The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3 Democracy and Communism

3.2 What is the problem with communism?

What is communism? It does not affirm the being in the subject position. It does not approve the one in the object position either. What I am saying is that it has no direction and purpose. It would fall apart were it to approve any one of these things. It sees the relationship between subject and object as fundamentally a combative one. In other words, they become one through fighting. Where in the universe can we discern such a law? They say that men and women become one by fighting each other and that body and mind become one by fighting. In the relationship of subject and object too, they say that material is primary, rather than mind, which is seen as a derivative of material. They have turned things upside down. Saying that things are geared toward fighting, their actions focus on fighting. That is not the direction of peace. They say, "blood must be shed before there can be unity. Only after one sees blood can unification come about." I say this is contrary to the principle of the development of history and also to the very principles according to which the universe exists. (108-068, 1980.06.22)

The communist dialectic says that things become one through fighting. If the world of capitalism were to disappear and the capitalist system were replaced by the communist system, what then would become the purpose of fighting? The question is, would a world of peace come into being at that point? Would an ideal world of communism come into being then as we just sat and waited? One can hardly imagine that such a world would come about. If such a world should indeed come into being, or if there is indeed a spiritual world, would the spirit world simply leave the world as it is? What would God do about it if He does exist? If the world has been built, religion would disappear. It would become a world without religion. If so, would God who has been overseeing religion till now do nothing and just look on? Communism sets its sights on fighting against God whilst also setting its sights against capitalism. It makes religion a target of its struggle. Even if capitalism were to fall, they would not stop fighting against God. (097-240, 1978.03.19)

What are the strategy and tactics of the Communist party? They aim to establish a proletarian dictatorial government through surprise operations. What are the means or vehicle through which these surprise operations are carried out? That is the so-called "peace offensive." The communists make the bourgeoisie feel safe with them, until the latter become their loyal partners. The essence of communist thought is to deal a final hard blow at that time, knocking them down and taking back the regime by force. (078-215, 1975.05.25)

Dmitri Manuilski, who was an important executive member of the central committee of the Soviet Communist Party in 1931, laid bare the basic strategy of communism to the core members of the Lenin School of Political Strategy as follows. "Communism and democracy cannot coexist. It is still too early for us to attack now. Our time will come in twenty to thirty years from now. Victory will surely come by virtue of a surprise attack. Prey upon the world of capitalism and ensure at all costs that they remain asleep. The best method for this is to launch an unprecedented peace offensive. They will notice nothing untoward at all. They will sing a song of peace and rush foolishly into any proposal that may be tabled. In this way, capitalist countries will cooperate like fools in the digging of their own graves. We gain time by disguising ourselves as their friends, and when they are relaxed we will strike them a blow with our fist and knock them out right away." (078-251, 1975.06.07)

Communism operates through a dictatorial system, so people can be made to do anything through a single order. However, that is not the case in the democratic world. For example, if America all of a sudden reverses a certain policy such as one related to peace or friendship, there are inevitable repercussions. In future, this place, the world headquarters of the Unification Church in New York, will become the target of attack by the Communist party.(086-144, 1976.03.21)

The young people of America do not know about communism, by which I mean that they don't know what communism is like. People in the White House and congressmen do not know so much about communism, either. In American. diplomatic policy, they talk about peace or negotiation with the communists. However, the truth is that they are just being ensnared by communist technique and are induced to give away everything that is valuable to them. The communists' purpose is to penetrate and overthrow the democratic world by any means possible. They use such and such a negotiating tactic to that end, but they are all hollow words. (086-143, 1976.03.21)

Representing the democratic world in the position of Abel, we have to confront the communist world, absorb and digest it and win it over. Unity cannot be achieved through fighting. My vision is that true peace can only be realized in this world when we teach communists where they are in error and we thus become one. (086-229, 1976.03.31)

The ideological content that countries such as the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Rumania or Yugoslavia propagate is the same. They talk about U.S. imperialists with one voice. We have to be aware that they are attacking using identical content. Communists have so far had confidence that they would absorb the democratic world through a diplomatic policy based on peace offensives. There is no one who hates peace. Everybody says it is good and people are all entangled in that web. Have they not so far made extensive military expansion after making things like military prohibition agreements or nuclear non-proliferation treaties, using such devices as their means? As you know, the current military power of the Soviet Union surpasses that of America. America has so far relied upon a peace policy of non-proliferation, but the Soviet Union has been developing in the opposite direction. They are still reinforcing their bases aimed toward Europe and even strengthening their military power aimed at reaching as far as the coasts of the Asia Pacific region and India. For example, they are investing in a massive fleet and army garrison for Vladivostok. Everyone knows this. (086-145, 1976.03.21)

There cannot be peace between Satan and God. The Communist bloc in the satanic world is demonstrating the opposite of peace, including making preparations for war in the name of peace. For example, they imitate the world of peace that God advocates. Whereas peace on the evil (Satan's) side involves killing people, exploiting everything for their own sake and enjoying the benefits of plunder, God's idea of peace is to try to give everything by sacrificing oneself. The methods are different. True peace will come, so inevitably it will come under attack from the side of false peace and this will continue until it gets bored. This is a moment of just such a kind. (088-120, 1976.08.08)

Would the communists know about love or not? Would they regard love as more precious than material? I am saying that even communism will have to establish the logic that love is needed more than material in order to bring about the ideal world and peace to the human heart. Can something that is bigger and more valuable enter and belong to something that is smaller and of lesser value? How can something smaller come first, before something bigger? Therefore, a world of peace is an impossibility with that way of thinking. (093-144, 1977.05.22)

The peace communists talk about is different from our concept of it. They are making the most of the tactics of vocabulary. People in the free or democratic world go in search of a standard through which they can find harmony and unity, although they may have varying opinions, doctrines, purposes or directions one from another. This is what we mean by peace. We think of being one as peace, but the communist world doesn't see it that way. For them, to completely get rid of every reactionary element opposed to the proletarian dictatorial government is what is meant by peace. The Reagan administration is walking right into the peace offensive with which the Soviet Union is currently luring them. Their logic is, peace is a peace aimed at eradicating America. They are talking about the world of peace in which they eradicate and get rid of reactionary elements, receive the full support of the communist system in the Soviet Union and have things all their own way without any opposition. The vocabulary is different. So is the word "democracy." Their "democracy" is one that guarantees peace and happiness for workers, farmers and a dictatorial government. In the free world, we refer to democracy on the basis that the entire populace has co-operated in a unified way. Seen in this way, the strategy and tactics of communists are all deception. For them, the question is how to cheat others. This is what matters to them. (170-151, 1987.11.15)

The peace referred to in the free world is one that harmoniously embraces everybody in all directions including communism and democracy. The peace which communism refers to, on the other hand, is not like that. It is the peace that remains after they have got rid of all reactionary elements. Accordingly, it is a peace centered on a dictatorial form of government that supposedly exists for the benefit of workers and peasants. It has no place for the bourgeoisie who stands on the foundation provided by them and who can operate the higher level structures in society. We must know clearly that they are talking about a peace in which they have completely got rid of the bourgeoisie. What are they going to accomplish through peace? If they are looking toward a utopian world, what would that world be like? They envision a world of peace or a utopian world centered upon themselves, giving priority to workers. In such a world, the bourgeoisie and the capitalist form of society cannot exist. They are talking about peace from a position where they reject it completely. (172-014, 1988.01.03)

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