The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1 A Movement for Peace

1.3 Peace and the family

What is man's perfection? Man can realize perfection when he becomes the subject of love who can connect to the realm of the perfected world by perfecting his family. Man's perfection means the perfection of his family. Right then and there, he can create peace in his family. (143-311, 1986.03.21)

The distress of developed nations today is not over the issue of food but over the issue of love, centering on the family. If it does not measure up to the fundamental principle, neither a nation of peace nor a world of peace will ever come about. In other words, if we take sides with Satan, we will be doomed to perish with him. When we look at the social status quo of the United States from this perspective, we cannot help sensing the seriousness of the problem. (053-085, 1972.02.10)

If a man and a woman revolve around love, their family will be one of love. The love relationship between parents and children is the same. A similar phenomenon can be seen for a nation. (058-214, 1972.06.11)

Imagine a father telling his daughter he is superior to her mother. This problem would be a complicated one. Of course, both her parents are great. Some fathers may hold doctorates while some mothers may be poor at studying. Nevertheless how can a father proclaim himself the most excellent? What kind of knowledge does he possess to deserve the title of being the first and the best in the world? You have to speak words of parental love in order for your family to have peace and structure. It is useless to do so with wealth, knowledge, or power. (106-058, 1979.12.09)

As the Korean saying goes, "Kahwa mansaseong" (everything will be successful and prosperous whenever there is peace and harmony in the family). Can peace be realized with gold bars? It is feasible if the gold bars are not divided, but once they are, arguments will take place. The more we share love, the more things will turn out to be successful and prosperous. The more we divide money, however, the more disputes and disintegration will occur. The more love is being shared, the more unity, harmony and peace will dwell in a place. (115-253, 1981.11.22)

A person may fail to rise in the world, to climb up the ladder of success or to possess any imposing authority and qualifications in society. Achieving a family centering on true parents, true couples and true children, if he leads a peaceful life to the extent that others want to model their families after his family, we would not be able to deny that his is a happy family.

Throughout history, many people have held saints and sages in great respect. However, where is the starting point of attaining peace in the family? Where can they begin to create a family of love, of filial children and of a loving couple? (023-011, 1969.05.11)

What type of family are you looking for? Though man today claims he has a happy family, that happiness is not insured in the future. No matter how happy a family is, the wife may receive bad news of her husband's sudden death. Hence, to establish a family in which peace and happiness are forever guaranteed, we have to build a foundation for eliminating whatever misfortune may befall it. To do that, an individual must have that much faith. With such faith, even if the husband or wife were to pass on, his or her demise would not be a condition for misfortune. You have to establish that kind of family.

Whether for an individual or God Himself, it is the same. If God's unique love is trampled on, He cannot just forgive you and replace the trampled love with another. There is but one springboard to peace. The day when two such points co-exist will be the day of the subversion of the ideal. (023-013, 1969.05.11)

What is the common goal all people must have and the common gate they must pass through? It is neither a nation nor the world, neither the communist world nor the democratic world. An original family must exist before the communist world takes form. There must also be an original family that can create a true democratic world before the democratic world comes into being. So where have the order, the education and the standard of purpose been till now? A decisive standard has never existed on earth. Before it does, there cannot exist an ideal nation of peace or a kingdom of peace. (023-031, 1969.05.11)

What is the aim of religion? It is to build a world where all people, on becoming good, can live peacefully together. The conditions for peace are not established by politicians, so for world peace to come on the basis of policies or ideologies is simply out of the question. Moreover, unity and world peace cannot be achieved by military might. Where is the stronghold of peace and happiness? It is located in the family you are living in. (023-101, 1969.05.14)

Universalism is an "ism" that connects to the physical and spiritual worlds the concept of establishing a family that becomes the entity of God's love after uniting the mind and body. The Chinese character ju in cheonju (cosmos) means "house." Thus I use the word "universalism." The universe is a combination of the invisible incorporeal world and the visible corporeal world. What does that have to do with us? We need a family. If you cannot become one in your family, you have nothing to do with universalism. The family carries the final standard that consummates universalism. A man who cannot sing praises of peace and happiness is an unfortunate person in this transient world and in the next (incorporeal) world. (026-189, 1969.10.25)

Where is the family foundation that can represent all nations and the world? Just as every man is looking for a peaceful family today, if an absolute God does exist, is He not also searching for an absolute yardstick of peace for the family? By championing the cause of that family, the family foundation sought for can be established, centering on the bride and groom in Christianity. (035-130, 1970.10.11)

If a wife considers her husband to be someone sent from heaven and loves him more than God does, peace will definitely arrive in that family. A husband who does not gain the respect of his wife cannot be a church leader. (033-261, 1970.08.16)

Every event can be viewed from the positions of parents, children and all other created beings. The son is following his parents from the rear, and all things of creation are following behind the son. Both the son and all things of creation live for the sake of the parents, centering on a higher purpose. Everything has to proceed in that order, from the present fallen world till the next eternal world. Parents have to lead their offspring. The Messiah, therefore, has to lead his sons and daughters to salvation. Aren't the things of creation being prepared for that purpose? Parents have already been prepared to be parents when their children are born. Hence, children have to move around their parents. If the foundation of heart that desires children to sit and stand forever and ever around their parents appears on earth, the kingdom of peace will be constructed. (035-280, 1970.10.25)

If the couple of a particular family adheres to positions that run counter to each other, peace cannot exist in that family. Making the subject in the central position the standard, the object has to become one with the subject and the center. The object has to connect itself to the subject, centering on it. Only then can it fulfill its purpose as an object. But if the subject goes back and forth between the subjective and objective positions, it cannot achieve its goal. To fulfill the purpose of a family, both the husband and wife must unite. (028-156, 1970.01.11)

The origin of death is Satan and the origin of life is God. In God's shoes, the satanic world acts contrary to the heavenly world. What kind of family is found in the satanic world? Is it a peaceful family or a disharmonious family? It has got to be the latter, because it began in discord. A world that starts off as and ends up as a disharmonious family is not the heavenly world. The problem lies in the family. As an old Korean saying goes, "Kahwa mansaseong" (everything will be successful and prosperous whenever there is peace and harmony in the family) It is indeed a truism.

What is the hardest thing to bear? Having resentment against your loved ones. There is nothing more difficult to endure than this. Adam's family began by scattering the seeds of disharmony, since it commenced with false parents. A family in which disharmony dwells is a family of the satanic world; a family in which peace and harmony prevail is a family of the heavenly world. They go in the opposite directions. What does Satan make his appearance center upon? An unscrupulous family bound up in disharmony is the center of the satanic world. Such families engage in conflicts every day. (044-134, 1971.05.06)

The family has to serve and attend the True Parents for at least three years. Then the nation, and next the world will have to do likewise till the restoration of the world is consummated. Centering on the number three, we have to serve them for not less than three years. Centering on the True Parents, we take meals with them, hold discussions with them and live together with them for three years. As a family serving the True Parents, there must be a period of three years during which you live in peace, joy and happiness, and speak nice and respectful words to one another. (044-169, 1971.05.06)

How can a son rejoice when his father is sad? When his father and elder brother are melancholy, he cannot be happy by himself. When a woman's father, husband or son is gloomy and depressed, everybody shares the same heart and feelings. Despite being the president of a company, if the man sees his old father's sad countenance before leaving for his office, he will worry about him while doing his work. That is the duty of a filial son. On reaching home, he will feel happier than ever if his father gladly welcomes him at the door with a broad smile. Unless you become a member of such a family, your family cannot enjoy peace and happiness. (063-304, 1972.10.15)

A family in which the father and mother interact well forms the basic unit of peace centered on love. A family of peace is one where both parents and children are wholly one centering on love. (129-057, 1983.10.01)

God's Will is to realize the heavenly kingdom in the family. Do you know that the most fearsome people in the world are your children? They learn and imitate exactly what you say or do. If a mother hums, her daughter will surely make a humming sound. If you tolerate, forgive and do things peacefully, your children will follow likewise. You must know it is never easy to become parents of sinless children.

From now on, you must make rules in your families. The first rule should be: "To keep peace in my family: if I fight once I will abstain from sexual relations for three years." You should post such a slogan. You should pray to God... If you resolved marital conflicts that way, who would be the first to give way? The woman would be the first. So you should stop fighting. Don't even utter the word "fighting." Do not use such a horrible word. It would be better to abstain from sexual relations for three years than to fight with your spouse. People often say, "A marital spat is like cutting water with a knife," but that does not apply to Unification Church blessed couples. You should view it as if you had to cut through steel. You should see it as the most frightening thing that could happen to you. You should not be irresponsible. (100-302, 1978.10.22)

The Kingdom of Heaven is in your family. Peace and happiness are not found elsewhere. If your family goes amiss, everything you have gained, including the world, will turn out to be marred by misfortune. (130-168, 1984.01.08)

The family is a textbook of love that teaches you how to procure the right to register your name in heaven or the palace of peace. The family is a training center of love. The world is an expansion of the family. The world is like your grandparents, parents, husbands, wives and children. (130-168, 1984.01.08)

What does marriage mean? A man has a woman's love and a woman has a man's love. Having each other's love, they control love. In other words, the man controls the way of love the woman has to go, and the woman controls the path of love the man has to take. That is why they take control of each other's love. When a person who cherishes love establishes a love that is more precious than himself, peace will reign in his family. A perfect, harmonious family will be formed. (142-242, 1986.05.11)

Five billion people are living in today's world. If you ask them what their hopes for the future world are, they will respond in unison, "We wish for a world of peace and unity." If South Koreans are posed the same question, forty million of them will reply that they crave the unification of North and South Korea.

The issue of unification today is not merely a current national issue. Broadly speaking, it is a worldwide problem. Narrowly speaking, it is linked to an individual's problem. Before we speak of unity of the world, it stands to reason that there should be unity among nations, and there should be unity in the family prior to that. No matter how much happiness a couple may hope for, if they fail to unite, they cannot have a happy family. In the same way, no matter how much happiness that family desires, if its individuals are unhappy, then the happiness in that family is no more than a pipe dream. There is an old Korean saying that goes, "Kahwa mansaseong" (everything will be successful and prosperous whenever there is peace and harmony in the family) The most important thing is the achievement of a family of peace by a unified couple. It becomes the key to all solutions. (143-259, 1986.03.20)

You should be cognizant of the fact that the family is a training ground for establishing a palace of peace in the world. To walk the path of eternal love as a husband and wife that live for the sake of others, centering on true love, you have to fulfill your responsibility as a couple, as a family and as children. My family is the base of peace. If you lift up the revolutionary flame of love for others, a new light of peace will shine forth in your family. (143-168, 1986.03.17)

When a woman can love her spouse as her own country of forty million people, as the world's president, as the world's population of five billion people, and as God Himself, her husband will be subjugated naturally. The yardstick of peace will be established there. (168-178, 1987.09.20)

Sons and daughters should say they have never once witnessed their parents squabbling in their lifetimes. Many unusual events do indeed happen in our lives. At times we feel like nagging. We quarrel when we are grouchy. Still, we must stop short when our children come home and quickly resume our former state. No matter how displeasing your husband looks, you should never wear a furious look on your face in front of your kids. This is the philosophy I abide by. Your children will always think of you as peace loving, wonderful and the best parents among parents. Thus, parents are like the second God. When asked whether they will look for God or their parents, your children will choose you. God will also be happy on hearing that. This is the core part of education. (165-094, 1987.05.20)

All the world's people must become the members and siblings of one universal family. When all nations become peaceful and the world is unified, what kind of world will it be? A world of "family-ism" in which all human beings are brothers and sisters. That is the ideal world. (160-277, 1969.05.17)

What is today's world like? Today, people are saying the world must become one. They are waiting for a world of peace and happiness to come. To use a religious term, the Kingdom of Heaven or an ideal world must be substantiated on earth.

No matter how much you hope that the vast world can be the ideal, and how much tireless effort you pour into your work, the foundation on which that becomes possible rests on the family. As long as we lack the worldwide foundation on which we can extol the ideal, realize peace and listen to melodies of love and happiness; no matter how much you dream of an ideal world or the Kingdom of Heaven, needless to say, that kind of world can never settle on earth. (159-174, 1969.05.12)

To take care of her husband, a representative of the universe, a woman has to do more than what a normal wife does. She has to look into the mirror thrice daily - at breakfast, at lunch and at dinner. Out of all her facial expressions, she has to know at all times which one is the most peaceful expression. She also has to be conscious of how her eyes look and what physical appearance will be most becoming to her. She must fix these as her objectives in life. (158-233, 1967.12.27)

A set of family rules and etiquette centering on the True Parents must be enacted. Since the principle of love centering on parents has not been laid down yet, the standard of peace has not been set in the world. Since the standard of peace centering on love has not been established, we cannot find sons and daughters of peace, a family of peace, a tribe of peace, a society of peace, a nation of peace, or a world of peace. Following the True Parents, we have to go into their bosom of love. (157-165, 1965.04.02)

The way to unification is to rapidly locate, absorb and digest contradictory elements within a short time period. If that is the case, peace and happiness can be linked through such a person. (198-076, 1990.01.21)

If you fully understand the ideal contents of the Unification Church blessing through forty-day training workshops, you will be moved to the point of exclaiming, "The unfolding of the ideal begins in the family! The liberation of men and women, and thus the liberation of mankind has already begun in history! Now I've come to know that the fundamentals of peace start in the family!" The family is the microcosm of the macrocosmic heavenly kingdom, the textbook for the realization of the earthly Kingdom of Heaven. (190-285, 1989.06.19)

A woman should not criticize her husband if he is less than she is. Instead she should tell herself, "Though he's lacking in many areas, he sought to be part of the providential age for my sake. In the history of the masculine world in which men live, die or perish by inheriting the flag, a symbol of peace, my husband came searching for a woman like me." Hoisting the flag, the couple pledges to actualize a kingdom of peace and a nation of love. (187-085, 1989.01.06)

The descendants of Adam and Eve would have built a stable worldwide foundation abundant in freedom, peace, happiness and hope by uniting their mind and body and achieving a family in which the individual is one with God, husband and wife are one, and parents and children are one. To reach God's ideal it is necessary that that model not remain in a particular family or nation, but expand to the entire world. The model of a heavenly kingdom established in a true family expands to the entire nation; the heavenly kingdom of national sovereignty expands to the entire world; and the expanded version of the heavenly kingdom of worldwide sovereignty expands to the entire cosmos. (288-167, 1997.11.27)

Humankind has been searching for the path to peace for all nations, after having experienced the painful wounds of World War II. God instructed me to initiate a worldwide movement for building His kingdom upon the Christian foundation of two millennia. The gist of the revelation was the formula course of searching for the True Parents and a True Family.

In order to discover the reason why the rejection of God's Word brought about undesirable results, we need to first understand the meaning of the messages given by God to Christian leaders through Rev. Moon fifty years ago. Those messages are intrinsically the same as my teachings today. The only difference is that my teachings are not only for Christians, but also for Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and all other religions and religious sects. The ideal of a God-centered True Family alone forms the foundation for peace and true mutual relationships among individuals, within a family and society, and among nations. (288-166, 1997.11.27)

At the very inception of history, if man had become one with God, establishing a true family centering on true love, practicing true love and living for others, he would have already accomplished a true nation and a world of true peace.

To uproot the countless historical conflicts and struggles, humanity has to return to God's bosom. First, an individual's mind and body have to be one centering on God. Next, establishing a God-centered True Family, a true man and a true woman serve and attend God again within the family. Therefore a True Family centering on true love becomes a base on earth where God dwells, as well as the beginning point for a true nation and a true peaceful world. Subsequently, a world of true freedom and happiness will begin. (271-088, 1995.08.22)

The crux of the question about the origin of world peace is how self-centered parents and children ever establish a foundation of peace within their family. As the family is the basis for solving all general issues related to peace, the Unification Church emphasizes the perfection of the self and the family. In this sense, though you bring about the unification of North and South Korea in the future, if you lack peace in your family, even the peace of that unification will run away. Representatives of developed nations may have realized world peace through international conferences, but if the family foundation on which parents centering on the families of the world can inherit the standard of peace is not established, peace in that nation will fall apart.

Looking at the matter from this angle, if God exists, where would He start looking for the yardstick of peace? He desires national peace before world peace, tribal peace before national peace, family peace before tribal peace, peace between the couple before family peace, and individual peace before a couple's peace. As long as the standard of peace is not set through being victorious in the strife between mind and body, even if peace in the nation, world or cosmos is established, that peace has nothing to do with me. (267-197, 1995.01.08)

The social conditions may have greatly varied, but the importance of the parent-child relationship cannot be shaken and the significance of the family cannot be altered. Love is the source of a man's happiness and joy. The family is the foundation of that peace and happiness. (271-080, 1995.08.22)

An easy method to achieve unity within the family is to live for the sake of one another. Grandfathers live for the sake of grandmothers, grandmothers for grandfathers, fathers for mothers, mothers for fathers, husbands for wives, wives for husbands, elder brothers for younger brothers, and younger brothers for older brothers. It is that simple. If we form relationships by living for the sake of others, peace will come to our family. However, if we live for ourselves, eight separate entities will take shape.

No matter how difficult it is, live for the sake of your grandmother, your mother, your wife, and your daughter. As a man, you should not dislike but, rather, love your grandmother, your mother, your wife, and your daughter. Even though you want to go to your wife, why go when she refuses you? She will come looking for you after a couple of months. The problem does not lie somewhere remote. World peace does not come from the world. I have to bring peace in my family first. (241-301, 1993.01.01)

Where is world peace? It is found not in the world, but within myself. Even if the world had been unified and was celebrating, what would it matter to me if my mind and body were not united? Peace does not come from outside in the world, but begins with me. A family of peace will be realized when Adam and Eve become entirely one centering on true love, each having achieved mind-body unity.

The family of peace is universal. The family of peace is also the family of unification, which is why it is universal. You must understand this clearly. Nations must change, too. People are torn apart in a nation. They are not united; therefore, things must be changed domestically and internationally. In this regard, we must take pride in advocating the True Family worldwide. (241-022, 1992.12.19)

The couple's bedroom is a treasury where the husband and the wife store up the treasure of the universe. God Himself is watching over it. Therefore, couples must create a bedroom that God would want to come and settle into as if it were His own, to enjoy peace and happiness together with them. Only then could the couple occupy the cosmos and even God. If the love between husband and wife does not go beyond the present state, they can never reach the cosmic level. (228-165, 1992.03.27)

As the Korean saying goes, "Kahwa mansaseong" (everything will be successful and prosperous whenever there is peace and harmony in the family) It means that if a family is peaceful, everything will be fulfilled. A flourishing family is a family of peace and the basis of the heavenly kingdom. The driving force of the family is true love. True love is pure, beautiful and sacrificial for God and one's object partner, more than for oneself. God did not create a force greater than the force of true love in the universe. True love is God's love.

Similarly, a family grounded in true love will form the primary unit for establishing a society, nation and world. With true love as the driving force, sacrifices and voluntary community service projects are virtues. In such a society, nation and world, there will be harmony instead of conflicts, understanding instead of misunderstanding, unity instead of segregation and the pursuit of benefits for the whole instead of the pursuit of personal benefits. The realization of this ideal of God is the philosophy of true world peace. (219-118, 1991.08.28)

As the origin of conflicts in our society and world commenced from an individual's mind-body conflict based on Satan's false love, true peace is realized only through the resonant and unified self within an individual that possesses God's true love. The base for achieving a peaceful world is not the world itself. Imagine an individual who has achieved mind-body harmony with God's true love, transcending Satan's realm of dominion. World peace is born in the family formed by a perfected man and woman. (219-109, 1991.08.27)

When a man and woman marry and become one with a happy and peaceful mind, God naturally comes to that unified place and forms a relationship with them. This is the initial motive by which a God-man relationship can be established. Not only is it good for both God and men, the animal, plant and mineral worlds also acclaim such unity with gratitude. (218-206, 1991.07.29)

The Kingdom of Heaven begins in the family. You must transform your family based on true love. Your second-generation teenagers must take an active role in bringing about change. The world has destroyed teenagers through drugs and free sex. They should work with and help the police in keeping their neighborhoods crime-free. We have now entered the age when our second generation and parents united together can drive out crime from their neighborhoods and educate their fellow citizens. Blessed families should be families of hope. Those who prepare themselves to receive the royal foundation of peace in their homes and to expand it to the world level eventually are truly wise and blessed people. (208-299, 1990.11.20)

The stage of love centered on a man and a woman is interwoven in the family. The ideal of patriots and saints must be woven together, centering on the family. Centering on a unified direction, the value of a unified purpose must be achieved before the world standard when the terminal is reached. A world of unity and peace is only possible if we go in the historical direction of God's love to embrace the entire world. Without that, we cannot substantiate the ideal Kingdom of Heaven. (207-302, 1990.11.11)

Centering on true love, an ideal couple is connected to everything in the cosmos. When that takes place, God's things become mine. How happy we will be! Your mind desires to dominate all things. Everybody in human history without exception had that kind of mind, but nobody could do it. It is feasible if you center on the true love that Rev. Moon is teaching in this age. What I am saying is, you can achieve a family of peace, a society of peace, a nation of peace and a world of peace. When that happens, you stand in God's position and take His place. It is the course of mankind. (207-036, 1990.10.21)

The political system of the democratic world is system of strife, so we must stand in the parental position and stop the conflicts. All brothers become one centering on the parents. A world of peace begins from a unified place. Everything including true children, a true nation and true peace can be found starting from where we have to seek for the True Parents first. Apart from this, there is no other way. (205-189, 1990.09.01)

What kind of people would our first ancestors have become had they not fallen? They would have become the horizontal parents. They would have created a ninety-degree, vertical relationship with God, the vertical parent. Whichever direction you turn toward, it always stays the same. When there is a perfect ninety-degree relationship between the horizontal and the vertical, nobody complains even if the positions become switched around. It is no problem when God takes the man and woman's position, or sons and daughters take their parents' position or the grandparents take their grandchildren's position. Anybody can go anywhere. The family of man is created on the perfectly unified foundation. Without friction or conflict, the truth of peace endures forever. (204-104, 1990.07.01)

The world after the twenty-first century will be a warless world of peace where man eulogizes the blessing of liberty and prosperity and a world that upholds love and happiness. As the East-West ideological conflict has drawn to a close, the issue of the rich and poor in the North and South has to be tackled from the same viewpoint. I have long called for the equalization of scientific technology and the construction of an international highway, because I have an insight into the future in which the world is integrated into a global family and people are mutually dependent.

The East-West Cold War has come to an end and technology advances day by day. If the whole world plugged into technology, becoming a global community, could humankind in the twenty-first century enjoy peace and happiness without a problem? No, it is not possible. A matter that is more fundamental and more dangerous than the Cold War is threatening modern mankind. The greatest problem afflicting mankind is the problem of immorality and moral decadence. These are undermining the value of the family, just as I have correctly discerned. Moral decadence is the original sin that is dragging mankind into the depths of agony and despair. (288-139, 1997.11.26)

The curtain was brought down on the epoch of the Cold War in 1991. Ever since the tension and conflict between the East and the West came to an end, we have been living in anticipation of the arrival of the age of peace. However, social unrest and dissension has been increasing since the Cold War. Perverted sexual morality such as free sex and homosexuality in the United States is breaking down the family. (271-086, 1995.08.22)

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