The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1 A Movement for Peace

1.4 The International Holy Blessing and peace

The solemn International Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Unification Church naturally breaks down international boundaries. If a British person marries a French person, the frontier will gradually and steadily melt away without them noticing the change. Hence, a woman who weds a Frenchman does not become French. Likewise, if she tied the nuptial knot with an Englishman, she is still not British. The question is, "What is her nationality?" Undoubtedly, she is a Unification Church member. What are Unification Church members then? When a peaceful or free world is realized in the future, they will be the first group of people who can launch the ideal world. (129-238, 1983.11.06)

The yellow race by itself cannot bring about world peace. All five races should come together as one. Having come as the flag bearer of world peace, I must bring peace to this world through the Holy Marriage Blessing. Otherwise, the world would remain trapped in the valley of death, unable to get back onto level ground, with no hope of seeing the horizon. (182-273, 1988.10.23)

On receiving the blessing, the Yemenite Muslim, the Grand Mufti, becomes one with Rev. Moon. I can go to Yemen anytime and educate its people. Should all Muslims and Christians get blessed, do you think the world will become peaceful, or otherwise? Next, I will bless their children with the children of the Communist party members. I will bless people of nations that are deadly enemies to each other. Families bound in this manner will not fall asunder, but be elevated by the world. The spring of mankind welcomes and vows to follow these couples. That is how the earthly Kingdom of Heaven can be realized. If we have established that kind of foundation, entering the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven is warranted. (302-104, 1999.06.01)

The year 2000, which we are approaching, is the time when all humankind has to usher in the age of the heavenly kingdom of true peace and the true ideal in which we eternally live for the sake of others and practice true love centering on God and the True Parents. We do this by searching for the true, original value of man centered on God and establish a true blessed family that is totally one with the Parents of Heaven and Earth. (298-318, 1999.01.17)

Mankind multiplied from Adam and Eve who, as the True Parents, would have realized a peaceful world of Adam's cultural realm, establishing a one-world family. Hence the consequence of the history of restoration is the formation of a true family centered on true parents and true love. This central True Family then becomes the hope of God and mankind, the origin of true love and true life, as well as the peace and happiness of mankind. (294-067, 1998.06.11)

How can a future world of peace be realized? The integral point is simple. It begins from a nation that marries off its sons and daughters to its enemies and wishes that they will be better off. Without doing that, a world of peace will never come.

If Americans and Russians intermarry, a world of peace will come. If Japanese are willing to marry three generations of Chinese, Russians and Americans, then Japan can go over the realm of the number four to the heavenly nation. (296-204, 1998.11.09)

What mankind most urgently needs is a revolution of true love centered on true parents. Without fundamental reform, mankind cannot hope for a peaceful and happy world. Today's problems have to be resolved by a true family centered on true parents and God's true love.

Please evaluate seriously the concept of true love and the international peace movement I have worked for. You should not regard the true family movement and the pure love movement for youth that is based on true love that transcends national boundaries, culture, race and religion as merely religious events.

A peaceful nation must precede world peace. National peace presupposes peace within a family. Power, wealth or knowledge, which the secular world generally hankers after, cannot be necessary or sufficient conditions for peace and happiness. True happiness is not controlled by the convenience of the external living conditions. Together with true love, these things lead to true peace and happiness. Only by living for others with true love will you surely attain true peace and infinite happiness.

I understand that all the while you are making tremendous contributions to the welfare of mankind and social improvement in every discipline with conviction. However, mankind is now living in a generally critical period. It is inadequate to prepare or work only in specific areas. Being the conscience of this age, leaders must be the building blocks of a peaceful world and take an active role in modeling and guiding a true family, by positively showing perfect examples.

The first phase of the 360 million-couple blessing, which I will be officiating on June 13th, is a result of educating ideal families by offering my entire life. Participants of the holy blessing ceremony are people who vow to God to become a true couple, true parents and a true family centering on true love. To bring about a peaceful world, we are swiftly carrying out a historic revolution of true love through a true family movement.

What is more pressing than saving mankind from family breakdown? I am continuously encouraging you to actively take part in the true family movement that strives for a peaceful world. (294-068, 1998.06.11)

Without your taking a strict oath of attaining a personality of true love that serves God and becoming a true couple and true parents, a true family cannot be restored. Harmonious and peaceful families created through the blessing ceremony can realize a peaceful society, nation and world. The blessing itself, which transcends nations, races and religions, is the cornerstone of world peace. Is this not God's long-cherished, earnest desire?

The blessing ceremony liquidates all false love relationships and orients couples to a sacred marriage centered on absoluteness and to the restoration of values. Therefore, those who join the blessing ceremony deem purity, fidelity and trust as paramount in their own lives, and pledges unchanging conjugal love. On the basis of true love, they promise to devote their lives to the realization of true love, the upbringing of true children, and the substantiation of a true nation and a peaceful world.

You therefore have to teach all people so that they can live in a world of victory, freedom, peace and unity by their establishing a true family and entering the era of God-centered kingship on earth and in heaven. (288-172, 1997.11.27)

In recent world religious conferences, the Unification Church is suggesting entering into matrimony with Islam. Thirteen religious representatives assembled and formed the conclusion that there were no other shortcuts to world peace in the future other than this one. Religions must take the lead. The mind must be the guiding force of peace, for the realm of the mind is religion. I founded two great world federations, the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace (IRFWP) and the Federation for World Peace (FWP). IRFWP represents the realm of the mind. What do we do with that religious federation? As Cain and Abel do not exist in the religious world, there is no foothold on which the mother can stand. Centering on this principle, the parent has to stand in the parental position. The current heads of religious organizations have to occupy the archangel's position. Even if you dislike it, you have to carry it out.

There is no faster and more efficient avenue to achieving oneness aside from the blessing. Everyone has become my opponent centering on the national boundaries. Hence, I officiate interracial marriages between Koreans and Japanese. That means Korean men and women are married to Japanese men and women. There is no shorter way to world peace besides binding enemies in matrimony. This is to conquer the problem of racial discrimination. (249-256, 1993.10.10)

There is no shorter path to achieving world peace besides the international wedding. Where are the opposers? They crop up at the borderline. People close to your family are your enemies, not those far away from your family.

In order for a world of peace to take place at a faster pace, I go beyond the borderline and match couples from nations that have conflict. In that case, half will enter a world of peace. Before the marriage, they really hate one another to the extent of wanting to murder each other. But when a person's spouse comes from an enemy nation, half of the couple is a citizen of that nation. When the family reaches its second or third generation, the enmity will be totally uprooted. That is why I encourage cross-cultural marriages.

Interracial marriages among rival nations held by Rev. Moon speeds up the pace of world peace. You may think your own people are better, but think about what is going to happen after a decade or two. It will be a real tragedy if no relatives fly to visit you. (249-332, 1993.10.11)

The obligation of the religious sphere as demanded absolutely by God is to stand in the forefront of the work for world peace. Opposition will vanish into thin air on the spot. What is the shortest distance, the nearest path to peace? Tying the knot between members of the younger generation, regardless of religious background. Marriage between conflicting religious groups will reduce their antagonism by half. If we double those marriages, there will be complete serenity. I plan to marry young Unification Church members to the youngsters of various religious bodies.

As the world's religious denominations engage themselves in intermarriage, opposing religions will soon become one, just as opposing nations do. It is the shortcut to world peace. If world peace is not realized, it becomes meaningless for God to set up multifarious religions in the world. (249-085, 1993.10.08)

With the Unification Church as the root organization, I have founded many other organizations for far-reaching projects and activities in a wide variety of fields. These organizations are for the purpose of building a world of peace in which we, the God-centered human family, can rejoice in our freedom, ideals and happiness.

The International Conference on the Unity of Sciences (ICUS), the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA), the World Media Conference (WMC), the Summit Council for World Peace (SCWP), the Assembly of the World's Religions (AWR), the Federation for World Peace (FWP), the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace (IRFWP), the Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP), the Collegiate Association for the Research of the Principle (CARP), and the international performing arts groups will meet during this time of the International Blessing Ceremony and provide forums to stimulate our intellects and reaffirm our determination to devote ourselves to the cause of building a world of peace.

International blessing is the blessing of resurrection and rebirth. Through this ceremony, humanity is able to liquidate the original sin and restore God's true love, true life and true lineage. It is within the context of this ceremony that we give birth to peace and realize the ideal of a true global family, transcending race, nationality and international boundaries.

As the founder of these organizations, I would like to reaffirm here that their purpose is to bring about world peace, according to the ideal of God and humankind. They are not created for the benefit or narrow interests of any particular political faction, religious group or nation. Rather, they exist to bring peace, happiness and freedom to God, the creator of the cosmos, and to all mankind.

Our movement thus must bring salvation to all families, nations and, finally, to the entire world. It must be a family-saving, nation-saving and world-saving movement. The debasement of sexual ethics through illicit relationships and decadent lifestyles is causing the break down of families. Every nation is undergoing a particularly difficult time. It is suffering the agony of the decline of its moral standards and accompanying increase in crime rates. There is no solution in sight to the conflicts between political factions and social classes. Destitution and ignorance continue to plague us. There is no indication that we may be nearing solutions to the world's international border disputes, the attitudes of prejudice among religious groups, or the conflicts among the various races and ethnic groups. World peace is under constant menace from the selfish actions of the world's countries and peoples.

Women are the central point for the love, peace and spirit of service that protects our families. The departure point in our work to build world peace must be the mother of a wholesome family. The establishment of God-centered family ethics and the education of our blessed second generation lie at the innermost core of my teachings. The family is the holy sanctuary that must purify this defiled world. (234-249, 1992.08.24)

Boundary lines and divisive walls between cultural backgrounds do not exist in the Unification Church. Many black people have married white people. Japanese were blessed to members from different nations of the world this time. Several hundred of them were wed to Africans. If the figure exceeds one million, ten million or possibly the population of Japan, the world is heading toward a world of peace. One true blood lineage that Satan abhors will manifest itself. Should I continue to make a blessing hurricane or not? When people of twelve different nationalities in a family become one, what will happen? A world of peace will arise. How great it will be. I will then be the king of peace. (235-199, 1992.09.20)

The basic unit of God's ideal of creation is the family, which is the basis for the establishment of the society and nation. God's model of a one-world family of humankind, based on true love and transcending differences of race and color, will lead us directly to the fulfillment of world peace. When an exemplary couple builds a blessed family under God's ideal of true love, they can bear children of goodness and practice correct ethics. By living with high ethical standards, the couple will provide a family model of morality and lead the way toward the creation of an ideal society, nation and world. (234-272, 1992.08.26)

The problem of today's world is that the diversified disciplines are interwoven in a complicated fashion. Under the name of the World Culture and Sports Festival (WCSF) this time, I firmly believe that dealing broadly with the world's problems in all cultural fields such as academics, religions, media, sciences, and arts, including ideology and politics, at one place will be an epoch-making contribution to pursuing a true path to world peace.

Furthermore, this festival, celebrated in the same year the Olympics Games, carries a significant meaning of pinpointing the direction for developing the mental and physical aspects of the human society in a balanced way. Transcending races and nationalities in 130 distinct nations of the world, thirty thousand couples of virtuous men and women subscribing to this ideal have assembled to participate in an international wedding ceremony of the largest scale in human history, as a demonstration of their commitment to lasting family relations and eternal values. The blessing will be a grand occasion that opens up an expressway on which all humanity welcoming a new historical age of the twenty-first century can realize world peace by centering on and harmonizing with God.

Looking at human history in retrospect, there has never been a day of fulfilling true freedom, peace and happiness on earth. Under the ideological value of economic equality, communism, which had promised to liberate mankind from extortion, in reality, caused the tragic consequences of conflicts and poverty.

When a man and a woman whose mind and body are one with God's true love meet and form a family centered on God's true love, this family will be the stronghold of true freedom, peace and happiness.

When God and man centering on true love achieve a common point of unity, man for the first time can enjoy true freedom, peace and happiness.

As a common principle of peace, it does not apply to an individual alone, but to the family, society, nation and world as well. In this way, mankind centering on God's true love has to achieve the ideal of a unified body with God. This is the fundamental direction of human history. (234-237, 1992.08.22)

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