The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2 The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

2.1 The Korean peninsula, microcosm of world conflict

Because the Korean peninsula is divided into North and South today, even if we have a nation, we cannot have a unified sovereignty. To have a unified sovereignty, the Korean people must be united to fight together. Even if the Korean people have the unified sovereignty, it is still not enough. With sovereignty, the Korean people must move up to the world level. Even if they have to sacrifice their hard-earned sovereignty, they must go battle on to restore the world. Otherwise, the world of peace and unification God is looking for will never come. (048-309, 1971.09.26)

If Abel cannot subjugate Cain, a world of peace will not come about. The conclusion is that we cannot expect the unification of North and South Korea as long as the problems of world politics are not resolved. (050-252, 1971.11.07)

Our nation's cherished hope is the reunification of the two Koreas. For a long history of five thousand years, we have been a single peace-loving nation rich in culture, customs and traditions, and fluent in the logical language of Korean. One Korean nation, a land of picturesque rivers and mountains! Our people share the same destiny. (164-186, 1987.05.15)

God made Korea go through tremendous hardships to summon it for His providence. It is a nation of suffering and a nation of goodness that has long paid respect to heaven and overcome trials with a spirit of peace and morality; therefore, it is being called by Heaven. To save humanity in the Last Days, it has become a sacrificial offering in providential history. Having gone through a history of suffering for thousands of years and finally as an offering for the salvation of mankind, Korea is still shouldering a heavy cross in world history, the division of the Korean peninsula. (135-345, 1985.12.16)

In Korea, there must be an Abel-like nation and a Cain-like nation. It has been divided into North and South at the 38th parallel. If the Cain-like nation, North Korea, is not subjugated by the Abel-like nation, South Korea, world peace will not be realized. The nation and land have been divided into two. Looking broadly at the world, it has been divided into the democratic and communist worlds. The two partitioned camps are tangent on the Korean peninsula. Hence, the unification of Korea is a scheme to unify the world. (034-275, 1970.09.13)

The Korean race is also known as the baedal race. What is that? The Chinese character dal in baedal (the earliest name for Korea) means "pass through or transmit." What does a carrier or deliverer do? He is like a liaison soldier who conveys news and messages. The Korean nation therefore communicates news and messages to the world. This name is well given. It is all very principled. The Korean people are also known as the baek-eui people, or folk clad in white. The character baek means "white," which symbolizes peace. White is a color which anybody can set as the standard, day or night. Red or yellow cannot be used as an indicator at night. Only the color white can be. Hence, the Korean people can be the standard for the world. (034-291, 1970.09.13)

The 38th parallel traversing the Korean peninsula today is not so great a burden. Besides that, a stronger and more extreme line dividing Russia and Communist China has to be surmounted. To prepare for the foundation of peace, a nation must establish a victorious foundation that can erase a more terrible demarcation line. (035-024, 1970.09.27)

When you are sweating and bleeding, everything is flowing profusely. It is the same when you are dying. Do not retain any lingering attachment for your personal desires, but clear them up completely. These things will come back to you after you have thoroughly liquidated them. From this standpoint, which direction will you head for, passing though the Republic of Korea? A person seeking peace without affliction or hindrance is a traitor to his nation. (035-028, 1970.09.27)

A nation that is not divided cannot lay the foundation for the Will. Like an offering, it has to be separated into two. Centering on those countries containing democratic and the communist elements, problems spring up in this world. World peace will not come knocking on the door if we do not reorganize the world centering on these divided nations, unifying the democratic world and subduing the communist world. (037-297, 1971.01.01)

The place that can receive accusation from the spirit world and that is substantially reflected in the physical world is the Panmunjom truce village [in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) dividing North and South Korea]. If all countries belonging to the communist world do not hold up the banner of peace there, transcend their background and power both internally and externally, and confess truthfully that they are losers, the heavenly kingdom of peace will not come to this earth.

How much have mass communication and communication networks risen today? When we flick on a switch or press a button, almost anything can be transmitted within thirty minutes to anywhere in the world. Under such circumstances, when Korea has established an unprecedented victorious welfare nation, bringing the peaceful unification of North and South in effect, other nations will try to look, come or follow even though all people of the world say not to. Accordingly, we have to unite and pour in all of our efforts. (037-319, 1971.01.01)

Though all people long for a world of peace and oneness, they agree that it cannot become one just by itself. The reality is that people are hoping for the unity of the world as spelled out by the democratic or communist world. If that were the case, is the communist world ready to unite with the democratic world, or vice versa? The problem is an exceedingly tough nut to crack.

When will this confrontation come to an end? As long as it persists, an ideal world of peace or oneness can never surface. Before looking for a way to unification or an ideal world, is there a country in the world whose people can say it is a unified nation that can replace the ideal world? (053-009, 1972.02.04)

Nobody today can deny that the Korean peninsula can be a base for launching satellites. Does anybody deny that Korea has emerged as a base that can leap to the pinnacle of the world, and open its gate to peace for humanity? (121-167, 1982.10.24)

To be a nation that can survive in the world and be welcomed by all people, the Korean nation first has to be a crossbearer to save the world, sacrificing its sovereignty and country. Establishing a victorious foundation by taking up the cross, it will receive glory on the day when the kingdom of peace is constructed. (125-244, 1983.03.27)

The tension between North and South Korea rather than the rivalry between East and West Germany is exacerbating the problem of the democratic and communist worlds. As long as Korea is unable to win over communism, the unification of Korea is but a daydream and peace will not come to the Korean nation.

To embrace peace, this nation must settle the underlying problem of antagonism between communist Russia and democracy. This is not just my stand. When we consider it from the providential perspective to be a providential focal point in which God is dealing with the physical world, if God does exist, the view to reconcile communism and democracy will be established. As Korea is situated between superpower countries such as Russia, Communist China and Japan they can expand their areas of influence in the future world in any age. As long as they command internal authority, they will be a source of problems. From that point of view, I have already thought about conflict between the democratic and communist worlds.

Think of a world of oneness after transcending the democratic and communist worlds. If the primary problem of the world remains unresolved, the basis for peace will not exist in Korea. From an ideological viewpoint, democracy does not contain any unified contents of the world as far as national ideas are concerned. Instead, it centers on the contents that the ideological system of communism is world conquest. (130-073, 1983.12.26)

The foundation of the Unification Church and my foundation are laid by absolutely obedience to Heaven's Will, living for others. Breaking through the oppression of Christianity and Confucianism, and solving the misunderstandings between East and West, I have erected a victorious foundation. If the Korean people and Korea lead sacrificial lives for the world on my triumphant global foundation, God will definitely shower much more abundant historical blessings upon Korea than He did on America. Not only will Korea overcome her suffering, but she will be the center of truth, love and peace in front of the world as well. The fact that God loves Korea is not for the sake of Korea alone. God's blessings upon Korea will bear fruit only if the Korean race serves the world. (135-238, 1985.12.11)

Korea is originally a peace-loving eastern nation. Koreans therefore deserted the continent of China and swarmed over the Korean peninsula. Even Confucius complimented the non-barbaric, peaceable eastern nation, and remarked that saints resided there. His desire was to visit that nation. (179-029, 1988.06.15)

As North and South Korea have been pitted against each other for forty years, ever since their division, their cultural climates are non-identical. The democratic and communist systems are perfectly distinct, not to mention the languages used. Their concepts of peace and freedom are disparate. The recent popular democracy many people are talking about is radically different. It asserts a standard for peace after eliminating all reactionary elements and contenders, centering on the proletarian dictatorship. South Korea is ignorant of the clever disguise of terminology. She is still in the dead hours of the night. (173-219, 1988.02.18)

As you know, Russia and Red China are divided. The Russian system inevitably supports pacifism as a countermeasure to their economic policy, and turns to the western society and the free world. North Korea is now left in a miserable situation, for it can follow neither Russia nor Communist China. It has merely concentrated on beefing up its military forces in order to communize South Korea. Amending their way of thinking is as difficult as changing a leopard's spots. (173-067, 1988.01.03)

The Korean peninsula, divided into democracy and communism, is the providential center of the world. Fully knowing that the unification of North and South Korea is the key to world peace, I have been investing all my heart and every ounce of my energy to carry out this task throughout the world. It was for this reason that I visited North Korea to confer with Kim Il-sung regarding this matter. (229-080, 1992.04.10)

The baek-eui people (folk clad in white) are amazing. White symbolizes peace. In spite of the fact that the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans were killing one another in China and Siberia, Russia, no Koreans carried knives or daggers with them. Examining the corpses of the Japanese or the Chinese, one can see they had weapons on their bodies. The Koreans only carried flint stones for starting a fire. This symbolizes the spreading of the truth. Flintstones are not just for lighting cigarettes or pipes, but also for making a fire anytime in cold places and for opening up an environment of life or death. Only the Korean nation has the origin of the alpha and omega, the point of the beginning and the end. Korea is also known as the eastern country of courteous people. In the history of Korea, Koreans have never even once invaded another country, and the country has constantly been serving as a stepping-stone for sacrifices. (220-274, 1991.10.20)

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