The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2 The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

2.2 The nations central to God's providence

In the case of Korea, Japan and China becoming one, it will create an Asian problem. When the standard of the Adam nation, Eve nation and Archangel nation is being restored on the horizontal level, this will pose a problem in Asia. The traditional standard that these three nations intend to set, standing in the vanguard for peace in Asia, must merge into a new notion that is above the racial and national standards. If that integrated tradition is acknowledged to be different from that of one's own nation, all the other Asian countries will associate with it. The question is how to build that traditional foundation. (040-131, 1971.01.30)

Korea bled so much under Japanese tyranny. Since Korean history began with shedding blood, Koreans have to restore their nation through bloodshed. This has already been achieved through another nation. Nevertheless, Korea refused to accept God's Will. Consequently, on 25 June 1950, the Korean people were confronted with a more gruesome enemy - the Korean War - during which they underwent another untold ordeal. The tragic war did not bring about unification of their country or the conditions for peace. Instead, Korea was divided and men of faith today have to follow an exhausting path. (043-274, 1971.05.01)

Centering on the foundation and environment for restoration in the Asian region, who is the archangel? The archangels of the formation, growth and completion stages are the leaders of Asia, America and West Germany respectively. Has Adam on the satanic side become one with the archangel on the worldwide level? They are separated into two. America is divided into the left wing and the right wing. Korea is partitioned into North and South. Germany is also divided. When their struggles and conflicts come to an end, the world will enter the age of the heavenly kingdom of peace. The day when Korea, Germany, and East and West have achieved unification will see the complete dissipation of communism. (047-205, 1971.08.28)

People are very concerned about the most important issue of when and how America is going to proceed in the future. Many people are thirsting for an ideal world overflowing with peace and liberty. We can easily perceive that hope. Looking at the trend of the present world, we cannot attain that ideal world; however, our present objective is very unclear and uncertain.

One cannot find in America an ideal that teaches people to love the world more than their own country. Hence, America cannot be a country that leads her people to construct an ideal world. Until Americans can sacrifice themselves or their country for the benefits of mankind and the entire world, a world of peace, happiness and thrift is impossible. Russia is in the same boat. If Russians cannot sacrifice their country for the world, neither God's providence nor an ideal world can be consummated. (052-009, 1971.12.11)

Individualism is apparently good for an individual, but most Westerners are overemphasizing this concept. As a consequence, they are flying like hawks in the sky as the wind blows them, having forfeited their state, nation, race, tribe, family, parents and even themselves. This is the very reason why true peace does not exist in the Western world. (052-012, 1971.12.11)

America has to give guidance to underdeveloped countries, and these nations have to follow the lead of America as their big brother. When they live that way, the whole world can continue to exist and revolve forever. If they progressively revolve faster, they will consequently become one. At that time, God will appear at the center, and a world of peace can materialize. (052-018, 1971.12.11)

The black, the white and the yellow races all meet in the melting pot of America. They are the descendants of Cain, Abel and Seth. The world has taken its present shape of today owing to the dispute among these three brethren. To accomplish a peaceful world, these three races have to unite into one. (052-077, 1971.12.22)

American citizens flatter themselves as being peace-lovers. However, they must understand that perfect peace comes only after goodness prevails over evil. If America retreats, do you think the Communist party will follow suit? After the withdrawal of American troops from Asia, India is going to fall right into the hands of the Russians as planned. Russia and Communist China are presently fighting over the neighboring countries. The communists intend to devour America and the democratic world with their ideology, so they are assuming the peace offensive.

Some may think, "Is Rev. Moon encouraging us to provoke a war on Americans? He isn't a pacifist..." Some people may interpret what I say as such. However, that is far from the truth. America has no real friends. This is a huge problem. If America is willing to make sacrifices for the sake of the world, it will never perish. The time will come when all nations of the world will become like brothers. (053-073, 1972.02.09)

Evil will always strike when it has the upper hand. Look at Kim Il-sung during the twenty years after the 1950-53 Korean War. Was there peace? Far from it. Snakes are forked-tongued. They go back on their words and retract their promises. Where can the prerogatives God gave to the naive Americans be found? Centering on God's dignity and privilege, where do we find a bulwark for shielding against the evil forces? As someone who knows God's Will and thus volunteers to walk a lonely path unknown to others, my blood boils at the very thought of it. (053-134, 1972.02.13)

A new movement has been kindled in the United States. Clinging onto the world, nation, society, race, tribe and family, youths are making a new departure. When this movement strides forward more forcefully than opposing groups who have run away from their homes, a new hope will bud in the United States. Awakening the Americans and religious people who may miss the opportune time and are in imminent danger, I must bequeath them freedom and a world of peace and blessings that God is searching for. (053-322, 1972.03.05)

Whom should the Lord of the Second Coming work together with first to build the ideal world, the world of peace? It is not the communists. It is not the Muslims. The Lord must work together with Christians. The Lord of the Second Coming and the Christians should have united as one and should have taught communists the right path and prevailed over them ideologically. Christianity should have been able to prevail over other religions in the same way. Would you like the central nation of that great providence to be America or Korea? From God's point of view, He can work much faster if He works centered on America because it influences the world. God granted tremendous blessing to America because of its special mission. If America fails to fulfill its mission, its future will hold nothing but darkness and disaster. (054-052, 1972.03.10)

What did the medieval Vatican do? Religions take charge of the internal, spiritual matters, while the Roman Empire takes care of the external, bodily world. The spiritual religions must have the capacity for guiding the physical nations, but they could not. They all exploited and manipulated nations in the name of religions that proclaimed peace. That was a violation of the principle. Just as the mind has to sacrifice itself to pull the body, to redress the violation of the heavenly law, religious leaders have to give their lives to shepherd political leaders. They have to be the driving force for peace and happiness of all nations. It is sad to say, but they are acting otherwise. (081-237, 1975.12.28)

The Archangel nation is America, the Eve nation is Japan and the Adam nation is Korea. Who must these three nations unite with? As the Lord of the Second Advent comes to Korea with the new Will of God and the ideological structure of making the world one, they have to serve and attend him. Tying the spiritual fruit of the cultural sphere of Christianity above the fruit of the physical cultural sphere, they failed to unify the spiritual standard centered on the Arabic world in Jesus' time with the physical standard centered on the Asian region. A heavenly world of peace will be substantiated on this earth when the three nations have unified the Asian empire, the Middle East and the Arab world, and liberated Israel, returning to the historical age. It will be a unified world. This is the dispensational view. (081-250, 1975.12.28)

Cain and Abel are in the individual and family, and among tribes and nations. To link them together, I have lived the life of a combatant. The world is divided into Cain and Abel. Communism has gained power over the last two decades. Red China was censured by the United Nations in 1950 for being an invader and a destroyer of peace. After twenty years, not only has Communist China become a UN member, but also a member of the Security Council. (052-071, 1971.12.22)

The Archangel sacrificed the seed of men for his own self-centered purpose. The seed sprouted with a wrong motive, and the entire world came to take a totally unprincipled direction. Not only was the Archangel's desire evil, but he even willingly sacrificed others to fulfill his desire. The leaders of the world are those who did not hesitate to sacrifice others for their own sakes. The strong always ended up holding the power. The struggles beginning with an individual are expanded to the family, tribe, nation and world. Peace or an ideal world cannot exist based on evil motives and selfish desires. (052-010, 1971.12.11)

The history of the Messiah is different from that of Cain. Cain-like history is the history of the satanic world, whereas the messianic history unfolds centering on God. Hence, there has been constant antagonism between God and Satan throughout human history. If God is positive, Satan will retaliate and want to be in the negative. This has become the realm of negativity. If Satan is not subjugated, unity cannot be achieved. If unity is not achieved, the garden of Eden, a world of peace cannot commence. (057-165, 1972.05.31)

This world itself is Cain-like. The heavenly side has to come to this world as Abel. The Cain-Abel history is the issue, because the unfallen, original form of the garden of Eden has to be reinstated. Peace will be where oneness is; war, destruction and downfall will be where fighting occurs. This is the Principle. What is Abel's role? He does not come to fight, but to unify and realize peace.

Satan's subordinates are gaining power and strength in many countries. As the champion has not arrived yet, they have been thrashing, tearing, trampling, and doing whatever they wish to. Sending the world champion, God wants to smash and shatter them into pieces. He strategizes to set up the world Israelite champion, the champion of Heaven and Earth, the champion of heart, unity, peace, happiness and love. (038-185, 1971.01.03)

I have linked four nations to the whole world. They are paying indemnity in lieu of all other countries of the world. In order for other countries to form a relative relationship with them, the Unification Church dispatched missionaries from America, Germany and Japan to 120 nations in 1975. I told missionaries from these three nations to be one. Starting points arise around the world centering on me. The nation becomes one, and is concurrently connected to the whole world, and thus to a kingdom of peace. Putting the three enemy nations together, I ordered them to love one another as they would themselves. (122-046, 1982.10.31)

America so far has been living for itself. It must seek after the truth, lead and live for the world. It should have begun in this way, but it did not. Instead it has hoped to dominate the world. It has abandoned God to hanker after its own benefit, has overlooked the losses and damages of the weaker and minor nations of the world, has forgotten about the construction of a world of peace for all humankind, and aims to inherit a victorious foundation only for itself. God's history bade it farewell there. The foundation on which God can implement worldwide activities is not established. That is the problem. (148-144, 1986.10.08)

Is Korea not small? Manchuria and China used to be the stage for the activities of Korea. China is now a savage tribe. Korea is prominent for being a peace-loving eastern nation. Koreans cannot stand wars, but salute peace. Looking at the traditional history, Korea is an Adam nation and Japan an Eve nation. An island symbolizes a woman. The Korean peninsula resembles a penis and Japan is shaped like a vulva. They should hug and love each other. (192-319, 1989.07.09)

The First, Second and Third Israel are represented by the Jews, Americans and Koreans respectively. They are three brothers, and also represent Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel. The Allies of France, America and England and the Axis Powers of Japan, Germany and Italy have to stand united. If you do not create a peaceful family but harbor enmity against one another under one roof, what will become of your family? It is out of the question. (251-039, 1993.10.15)

I believe that the Soviet Union will take charge of a very important role in God's plan to build a world where true peace is maintained. This far-flung Soviet Union, which extends from the Far East bordering Korea, which is my fatherland, to the heart of Europe which is the cradle of Western civilization, was born with the fate to be a bridge between Europe and Asia. We have to think of ourselves as one global family that lives together in one household called the earth. (201-213, 1990.04.09)

Do you know how the government of China thinks of Rev. Moon now? I don't talk about myself since it may sound like I am blowing my own horn, but it says "Mao, step aside." Mao liberated his nation, but he doesn't have the content with which he could build world peace. His idea is dialectic logic, so he has taken strategy and tactics by interposing a logic of fighting so far. However, Rev. Moon teaches a logic of harmony, not a logic of fighting. I have entered a stage that has already absorbed the dialectic logic of fighting by accomplishing strategy and tactics through a harmonious logic. What we call philosophers, religious people, or others have all been utterly defeated by me. (206-192, 1990.10.07)

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