The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1 A Movement for Peace

1.5 Transcending cultural barriers in the work for peace

Upon Jesus' death on the cross, the four great realms of hostility - the left, the right, Barabbas and Jesus - came to a final showdown. That world has to be unified at the Lord's Second Coming. The left wing and the right wing must achieve oneness. So must the world of Barabbas, as well as Christianity and Islam. Everything headed for hell has to return to the path of peaceful unity. Everything on the right moves to the left, and vice versa.

The biblical verse that indicates that the first shall be last, and the last shall be first refers to the Last Days. This cannot be turned back even though the Communist party, the democratic society and Islam might oppose it. By all means, the direction of the world must be reversed by achieving peaceful unity. Only then will the way to God's throne be thrown open. (249-097, 1993.10.08)

My mission is to heal the division and the bitter enmity that are manifested in the two worlds separated during World War II. Everything was divided. In Korea, the North was estranged from the South. Israel went back to his hometown, but was divided into two worlds. America was divided into a humanistic world that forsook God. Centering on Rev. Moon, through the unity of the second Israel of Christianity and the third Israel of Korea, the realm of world unity centered on America emerges. The problems in Israel and Korea will be settled. North and South Korea, Israel, the first and third Adam nations are current issues. If they are unified, a peaceful world will come. Rev. Moon and the Unification Church have to fulfill this heavy responsibility. (243-296, 1993.01.28)

A most frightful war would be an interracial one. The black people, white people and the group between them have all been at odds with one another. If a racial war broke out, many white people living in foreign lands would die. Have you heard of "yellow power"? It refers to the Asian countries I have inspired and moved in order to deter such a ghastly event from transpiring. If I do not rescue the entire world, I cannot build a world of peace.

I am emphasizing world peace. The notion of world peace is found in organizations like the Federation for World Peace (FWP), the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace (IRFWP), the Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP) and the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA). World peace is God's ultimate purpose for the world. Centering on these, we celebrate the World Culture and Sports Festival (WCSF). It has to surpass the Olympics Games, for the latter is centered on the body, not on God. The WCSF, however, is planting diverse cultures in the world. At the center of all cultures is religion. Man will return to his normal self only when a sound mind centered on religion is capable of giving direction to the body. A worldwide crusade will begin and a new culture will be created. True Parents are accomplishing this behind the scenes. (234-332, 1992.08.27)

You have witnessed how the world has slipped into a religious war during the recent Gulf War. Regional crisis due to religion will continue to occur in the future.

Until now, many politicians have exploited religious conflicts for their own selfish purposes. Religions have been powerless and confused, not clearly recognizing their responsibility in relation to world peace. Now, through the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace (IRFWP), leaders from the world's religions will harmonize and become leaders for world peace.

The Federation for World Peace is a collaborative association of statesmen and national organizations working for world peace. Today's world cannot be sustained by nationalism or ethnocentrism. The national disorder in Eastern Europe is evident of the detrimental nature of nationalism. National pride or unilateral decisions are right and good only when they are in the context of supporting the world community. Nationalism, which gives priority to one's own nation and thus increases hostility toward other nations, defies the universal law of living for others. All ideologies contradicting the universal law will presently cease to exist. (234-221, 1992.08.20)

On reaching the year 2000, Islam, with the elder son's right, opposed Israel that had returned to its homeland. If they do not reconcile with each other, there cannot be world peace. Nations have been divided into two throughout history.

The world is now confronting the problem of the conflict in the Middle East and Near East centered on religion, as well as the problem of North and South Korea centered on democracy and communism. Due to the collision of the two great camps set in religion and thought, if the third World War breaks out all humankind on this earth will be annihilated. We are standing right in the middle of this peril. Who will transform this into a world of peace? (229-125, 1992.04.11)

Nobody can deny the fact that Rev. Moon is creating the opportunity for the transformation of the left and right. The most serious problems in the world are the struggle in Israel, as well as that between Christianity and Islam. Who can bring rapprochement among them? No one till now except Rev. Moon has laid hands on this matter. We must know for a fact that the issue of world peace has fundamentally been solved. We are living in the age of historical transition. (225-014, 1992.01.01)

As you may probably know, as soon as Iraq invaded Kuwait, I immediately sent someone to the Grand Mufti with the direction, "Please work to stop the fighting between the Christian and Islamic leaders, and build the base for peace there." Why did I do that? I am doing it for the peace of humankind, and because I know exactly what God's Will is.

The mind and body have become two conflicting worlds. Now, centering on the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, we need to unify the religious world which symbolizes the world of mind, and to disentangle fights between nations which symbolize the world of body. To fulfill this, I am founding the Federation for World Peace, and holding conferences there...

The Unificationists, the disciples directly under the Grand Mufti, and the successors of all other religious orders have to march forward for world peace. A world of peace will not come if our mind fails to influence and move our body. (210-123, 1990.12.17)

If Saddam Hussein of Iraq had given the situation a little more thought, all Muslims would have banded together. Muslims are in conflict among themselves now, but if the Christian world makes a loud explosion and causes the Muslim regions to draw together, a holy war would break out in no time. It is a grave matter.

Rev. Moon and the Grand Mufti both proposed dialogue in the Middle East. The Islamic world and the rest of the world know it. The conclusion is simple. Religionists must come forward to realize a world of peace. It is my decisive conclusion about the free world and the religious world. (210-129, 1990.12.17)

Centering on Jesus, there were two robbers, one on his left side and another on his right. The robber on the right symbolizes the right wing that claims there is God, but the one on the left symbolizes the left wing that denies God's existence. Both the right wing and left wing have fallen away. Who remains? Barabbas does. He represents religion on the satanic side. When the Lord returns, he will transform communism into a religion on the heavenly side. Therefore, by founding the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, I have already set up conditions for advocating peace, centering on Islamic nations such as Syria. (213-185, 1991.01.20)

Judaism, Christianity and the Unification Church must combine to go beyond the Gulf War. Centering on Russia and America, the middle has to be bridged. I am the only person striving for world peace at the back. When Christians engage in war with Muslims, by comparison the conflict between the democratic and communist worlds is no big deal. Religion is something scary. The devil is stirring up a religious war. Messing up the Christian cultural sphere, he is sweeping all the spiritual foundation over to his side.

The Bible records that the Lord will return to judge the world by fire. The judgement by fire and brimstone as mentioned in the Bible is taking place. To prevent that, I am making contact behind the scenes as a pacifist. (214-304, 1991.02.03)

The ideal of unity and peace will be fulfilled on this earth only when the Lord of the Second Coming can enter a world of peace, bringing God's love to the leftists and the Muslims. Next, what do we unify with? Head-wing philosophy. Only true love can digest the left wing and the right wing. What is to be done after that? Education. Education of the children, siblings, couples and parents has to be carried out in the family. Your family must be able to receive peaceful heavenly blessings. (221-218, 1991.10.24)

Israel and Judaism were involved with the death of Jesus. The biblical record of his trial and crucifixion contains references to three criminals: the two who were crucified along with him on his left and right, and Barabbas. Which of them was spared? Only Barabbas! The criminal on the left accused Jesus while the one on the right supported him. They thus were in conflict with each other and also died together with Jesus. If that crucifixion had not taken place, Jesus would have assimilated and embraced all three of them, one after the other.

He would have turned the entire situation around by a 180 degrees, thereby accomplishing his mission. East and West would have become one centered on God's love, creating the unified realm for world peace within his lifetime. However, with his untimely demise, Satan retained dominion over the world of falsehood.

I did not want America to take up arms against the Arabs. If Saddam Hussein does not see eye to eye with the United States, he will fan the flames of war like this without fail, saying: "Bearing a grudge at Christians being vanquished in the Crusades in the twelve century, America is charting a war to wipe out Islam with its worldwide foundation in its quest to take historical revenge." If that were to happen, the Arab people might join forces. The concept of nation is of lesser importance since in the Arab world, as religion takes precedence over nation. Rallying, the Islamic world would battle against the Christian world. (206-275, 1990.10.14)

What does America stand to gain even if it wins by applying the scorched-earth policy to destroy the enemy government within a matter of days? It merely leaves an indelible stain in history that can cause a rupture between the cultural spheres of Christianity and Islam. People like us who stand at the spearhead have to reflect on the issue of peace. (212-326, 1991.01.11)

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