The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2 The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

2.3 The principles of unification

Our wish in relation to the Republic of Korea is the unification of North and South. Further, on a bigger scale, that of the world, our wish is that the democratic world and the communist world will become one instead of fighting, and thus realize a peaceful world. (041-009, 1971.02.12)

A plan for unification is not something that is to be realized in North and South Korea. How can we prevent the fight that occurs between mind and body in human beings themselves and develop the realm in which the mind has the leadership and maintains the standard of peace? When the mind and body are connected, it becomes the world. For that reason, the stronghold of heaven is the mind. (047-272, 1971.08.29)

America, which has the most extensive military power in the world today, has been fighting for years in Vietnam, but has not built peace yet. When we see this, we can clearly witness that one cannot bring peace through military power. Also, one cannot seek for one world with the ideology of the democratic world or the ideology of the communist world. The age of ideology is passing. (039-347, 1971.01.16)

Where is the way of unification? It is not outside, but inside. We have to eliminate the fight between our mind and body and have the mind take precedence over the body. The individual, family, society, country and the world must go the way the mind dictates. Then, unification will be realized automatically. However, can we bring about such results today? The Soviet Union is talking about peaceful coexistence, but it is a pretense. It is a camouflaged strategy. (039-266, 1971.01.15)

North and South Korea cannot become one with guns and swords. They have to follow a foundation based on heart that honors God. Unification is impossible to achieve when they are off the proper course of peace. Heavenly fortune will not be in harmony with them. (144-165, 1986.04.12)

Where should we pull the Republic of Korea to? We have to lead her to the garden of love, not to the garden of power and not the garden of falsehood. North and South Korea will be dealt with properly when we lead them to the garden of true love. Unless we treat them as brothers centered on common parents, the world of peace will not come about. (168-223, 1987.09.20)

What must we do for today's world to become a world of peace? Fighting cannot reconcile these divided countries. History that began with fighting cannot be resolved through fighting. Since it began with a struggle, a way to resolve it peacefully must appear. If not, peace cannot come.

As we infer from the Vietnam War or the situation of Korea today, the time for resolving problems peacefully is rapidly approaching, but we seem to have found no way thus far. This is painful.

The world is at stake right here. It is groaning in a situation which doesn't seem to improve through fighting or other means. One cannot introduce a world of peace through force of arms. That is something God hates. (062-093, 1972.09.17)

What we desire is to live in an ideal society, but we are living in a world of confusion and contradiction. Then, what are we supposed to do? That is the question. With what can we arrange this chaotic and contradictory world? With power? Would it be done with power? In a communist way? It may work one time, but not always. When there is an up, there is a down. It's inevitable. We see the Soviet Union in trouble with three years of bad harvests. Is it because people want it to be so?

We have to know that a world of peace cannot come about even with a power that can leap over a country. Can it be done with knowledge? A world of peace cannot come with knowledge, either. Then, with money? Not with money, either. (115-314, 1981.11.29)

Who causes war? Does God cause it or do people? People do, but God is there and watches it all. It is because things have to turn around. However, to create a world of peace through conflict is not God's Will. It is not Rev. Moon's will, either. God is thinking about how to do the work through love, not using force. It means how to digest with love. (103-182, 1979.02.25)

Actually, it is rather simple to make peace come to this world today. North Korea will not fight and peace will come when South Korea is completely living for the sake of North Korea. The power that can move bandits or unfilial children is neither fists, nor force. It is the power of true love that will move others. Faith alone won't straighten out fallen people who are living contrary to the great principle of heaven and earth. The attitude of the established churches that one will go to heaven if only he believes in Jesus is not enough. (177-221, 1988.05.20)

The purpose of the unification of the North and the South, which the providence demands, is not unification itself. It is to generate eternal freedom, eternal peace, eternal happiness and the eternal ideal on the foundation of unification. Therefore, unification cannot be accomplished by force or by causing harm or discomfort to others. Unification should be achieved through true love, which is to give and give again to others. (234-258, 1992.08.26)

The conflict on the Korean peninsula reflects clearly not only the conflict between the advanced countries and underdeveloped countries, but also the conflict of eastern and western cultures. Therefore, the unification of the Korean peninsula not only has an inseparable relationship with world peace, but also will become a compass indicating an important direction for solving the world's problems in the future.

To fulfill the mission of the True Parents, I have undergone every kind of suffering and hardship in order to realize world peace through the philosophy of Godism. Godism helps us to rediscover God, who has been pushed out by humanism and forgotten by materialism, and teaches us a point of convergence where God and human beings will meet together. (234-241, 1992.08.22)

The basic principle that can unify North and South Korea into one is the establishment of true families and true individuals whose minds and bodies are united through God's true love. Furthermore, this principle can also be expanded to that of world peace to realize true freedom, peace and happiness. Therefore, the unification of the Korean peninsula is preparation for the important opportunity to create a unified world in the future, and further, to unify God and human beings.

The Korean peninsula where we are discussing the unification of Korea and world peace today is in a historic ideological confrontation in which two trends of thought, that is God-centered Hebraism and humanistic Hellenism, which have been in conflict throughout human history, are confronting each other under the names of free democracy and communism. Accordingly, overcoming this ideological division on the Korean peninsula will serve as an ideological model that can be followed to unify the world. (234-239, 1992.08.22)

We have to unify North and South Korea with true love. The unification of Korea cannot be done with the force of arms. We failed once and things won't be solved through force again. These days there is a trend of insisting upon peace. If someone tried to use force in this environment, he would be denounced as a rebel. (233-283, 1992.08.02)

I believe that the work of solving the problems of communism and realizing world peace cannot be attained simply by ideological confrontation or education alone. It is because economic support is also very important in reviving the world.

This time, I entered Pyongyang as an apostle of peace. I have a firm belief that, no matter what happens, we should not bring a fratricidal war on ourselves in this Korean peninsula.

I hope that America is extremely discreet in things that threaten the Korean people's right to live. I believe the nuclear matter with North Korea can be resolved peacefully. We must surely resolve the matter peacefully through genuine dialogue and mutual respect. I went to Pyongyang with the purpose of opening a way to dialogue and returned, having fulfilled the mission of trying to solve the matter peacefully through dialogue. (224-253, 1991.12.07)

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