The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1 A Movement for Peace

1.6 How is a culture of peace to be attained?

Where can we look for a solution to peace? It cannot be found between America and Russia. When we probe into the fundamentals of mankind, man is by nature belligerent though he aspires after peace. Do your mind and body live peacefully, or struggle constantly?

One is a world centered on the historical view of spiritualism, a world related to the internal form of men who bear spiritual fruits. The other is a world centered on the historical view of materialism, that is, a communist world bound to the external form of men centered on materialistic things. Can there be peace in the materialistic world? Where is its motive? It lies in the never-ending struggles between the mind and body.

The natural law is the same, too. History is reaped as you have sown. The world is in anguish from countless struggles and conflicts between an individual's mind and body. It has borne fruit on the worldwide scale. So where can we find peace? We cannot find it from the result. No matter how hard you try to do so, as long as the cause is not rectified, the consequence will break apart. This is extremely logical.

The question is how to create a causal person. - a peace-loving and happy person. The universal existence is modeled after me. Until a person with no self-conflict in his mind exists, there is absolutely no way to seek for peace.

So, what really matters? The worldly problems or national issues are of no consequence; the problem of mankind, the subject, is the real matter at hand. Economics and science are not the cause of the problem. I can easily kick them away. The crux of the problem lies in man himself. The stronghold of peace for mankind can never be located prior to finding a solution to the problem within man. (086-031, 1976.03.04)

Where can we pursue happiness today? The origin of happiness is between you and me. Where do peace and the ideal start? They begin between you and me. Therefore if an ideal environment is not completely created between you and me, we cannot have happiness and peace, the true ideal.

When you look at yourself, if you call your mind "I" then your body will be in the "you" position. If you want to enjoy yourself where you have gained the yardstick of peace, and to take pride in having the foundation of eternal life and happiness, the relative relationship between "you" and "I" likened to the body and mind respectively must be forever unchanging and possess the subjectivity that can support happiness. The establishment of "I" centered on my mind and body is a vital question. If you cannot establish a subjective motive through the mind and body, you cannot find eternal happiness.

Let's broaden the scope a little. "I" am but a single axis on this earth in the vertical world. If the vertical world is broadened to a relative world centering on "I" and I am a man, there will be a woman. I have to create a subjective, unchanging foundation there between "you and I." When I can say my couple is a happy, peaceful and ideal couple, this foundation cannot be shaken.

It is a new starting point. Standing at the one subjective, unified source of conflicts before numerous families that replace history, the modern age and the future in the course of mankind, you must be able to say your couple is a happy and ideal couple. That ideal is unchanging and eternal. Happiness and peace must also be perpetual. The important point is how to have an unchanging subjectivity as an ideal couple. As long as there is no foundation of happiness between them, their happiness will not last long. In the end, it is destined to roll away either to the left or right, or fall. It is a natural law. (086-095, 1976.03.14)

What will the future world be like? The issue is how this world will continue to exist. It will perish if the subject partner and object partner fight with each other. The universal force will expel them. On the other hand, if they reconcile and harmonize with each other, the universal force will offer them protection. A world of peace will thus be realized automatically. What is a world of peace? Today, if the democratic and communist worlds become a complete plus, the condition that can absorb the complete minus world will naturally be formed. Likewise, if they become a complete minus, the condition that can absorb the completely plus world will be naturally formed. Therefore, a complete negativity induces a complete positivity. (139-182, 1986.01.31)

How can we attain a world of peace? When viewing the entire world, the first task is to reach the peak in the world of thought. Philosophical thought, religious thought and many others are in the world of thought. If we do not climb up to the summit where we can fight and triumph, the path to guide the world of peace will not be opened. This is the first issue.

I have been making preparations. As for technology, I have connections with German firms with advanced technology, and I can freely move in and out of the back door of those laboratories with the top ten technologies in the Japanese electronic world. Peace cannot be achieved if we do not reach the apex of up-to-date scientific technology.

What is next? We have to be at the vanguard of the media world. At present, centering on The Washington Times, Rev. Moon has to press down all the 1,772 American newspaper companies to reach the highest position. Otherwise we will be eliminated from the competitive stage on which a world of peace can be realized. (143-261, 1986.03.20)

It is my belief that mankind, looking forward to a new millennium, has to move toward a culture of love and a cultural world of heart for peace and prosperity to emerge. (299-060, 1999.02.04)

The world today needs the model of an ideal society in which people can coexist peacefully and embrace all nations, cultures and religions. Proclaiming the Sao Paulo Declaration and the New Hope Farm Declaration in March and April respectively this year, I pressed for the construction of a model society in several South American nations beginning with Brazil and gradually expanding the project to other countries. (271-074, 1995.08.22)

An ideal society or nation is one whose people cooperate mutually by transcending ethnic boundaries and skin colors, and live happily by harmonizing. This society is like a large family whose constituent members recognize that they are God's sons and daughters, as well as brothers and sisters centering on the True Parents. It is also a place where blessed couples who have restored the blood lineage, ownership and heart realize a world of liberty, peace and unity under the language and culture of the True Parents. People will come to live a life of coexistence, co-prosperity and co-righteousness within the culture of God's heart. (269-155, 1995.04.17)

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