The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2 The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

2.4 The mission of Unificationism in relation to the reunification of Korea

You have to be Unification Church members who prepare to go to the 38th parallel even at the sacrifice of sleep, before I can attempt to cross the 38th parallel. However, I wonder how many of you would in fact be prepared to do that. What's more, I wonder how many of you would be willing to go beyond national boundaries and to sacrifice your life in order to save the nation. When the number of such members from all over the world increases sufficiently, the Unification Church will be naturally equipped with a victorious worldwide foundation and will be able to build the kingdom of heaven on earth. (035-115, 1970.10.04)

You must keep moving forward till the day I can go to my hometown, set up offerings and hold a celebration for the liberation of this country. We cannot just leave the land of North Korea as it is, having been trampled on by the enemy. We must completely drive out communism, which is the number one enemy. It is our strategy to try to achieve this objective rapidly on the external level and unleash a concentrated offensive in Korea to drive out world communism, since we cannot bring freedom and peace to that land of North Korea before doing so. (035-308, 1970.10.30)

Now in Japan, people are publicizing the Communist party and the Unification Church quite openly. Although members of the Communist party join the Unification Church, not one of our Unification Church members has joined the Communist party. Executive members of the Communist party in one prefecture of Japan are coming in numbers. So, Kim Il-sung sent a message to the ninth party convention of Chochongnyon [the pro-Pyongyang federation of Korean residents in Japan]. His message read, "Until we root out the International Federation for Victory Over Communism in Asia, there cannot be peace." (039-123, 1971.01.10)

Those people in North Korea centered on Kim Il-sung have been brought to unity through coercion and through death threats. However, we have to become one heavenly family by investing our own life in an environment that is free and peaceful. In doing so, unless we are on a higher level than the Communist party centered on Kim Il-sung, we won't measure up to the historic mission by which, through us, God can gain control over the satanic world. (040-187, 1971.02.01)

The Unification Church has to fight for people before country. It has to fight for the nation. However, Korea is divided into North and South. If the nation is divided, it cannot become a sovereignty in which the Koreas achieve peaceful unification. It can only amount to a one-sided sovereignty. What is important above all else is to find a means of establishing a national standard of mind and heart that can transcend the divisions between North and South Korea. I think that this is the task into which the Unification Church has to invest its energy in the future. (049-097, 1971.10.09)

Although your thoughts may vary, you have to be unified through Unification Thought and naturally subjugate Satan, the chief accuser, with your own effort. To advance with determination to die only after having paved the way for the foundation of peace in the heavenly country, though your body might be trampled on, is the path the women of the Unification Church must go. So, what are you going to do outside the peninsula? Women of countless families in Korea must follow the path the women of the Unification Church are going. (050-241, 1971.11.07)

Thus far in history, the bosses and the workers have been the ones with the power. They could move the world. However, there was one class of people who could not have influence and they were the people of conscience. The highest people among those of conscience are members of the Unification Church. The Communist party has the motto, "Workers of the world unite!" We also have a motto and that is, "Let all people of conscience unite and cooperate!" The Communist party does not recognize middle class people, but we people of conscience will bring the three classes to stand together. This is our field of battle. We will embrace everybody. In other words, black, white and yellow. A world of true peace will come about when we harness the efforts of all such people and gain victory over communism. (052-134, 1971.12.26)

Won't the restoration of the world be accomplished in an instant once the country longed for by God is found? Once our hearts can embrace three countries other than our original one, we reach four countries. Then, a form of four-position-foundation country is realized in the world, so a protective fort comes to be built which Satan cannot invade. Only then are the world of peace and the land of heaven formed. You have to understand clearly that it is the original hometown the Unification Church is pursuing. Also, you must clearly understand that the group of people who are investing their passion for that purpose and who have gathered to invest their youth is the Unificationists. You have to understand clearly that they are the group of Unificationists who must root out the power of evil that disrupts the course of life. (056-288, 1972.05.18)

The Fall started from within the human mind and the destruction of humanity began from there. So, evil manifested itself in many forms such as individualism and materialism. The democratic and communist ideologies also foster different manifestations of evil in the human heart. As you know, in the Soviet Union, although Stalin was Khrushchev's predecessor who appointed Khrushchev to be his successor, Khrushchev did everything to bring down Stalin as soon as he gained power. It was an awful struggle. How could there be peace in this world? So, now I ask that we Unification Church members reject what came about due to the Fall and what has come to be accepted as the purpose of civilization since the Fall, and go in search of the reality that existed before the Fall. This is the principle of the Unification Church. (060-067, 1972.08.06)

If you are to bring Satan to his knees, it is not enough to bring just one country to its knees. Satan has a worldwide sovereignty, so you have to expel Satan's sovereignty as well. Only then will a realm of liberation come into being on the earth. So long as there is so much as a shadow of Satan's accusation on earth, the ideal of the garden of Eden, which God made as a garden of freedom and peace, cannot be realized. Heaven on earth is completed only when the shadow of Satan's opposition disappears completely from the earth. We can start the liberation movement of the celestial realm only once the foundation for that work is completed on earth. This is the path members of the Unification Church have to follow. (057-131, 1972.05.29)

You have to know that the Unification Church has toiled on this sorrowful path of indemnity in the course of restoration. However, you should not remember the hardship you have undergone thus far. Should you hold onto this suffering, you will have no alternative but to harbor bad feelings toward your nation, parents, church, and others. Such would be a sad road of indemnity. On the contrary I am suggesting that we let go of the past altogether. Thus, let's make a world of freedom and peace that has no indemnity and an environment of heavenly restoration that is filled with freedom and thus a heaven of freedom in which we look to how God is feeling and feel happy when God is happy. However, you have to understand that unless you offer all your blood, tears and sweat in order to realize such a world and fully follow the path of filial piety and loyalty in your life, you will have regret at the end.

The final moment is upon us. In the face of a national destiny in which North and South Korea oppose each other, the Unification Church will not disappear in the face of difficulty nor be broken amid persecution. I have come here to ask you not to neglect to make your own preparation to become those who are qualified to inherit the world of tomorrow as builders of peace and of the nation of liberation, for all nations and for the world and also as individuals embodying the very highest standard of responsibility in the world. It is inevitable that based on such a foundation, a new family, a new nation, a new world and a new country of God, that is the world which God desires, will be created. (065-095, 1972.11.13)

Today, it is the view of the Unification Church that the purpose of salvation resides not in individuals so much as in a nation and the entire world. If a country is saved and becomes a peaceful kingdom, its people become a people at peace. Likewise, when a world of peace is created, countless nations that belong to that world will constitute a realm of peace. (036-178, 1970.11.29)

Now all thirty million people of South Korea, all husbands and wives, should go out to fight for peace on the Korean peninsula and for its unification. If they do that, fathers, mothers, husbands and wives will meet in tears at the 38th parallel with the bell of liberation ringing. And the 38th parallel will be the point where all people offer their gratitude before God. Only then can Korea be peacefully united and the Kingdom of Heaven arrive. However, if everyone in this nation maintains a heart of hatred, Korea will perish. Who is going to take on the task of unifying Korea? Only the Unification Church can. Seen from that perspective, you must realize that you have to take the prayer condition up until August seriously. (059-162, 1972.07.16)

Whereas the enemy's gun barrel is pointed at the backs of those who think nothing of being in debt to others and of sleeping, peaceful liberation will come, and the sound of praise for victorious glory awaits those who live for the sake of others. Isn't this the case in the world as well? Those who were beaten sleep with their legs straight and those who struck the blows sleep with their legs bent. The Unification Church, which receives the beating, sleeps with its legs straight and the established churches that beat us sleep with their legs bent. Accordingly, the established churches gradually go down and the Unification Church, little by little, rises up. So, no matter where I go, I have no feeling of shame. No matter where I go and no matter whom I may meet from the established churches, I can hold my head up high. (059-211, 1972.07.16)

Our life of pioneering the bloody path of history has been tragic and miserable. However, if we have pursued it not for our own happiness, but as a messenger of heaven for the sake of the liberation of the nation and the peace of the world, will it not be remembered in history forever? When the accomplishment comes to be illuminated from on high by the spotlight of history, the sound of the bell of freedom ringing out for North and South Korea's liberation and for Asia's too, will reverberate outwards and the energy for the liberation of the world will spring forth right here, from this land. It goes without saying. This is what we have witnessed up until now. (059-152, 1972.07.16)

Unification Church thinking is to try to make of Korea the country God desires. You have to be aware of this. You have to take this understanding completely to heart in the physical world and the spirit world. This way, only when that is accomplished before God, and the starting point of peace comes and God's love at last settles in the universe, is the point of final victory established on earth. Thus, God should be able to laugh at last and say, "Ah, now I have done it all" and "Before me, there can only be happiness. The painful and frustrating historical indemnity course and the providence of salvation is over." What I mean is that the point of final victory is decided only when the day comes that we liberate the earth and all spirit men in the spirit world and thus they can glorify the victory from the position of being completely liberated. You should know that the age of the kingdom of peace, that is true happiness, starts in heaven and on earth only when you go over all boundaries. We have to go for it. (057-070, 1972.05.28)

The yellow one is the first son, the black the second son and the white the third son, and the fighting between them can be brought to an end through the Unification Thought. This way the ideal fatherland of God is established. From there the world will be finally arranged into a world of peace, a world of oneness, a world of unification and a world of victory. Thus, we have to be in line with God while we are in the process of building heaven on earth. We have to build one unified heaven by attending God, who is the subject of heaven in heaven, on earth. We have to know clearly that this is the mission Unificationists must accomplish. A life of peaceful heaven will finally start when parents and children become one based on such a foundation. (079-083, 1975.06.01)

What I mean is that everything will be solved only if we understand that God exists. I have understood that God does exist. Then, what is the peace, love, unification and protection that God asserts, all about? The Unification Church started this way. (080-081, 1975.10.14)

If you understand that what the Unification Church is teaching is straight and true and you can continue to feel grateful for that, the day of unification will surely come, a day when one world is established. Only then will a world of unification have been realized and the world thus made, will finally be a world of peace. Think about it! Would such a world be a world of fighting or a world of peace? No matter what your own thinking may have been, this is the only way. So, I set forth the way of heaven and earth, God's Will and the path human beings have to follow as being such and such. It is a surprise to discover that such things have been set out in a clear theoretical way. This is something you are surprised to gain ownership of. (081-153, 1975.12.07)

People in the world have different cultures, lifestyles, languages, vocabularies, and ways of thinking and paths they are following. If all people go forever in different directions, they will never resolve conflicts and will struggle against each other forever. Wars will never end. We must completely drive out communism, which is the number one enemy worldwide. Our strategy is to try to develop this providential will rapidly on the external level and to unleash a concentrated offensive in Korea in order to expel the communist parties of the world since we cannot bring freedom and peace in the land of North Korea before we do so. (085-300, 1976.03.04)

It is miserable for you to be separated from your parents, your wives or your children. However, if you balk at being separated in this way, a bloody drama far more miserable than this will unfold in this nation of South Korea. We know the shocking truth that although our children may be in a pitiable situation and the road our parents are going may be hard, through being able to unify North and South, the land of South Korea can become the origin of peace and of God's efforts at global salvation. Therefore, we have to have a clear conviction to make North and South Korea one. In these circumstances, we are being called upon to gather together the followers of Kim Il-sung in their entirety, to educate them and make them surrender voluntarily - whatever it takes to get them to come to the point of recognizing us as "elder brother." (113-280, 1981.05.10)

Brides and bridegrooms of the Unification Church are the very couples who became tied together centered on God's love and truth and they are the ones trying throughout their lives to build a family based on God's love and truth. When you keep going with such faith and determination in your heart, the world of love, happiness and peace which is the ideal of God and human beings, will surely be realized on earth. (120-173, 1982.10.14)

Leaders and members of CARP [The Collegiate Association for the Research of Principle] have gathered here representing the youth of the world! You CARP people will have to take the lead on the road towards the new world that everyone desires. We are the leading actors who will realize a world of peace in line with God's ideal. You have to move forward more strongly than before in line with my tradition. Your efforts should include not only the external aspect of paving a worldwide foundation, but also the internal aspect of inheriting God's world of heart and tradition of faith. (133-286, 1984.11.03)

The religions of the world have to be unified and, with this internal standard being unified, the external standard has to be made into one. It is for the sake of peace. Considering the fact that the Korean nation has been invaded by other powerful countries more than 900 times in its history, the fact that a tradition has been hidden from view through which Korea could become a historic representative nation capable of coming up with a system of thought that gives rise to peace, has not occurred to anybody. Then, how are we going to accomplish unification? How would things be unified and a world of peace come about? What I am saying is that we have to attain unification and peace centered on God. God's desire is twofold. He wants to make humanity into one and He wants to create peace. We must conclude that Korea is a special nation which has kept a national spirit that can overcome all of these things in the historic age of the last days before the Will of God.

Therefore, seen from a religious perspective, a system of thought is needed which can unify religion. Next, a love that can make a world of peace is needed. We come to these two conclusions if God exists.

From this perspective, we must understand that today the Unification Principle is based on the thought of a historical tradition from which it could not fail to emerge, given that it has this nation as its source. You must understand clearly that it is a valid conclusion that this principle emerged on the foundation of an irrepressible tradition, which advocates God's love as the basis to unite not only Christianity but also the whole religious field, and to make one world of peace. (168-054, 1987.09.01)

The various systems of this world will be in confusion until the age of change dawns when heavenly love is proclaimed completely. That age is now. This is so in the relations of husband and wife, parents and children and sovereign and subject. The relationship of teacher and students is in confusion as well. Students have taken the subject position and so have women and children. Everything is the wrong way up. In religion too, God should be in the position of master, but material became so instead. Everything is in the reverse order. It is the Unification Church's role to try to carry out the providence that can change things round. That is the mission of the Unification Church. We have to make a peaceful world of unification by turning the right way up whatever is up side down as compared to what was originally intended. We have to create the proper order. (183-167, 1988.10.31)

The army of the Soviet Union is at present an army for the Soviet Union and the army of America is an army for America. There is no army for the world or for the country of heaven. Is there an army for this world? I told you that even God needs an army, didn't I? What I mean is that God wants an army that can remain an unchanging and eternal army of chosen soldiers of the heavenly nation, which is stronger than the Japanese army that stood on the side of Satan or Hitler's Nazi army. These armies could ultimately make no headway because they were armies of injustice, but our army is going to keep moving forward forever. As long as such an army exists, the frontiers of peace will not be invaded. How wonderful this is! The victorious realm of love is inviolable. What I am saying is that a loving heaven is guaranteed forever. Let's pledge that as the army of the eternal country of heaven we will move forward for the world and for the country of heaven. (124-261, 1983.02.20)

If you are posted to a camp on the front line, those in the rearguard will have cause to sing songs of peace thanks to you. I have no time now to teach you even about the standard of heart. In other words we have to take the lead. We are in a busy age. Every minute now counts so how should I find the time to raise you up and go together with you? So, young men and women will have to go to the world stage by themselves with a feeling of responsibility. If you go with the mentality that even if we cannot build the house, we should at least lay the foundation and that although our character is still immature we should at least leave behind for posterity our sincere heart and our results gained through tears, then a call to arms will surely arise spontaneously once our unit has been withdrawn. Please bear in mind that I have worked on such a basis until today and will continue doing so in future as well. (150-078, 1960.03.27)

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