The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1 A Movement for Peace

1.7 An international, interracial and interreligious viewpoint

We have been standing on a divided standard, but transcending the national concept now, we have entered the age of a society or a nation of brothers. Under the United Nations, all nations are brothers. Brothers fight among themselves, though. Cain fought with Abel. The problem can be solved if they vow to become peaceful brothers. As the world is on an equal footing of being called brothers, it is proposing that America should share its property. That property is not made by Americans but inherited from their parents, so it should be distributed. Now is definitely the time for a world of heart centered on heaven to come. (151-054, 1962.10.07)

If we harbor national resentment, hegemonistic contention will arise. We have to surmount the barrier of national resentment and nationalism. Americans and Russians are thinking of pursuing hegemony. That should not be the case. There must be a special nation that transcends that kind of concept, a group with a special ideology. If not, an economic war from now onward cannot be warded off, and an era of world peace will not arrive. I am determined to accomplish that task with my own hands. To do that, in the future I will have to open a world bank that has that ideology. (089-026, 1976.10.03)

For mankind to live there must a movement in which the white race and the yellow race stand hand-in-hand to save the black race. If not, a world of peace cannot come about. The Unification Church has to undertake that mission in the future. When it is time to go to the spirit world, do the white, black and the yellow races go separately? No. They become one. (086-184, 1976.03.28)

How wonderful it is to go searching for the glorious place where I can possess God's love! Even enemies should love one another. Why? As God knows no national boundaries, they have to be broken down. Only then will a world of oneness and peace appear. A passageway will open up when the incorporeal and corporeal worlds become one. (111-091, 1981.01.25)

Bringing the boring and anguished century to an end, we are now going to ring in the twenty-first century which is just around the corner. To create a sincere and genuine culture, we have reached the point in time at which the establishment of a new value on the global level is keenly demanded, evading struggles, antagonism and the pursuit of one-sided interests of our own country. When we reflect on whether the sincere peace of our own country can be sustained without the happiness and peace of all neighboring nations, we cannot even imagine world peace void of human love that goes beyond nationalities.

Furthermore, as a new international economic organization was established, by blocking the former great economic wastage and losses, and propelling a worldwide plan for national land use in a new dimension called "the world and humankind," we have to bestow the rights of enjoying peace and happiness to all mankind. Therefore, when an ideal world arrives and eternal peace is realized, everyone must enjoy a happy and abundant life.

This tentative plan is a part of the concrete scheme aiming to accelerate the realization of the ideal world from now on. Its meaning and purpose is to construct a new cultural world by binding the world to the realm of living for the happiness of all mankind and world peace. (115-177, 1981.11.10)

The hope of God and man is a world of peace, an ideal world. A peaceful, ideal world is a world of unity without fights or disputes. However, prior to seeking for the unity of the world, the unity of one nation has to be sought.

If a true world of peace is realized, it will be perpetual, supranational, interracial and interreligious. It will be a society of one large consanguineous family in which all men and women are bound by brotherly and sisterly relations under one set of parents. (133-284, 1984.11.03)

The hope of mankind is peace, which can be realized only through unity. It is not only unity of the world, but that of an individual, family and nation, too. Among those, the most basic is the unity of an individual. In the movement for unity, Rev. Moon can be excluded from society neither in reality nor in name.

To actualize the world of peace that God aspires to see, first our truth must stand in the highest position in the world of philosophy. It has to battle with and triumph over the existing philosophical and religious thoughts.

Even if it reaches the summit in the fields of ideology, science, the arts, economics, the media, and so forth, problems will still remain. The problem is how to educate a man who can go beyond races and nations. If a person fulfills his allotted portion of responsibility centering on his homeland, an American will want to be unified as an American, an Englishman will want to be unified as an Englishman, and a Frenchman as a Frenchman. Before embodying peace and the unity of the world, the issue is how to overcome national characteristics. (149-269, 1986.11.27)

Even if we had laid the foundation that can be the basis for peace in the world, there is but one problem. Even though we have the ideal, scientific technology, economic power and stand at the vanguard of media organizations, there is still a problem. The question is how to create a man who can go beyond his race and nation. The person who can realize world peace should not give priority to the United States.

When a man says he stands as the standard, he is centering on his own patriotic ideology as a citizen of a developed nation. An American will be engaged in the interests of his own country as a unified American. A British or French person will do likewise. This is the main problem. Therefore, the most serious problem is how to overcome my national trait before embodying peace and unity of the world. (143-264, 1986,03.20)

We can never achieve a world of peace and unity with an ism or religious dogma that has manipulated mankind. As the paths to everything are blocked in this way, an ideal that can unify a society, nation, world and universe which the true Buddhists, the true Christians and the true philosophers have been eagerly waiting for must emerge. (154-048, 1964.03.23)

It will be the year 2000 in ten years' time. My problem from now on is how to accomplish a true world peace by that time. We shall meet in 2000 A.D. at the congratulatory banquet for having achieved world peace. For the next historic ten years, let us be heavenly masons of true peace who will go down in history, transcending national boundaries, demolishing the walls of religions and religious sects, battering down the barriers of cultures and languages, and helping the rich and poor as our own brothers before the unique Lord of Creation. (198-165, 1990.02.01)

On a worldwide level, the challenging problem of having to transcend regions, races, religions, cultures, customs, languages and nationalities for a world of peace continues. However, when we look at the world through the eyes of true love and with the vision of God who created the original universe, we can see it is a world in which the racial, language, religious and ideological differences have been overcome.

Especially in unfolding the ethics of true love in that the family has to sacrifice for the nation, the nation for the world and the world for God, we can hope for an eternal world of peace, overcoming racial and national selfishness. (288-201, 1997.11.28)

The age of a one-state policy or nationalism, by which one nation asserts how the world should be run, has passed. No matter how mankind reviles or indulges in infernal things, it is absolutely impossible for God to complete the unified formula course centering on one race or nation alone. It has to be achieved through a federation or association of nations. A world of peace does not follow after a single nation. It is the same for culture. Even religions, which form the principal axes of a cultural background, have to embrace races, nations, the world, heaven and earth. (222-131, 1991.10.28)

Before overcoming cultures and races, we have to conquer customs and traditions. It is not that easy. History has been an incessant record of warfare. By discarding all evil things, a world of peace can come. The thought of accomplishing a world of peace centering only on victory has been the struggle from an individual level to the democratic, communistic and worldwide level.

The absolute God's Will is to yearn for the unity of the world's religious orders and a utopia of peace, a unified world of a heavenly kingdom. The concept of a heavenly kingdom centered on the absolute world of oneness is achieved when races and nations have been victoriously overcome.

Religions are now pursuing a heavenly nation, a utopian world, or a paradise, whatever you may like to call it. If the place where both God and man can enjoy maximum peace and happiness is known as the Kingdom of Heaven or the so-called world of peace, who then is the supreme ruler of the heavenly kingdom? He is not President Roh of Korea, President Bush of the US, or President Gorbachev of the USSR, but God Himself. Next, who are the citizens of the heavenly kingdom? They are interracial people. Hair color or skin color is not the issue. God is the King of the interracial nation. (218-288, 1991.08.22)

The God-oriented purpose is manifested through religions. Therefore no matter how many religious orders there are, their common purpose will settle at a common conclusion point. What is the conclusion? It has to be an ideology that can be linked to peace and the heavenly kingdom. Mankind confronting the confusion of today's world is pursuing a world of peace, transcending nations.

To seek for a world of peace, what must peace be focused on? Human-centered peace has proven to be a long-standing failure. If the peace that all mankind has longed for turned out to be a flop, if there were one more possibility and one more hope, it would be a God-centered logic for a peaceful world. Only that could show a new direction and a new sense of history to this chaotic world. This majestic conclusion is obtained by pursuing the logic.

What is the conclusion? It is the Kingdom of Heaven, a world of peace with a focus. What should the focus do? It has to overcome the nature of religious orders, historical nature, racial characteristics and national traits. The heavenly kingdom must be a place with an unchanging center. (210-199, 1990.12.23)

Religious people, Christians or Muslims, without exception have to create a world of peace.

As I have to lay a foundation for world peace, removing all exchanges implemented centering on one national boundary, I visualize a plan of creating a new world, such as a movement for the equalization of technology, from a supranational and worldwide perspective. (210-120, 1990.12.17)

About 180 countries are currently in this world. Among those nations with ethnic boundaries, none of them has maintained peace. Apart from religions, nothing else can surmount these borders. For instance, America is a religiously independent country. Though many Christians are related to it, the force that could make a worldwide leading nation of Christian culture that is transcendent of national frontiers derives only from religions. It engages in an internal, ideological warfare with communism centering on the United States.

As you know, while having residence in America for ten over years, many organizations, including American Christians, have been opposing me. There are those among the intelligentsia who share the view that mankind cannot enter a world of peace without reference to Rev. Moon. This is an awesome truth seen from the standpoint of the heavenly Will. Americans are aware of the fact that despite their treating me as their common enemy, I have long endured persecution without regarding them as my foes, but instead repaid them with love. It is amazing that Americans have discovered reverence in this new age. (210-118, 1990.12.17)

Centering on the thought that their denomination alone is the supreme one, today's Christians generally feel they are above all others. Realizing that a fairly difficult and harsh age will arrive in the near future with such an environment, I am thus making prior preparations. In creating a future world of peace, what help can religions render? As long as the walls among religions are not demolished, religion will be a gigantic stumbling block to peace for humankind, so I am preparing. It is extremely difficult to break down these barriers, because religions are embracing their international believers, transcending national boundaries and their thousands of years of cultural background. The four main religions of Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Confucianism have walked through thousands of years of history. If they have a showdown among themselves in the future, world peace will be wrecked and mankind will be doomed to perish.

From that viewpoint, the impending question is whether religions are willing to form a federate body, preventing fights and orienting themselves to a world of peace while engaging in friendly exchanges. As Heaven and the spirit world, rather than mankind, are earnestly aiming for this, Rev. Moon is initiating a worldwide movement centering on the Unification Church, following God's Will. (210-117, 1990.12.17)

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