The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3 Democracy and Communism

3.3 The way to overcome communism

The man standing before you is not an anti-Communist. I am a man who shouts for victory over communism, rather than for anti-communism. In other words, the means by which God can put His hand on this world and lead it to become a world of peace will exist only when this democratic world - which has existed in the realm of Christian culture in the world's ideological spectrum - asserts itself with an authority that can surpass the communist world. (053-186, 1972.02.20)

The Communist party, which we can call evil, attacks others whenever it is powerful. There is no such thing as peace to them. With that understanding, I lit a fire in the hearts of the young people of the Unification Church and made them pledge an internal resolve to fight in the future. We have to have such a standard by which we can control power with power. Still, it does not mean that we are going to attack. It is the intrinsic nature of Satan to be able to attack anytime we are weak. What they call peace is merely their strategy and tactics. What should the people of Korea do at this time when a rapidly changing situation is so swiftly coming upon them? The time has come when we have to be armed ideologically and to be ready to make up our mind between the way of life and the way of death. (050-226, 1971.11.07)

Whether we are referring to the communist world or the democratic world, there is no way to obtain unity unless they are in a peaceful situation. In the meantime, the communist world is breaking down internally. Both the democratic world and the communist worlds are collapsing. Worldwide communism will fall to nationalism and America, which has been leading the worldwide democratic world, will also be limited by nationalism. (070-238, 1974.02.14)

Evil will strike first. Goodness will endure but evil will attack. America is stronger than the Soviet Union but is not striking the Soviet Union. That's why America is more on the side of goodness than the Soviet Union. Kim Il-sung of North Korea intends to invade the South by military force, doesn't he? Evil will take the offensive when its power rises, so the democratic world has to be prepared not to lose out in the balance of power. If the Communist party strengthens its military power whilst all the while launching peace offensives, the democratic world must do the same. (064-260, 1972.11.12)

The UN General Assembly is not important now. We will have to throw Satan down and also deal with the Communist party. That will be good, don't you think? I have done quite a lot of (Korean style) wrestling. If you make a mistake while lifting your partner with a belly throw, you will just slump down if you don't have enough force. Therefore, you have to be strong like steel. (078-329, 1975.06.10)

Once you know the law of indemnity, the problems of the world can all be solved. Then, will communism go to ruin or not? The Communist Party will go to ruin. They stage a purge on every political opponent of theirs, but they cannot live forever. After the person is dead and if their sons and daughters are left alive, they will then take revenge. Would a world of peace come this way? Can peace come in an environment of uneasiness and fear? Peace comes about when you can say, "Thank you" even while you are dying. If you say, "You have taken advantage of me. You are sacrificing me this way," peace cannot come. (080-238, 1975.10.24)

What is the only way for lesser powers like Korea, which find themselves in a miserable situation, to survive? It is to have subjective power with which they can digest the democratic world and communist world. Thus, if they have a power which is so strong that even a prime minister or minister of their country can bow to it and if one such person seeks out ten colleagues, then ten people become one hundred people and one hundred become one thousand and one thousand ten thousand.... Even with just ten people, a foundation upon which to digest these things comes into being from the foundation of power, and a foundation of peace can be established, though this is a question of time. (082-028, 1975.12.30)

People of the world are all going their own way, in four different directions. Centered upon Korea, there is China to the west, the Soviet Union to the north, and Japan to the east. One is going to the east; the other is going to the west. One is going up and the other is going down. Everything is different centered on one's own country. Language is different and life is different as well. Policy is different and the man of sovereignty is different as well. Can we indeed realize a world of peace, a world of happiness and an ideal world in such an environment and the world? The answer is no.

When we see the situation of the world, we find democracy and communism fighting each other in confrontation. What in the world has created such circumstances? There is no one who does not want peace. Everybody loves peace. The question is, why, then, should mind and body fight? Where then should we find the origin of these problems? Where should we find peace? In general, people think that the world of peace will come when America and the Soviet Union are united. However, this is not the case at all. People's greed is directed in different directions. The direction of communism and the direction of democracy are different, so they cannot become one at all. Even though two systems may be united, the state can be divided again if one side tries to make use of the situation and look after its own interests. You have to know this.

Then, let's think about the starting point of peace. Today, can America become the starting point of peace? Can the Soviet Union become the starting point of peace? No, they can't. Next, can today's religious organizations become the starting point of peace? They also fight. The Presbyterian Church is fighting and the Methodist Church is fighting. Besides, established churches are hitting the Unification Church. We play a catcher's game, but not a pitcher's game. We defend, but have never attacked.

From this perspective, can religions become one? Is the unification of religion something easy to do? When people establish a law and make a decision according to the principles of democracy, most of them will follow that resolution in general. However, religion is different. Then, centered on religion, how can we have the standard of peace and the starting point of peace? It cannot be done with today's present religion. Then, what about today's political system? It can't be done with that either. You don't have any objections there, do you? You're not supposed to. (086-028, 1976.03.04)

America, which represents the free world, says, "Let's not make war. We hate war." For example, if you don't dare get into the ring when a wrestling champion in the ring challenges all comers but just say, "You'll be defeated by me," that doesn't make sense no matter how triumphantly you may say it. If you just say, "Hey, come on. Why don't you just come down?" while not actually entering the ring, it just doesn't make sense. On this occasion, no matter what the champion may say, the other person has to just listen in silence. Communists have been raised since they were young until now with a one-sided education of "Down with democracy! Down with Yankees, the ringleaders of capitalism!" They make an effigy out of American people and just prick it every day. It is this way, "If it's American, first pull out the eyes which are the best. Cut out things starting with the more precious parts. Cut off the nose. Cut off the ears. Cut off the hands." If it's a woman, they say "Cut off her breast and nose." However, America simply says, "Why don't you stop being like that and accept peace? What about peace?" It is madness. Look at the Korean Airlines disaster that happened recently. It is a challenge not only to Korean airlines but also to America. It is the same as the wrestling champion in my example having done something similar in the ring.

Now, what is Mr. Reagan going to do? This is the problem. What is he going to do? I guess you feel like asking me what I am going to do as well. Also, what is God going to do? God is looking at the situation. God will say, "You, Reagan. If you act in a way I agree with, I will protect the American people so that they can survive. If you don't, however, they will go to ruin."

Does peace make sense to Satan? If the free world should fail in this situation the world would be lost The communist world is atheistic. Atheism has invaded more than half of the world centered on the lust to conquer the world. In other words, it has swallowed up half of the world. If the free world loses this war, then the day it does so religion will also disappear, not to mention God Himself, the providence of salvation of thousands of years, and the providence of restoration. Although God sent Jesus, the Messiah, and countless saints, and shouted aloud for salvation throughout history, people will have to enter through a narrow door in the Last Days and will end up dying behind prison bars (128-266, 1983.09.04)

When we see the situation of the world today, the communists are waging three forms of war. These are a war of ideology, a war of information and a war of propaganda. America is a big and powerful country. However, it does not have a firm policy with which it can fight against and win over communists. The political leadership of America has been reluctant to fight against communists face to face, so as a result has repeatedly retreated and made concessions. Accordingly, it has even got to the point where Latin American countries adjacent to America threaten the freedom and peace of America. If communists were to seize the might of America, what would you do? Do you think that they would guarantee your freedom and peace in the form you enjoy them now? I don't exclude the possibility that such an unfortunate situation could arise in America as well, and I know for sure that that such symptoms are appearing all over the world already. Many countries in Central and South America have started to recognize that Rev. Moon and his thought alone offer hope for the future. Now, Unificationists have to persuade Americans and get them to understand. (130-285, 1984.02.07)

Physical strength alone will not enable the people of South Korea to save North Korea. There have been many plans for unification. The Lee government took over everything with military power. During the time of the Jang Myun government, they had an ideology of unification centered on the advocacy of peace, but the industrial foundation collapsed. So, people insisted that the foundation should be reconstructed. Also, during the Park Chung-hee government, people suggested that North and South Korea work on an equal basis. Now, they have formed the South North Coordinating Committee and through it are holding exchanges, but North and South Korea have different systems and different ideological concepts. What are they going to do with the systems? Can the South Korean people digest a people who are beholden to a unitary communist system? No, they cannot. To expand their lifestyle centered on the concept of fighting is their developmental logic, so we have no alternative but to ignore their ideological system. (168-230, 1987.09.20)

By applying the principles of peace and harmony, we can cope with communist logic of fighting according to their dialectic. What is destroying today's free world is individualism. How the free world, which is based on such individualism, is to survive is what matters and the answer to that is simple. It is to live for the sake of others. Everything is saved by a single means, which is to live for the sake of others. (189-107, 1989.03.19)

The right eye exists for the sake of the left eye, and these right and left eyes exist for the sake of the entire human being. So too the limbs. Nothing exists merely for its own sake. Therefore, only an ideology like this can create an ideal world. The world of peace can never come with the communist ideology of destruction and the concept of struggle. Logically, it can never come. (182-136, 1988.10.16)

Now, young and talented men of the Soviet Communist party have turned around completely after receiving four-day education in the Principle. In other words atheists have become believers. I picked out talented students from famous Ivy League universities, took them to Moscow and had them listen to lectures on matters of faith. Something historic is happening whereby sons and daughters of families belonging to the communist elite who a mere year ago had been professed atheists, have turned around and are educating and moving sons and daughters of high level American families in the time-honored faith-based tradition of America. (228-173, 1992.03.27)

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