers for peace

The world has been changing ever since World War II and since the United Nations was formed. After World War I ended, the victorious countries mistreated, plundered, exploited and took full control over the vanquished countries to whatever degree they wished. The postwar situation was reversed after the Second World War, however, in that the victorious nations emancipated the defeated nations. That is because it was time for the advent of the True Parents. All countries in the UN, whether large or small, are brethren. Each nation must be on an equal footing like brothers of an extended family, holding a one-to-one authority centering on the UN. Who must come as a flag bearer for peace? True Parents. (023-162, 1969.05.18)

No matter how much you battle against one another, when you comprehend God and True Parents' Will, you will have to become one. Similarly, no matter how much you move the world as a sovereign, when you acknowledge God and True Parents' Will sincerely, systematically, naturally and logically, nobody can say anything in excuse before you. Once you depart from that standard, you can never discover any value that corresponds to it. As long as that valueless standard persists, a lasting source of peace and unity centering on True Parents cannot be realized in the world. (025-061, 1969.09.28)

Looking at the current state of affairs, the Lord of the Second Advent has to build a borderless state and unite the world, transcending racial discrimination. He has to heal all broken families and build a kingdom of peace in this world where good and evil are at war with each other. We cannot help but ponder on the question about who the Lord will appoint to accomplish these difficult tasks when he comes again. (053-071, 1972.02.9)

Transcending nations, you have to serve and attend the True Parents who are to come and achieve a world of oneness together with them. Only then can a one-world religion and a world of peace that God desires be realized. (053-234, 1972.02.28)

The purpose of the Lord's coming is to construct a kingdom of peace and the Kingdom of Heaven on earth by governing a country. He cannot come to a scene of war. (054-121, 1972.03.21)

Saints are citizens of the world. Saints and sages have the obligation to go beyond nationalities. When that happens, the age of the formation of a one-world nation will come. It refers to the time when the Lord returns and judges the evil world. We enter the world of peace when the world becomes one. (056-179, 1972.05.14)

Until now, human love in the fallen realm could not transcend national boundaries. Koreans could never go beyond Korea. Patriots were great heroes; yet they were unable to extend the love they felt for their country beyond its borders. In contrast, saints distinguish themselves by crossing national boundaries. One country's patriot would necessarily be the archenemy of the enemy country that therefore seeks his death. What was Admiral Lee Soon-shin to Japan? He was their greatest foe. The Japanese would have wanted to kill him at all costs, whether by one blow of the sword or by a fateful arrow or by beheading him. Admiral Lee's greatness therefore was not universally acknowledged beyond the borders of his home country. On the other hand, Unificationists are people of the world who should first live for the sake of restoring the world and then for themselves. (056-198, 1972.05.14)

The Absolute Being is ultimately not an imaginary existence, but an essence that reveals itself through history. We know many religious leaders, saints and sages appeared in history in different places at different times. They constantly urged people to practice love toward their neighbors, appealing to man's conscience and heart. When a nation or a race follows their teachings, it will enjoy peace and prosperity, or else it will plunge into utter confusion and ruin. (069-238, 1973.11.26)

Patriots step forth in anarchy, not in an ordinary age of peace. When a nation is plunged into a state of either rising to prosperity or going to the dogs, and its rival country is waiting eagerly to swallow it up, patriots come forth to combat with and subjugate the enemies. Patriots also arise to put an end to the situations where treacherous enemy agents prevail. They become patriots at the place where they have fought and defeated their opponents in turbulent times. (065-120, 1972.11.05)

What is the path mankind has to walk? The standard we have to search for is a historical standard and our personal standard of hope. So where can we find true happiness, true peace and the true ideal? It is impossible for me to do it alone. We have to meet the Messiah who comes with a historic mission. The establishment of a relationship with the Messiah becomes the focus for resolving problems. Isn't that person the Messiah? (079- 240 , 1975.8.24)

When a man hopes for peace and happiness, he does not go for these elements for himself only, because he needs his family, relatives and friends. If the Messiah wants to give humankind peace and happiness, he has to present the content all at once. If not, the conclusion will be that he cannot give mankind peace and happiness. In the course of history, neither true parents nor the relationships between couples and siblings derived from a one-family system. You must receive the content all at once. (079-241, 1975.08.24)

No doubt God has to decide, but a historical prophet has to come forward to make a fair and square judgement concerning democracy, communism, and whether peace has been realized. Otherwise the world will go to ruin, and we can draw a conclusion that there is no survival for mankind. Every person in the world, including God and spirits in the incorporeal world, all long for the coming of a prophet. (079-337, 1975.09.28)

All people are yearning for a world of peace. It is not realized through the culture advanced nations are pursuing today, but through a true set of parents. Even if true parents are using a straw mat, shouldering a tattered clothes bundle, wearing faded clothes, or climbing out of a pit dead tired, fallen men have to learn God's heart centering on them. (017-129, 1966.12.11)

An individual with the Messiah at his center represents the world. It is the same for a family, tribe, society and nation. Thus that individual, family, tribe, society and nation are living for the world. Planning this for four thousand years, God sent Jesus Christ to this earth and hoped that the individual, family, tribe, society, nation and world would unite with him. With the Fall committed by the human ancestors, Adam and Eve, the relations between Cain and Abel chilled. To restore their severed relationships, the individual, family, tribe, society, nation and world must become one with Jesus. Otherwise world peace will not emerge. (056-091, 1972.05.14)

The four great saints started off centering on heaven. Centering on God, even Jesus wanted to be the spearhead in pursuit of the historical truth and the ideal future longed for throughout history. Their teachings and their untiring efforts were not to propagate their own ideals, but the heavenly Will. Heaven's Will is to perpetuate peace and happiness for mankind in the present and the future. Those who advocated this ideal were the saints. (180-010, 1988.08.20)

Though man had made continuous attempts to look for peace and happiness from various aspects, he could not reap any satisfactory results.

After the two great world wars, even the worldwide activities of the United Nations and the League of Nations could not bring about world peace. Despite the efforts of religious communities, a happy world could not come to fruition. The communist ideology and the dream of fascism also failed to create an ideal world. Neither advanced scientific technology nor political efforts were able to offer mankind peace and happiness.

A man's peace largely depends on the cultivation of his morality and spirituality. World peace or a peaceful nation is achieved by the individuals and families that constitute it. Science and technology can be utilized by righteous men to upgrade men's lives. Throughout history, saints, sages and great teachers have dedicated their lives to guiding families, societies and nations toward a peaceful and happy world. To challenge the twenty-first century, we definitely need a true parent, a true teacher and a true owner of mankind who can raise up perfect leaders morally and spiritually. (271-073, 1995,08.22)

To achieve a new world political system, we need world scholars, religious leaders, and not politicians, but leaders that can give advice or opinions on creating a new culture. We have to bring together and unite these people for the sake of creating world peace. Who is going to make them one? It is absolutely impossible without God and True Parents' love. (214-126, 1991.02.01)

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