The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3 Democracy and Communism

3.4 Unification Thought, Head-wing Thought and the age of harmony

I now declare that our Unification Thought - or Godism - is Head-Wing Thought as well. It is neither right- nor left-wing, but head-wing. This is because true peace for humankind can be realized neither by right- nor left-wing ideology. It is because neither can eradicate selfishness from their fundamental motivation. When one is centered upon one's own self interest, there is a contradiction of interest that never disappears and so there can be neither unity not peace. (164-194, 1987.05.15)

The democratic and communist worlds have been fighting until now. So, they are striving to beat each other down, each saying that the other is the enemy. The peace we seek cannot appear in a world like this. Accordingly, what is inevitably called for is a new movement focussing body and mind. A new movement aimed at creating one victorious foundation on whereby mind can manage body completely must appear on this earth. Thus, it must be able to bring the democratic and also the communist world to its side. (020-169, 1968.06.09)

You will reap as you sow. Why have a left wing and a right wing emerged? What is the origin of the emergence of right and left wings? It is not just because politicians chose to name them as such. The liberation of Jesus will not come to pass unless a historic course of indemnity is followed and the right and left wings disappear. The gate to heavenly peace opens only when the world becomes one in which both right and left wings kneel down together before Jesus in such circumstances praising him and saying you alone are the victor of glory and the ultimate victor. This is the understanding of the last days we gain from the Unification view of history. (050-224, 1971.11.07)

From now on, what kind of world must come about in place of the communist and democratic worlds? A world must come in which people respect God, making Him the first priority. In other words, the world of hope which our hearts hunger for beyond the realm of death must appear on earth. This is the very time for the kingdom of peace which we have longed for and what we Unification Church members call the era of heaven on earth. We must go out to the world to resurrect the realm of death (020-181, 1968.06.09)

Only the unification of ideologies centered on heart can build a heaven of peace and a kingdom of peace. In other words, the unification of ideologies can perfect heaven on earth that human beings desire. (109-133, 1980.11.01)

When a man says, "Here I stand!" as a man of Unification Thought centered on the Principle with his right leg and the Counterproposal to communism with his left leg, he becomes a son of God. Things do not end there as destiny, but a new ideal begins. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth can start from there. When that time comes, Rev. Moon will organize the Kingdom of Heaven. When God asks, "How are things going?" I will answer, "I have finished everything." I will say, "We, your children, also longed for a world of peace." (123-304, 1983.01.06)

I assure you that the time will come for the Unification Church. It is absolutely inevitable. The Unification Church is not focused on democracy or communist thought alone. So, what is going to be the focus from now on? When we see the atmosphere at the summit meetings, we see that the two blocs are fated to be at odds, and draw back at the prospect of world peace. Seeing this, we cannot but take responsibility for it. As the one leading this Unification Church I cannot help but be concerned.

How is the Unification Church different from America or from communism? America has asserted an ideology that is focused on the twin dimensions of people, and of democracy and communism, and has also advocated an ideal of world peace. America of course is considered to have Christian culture, but she does not put God in the absolute subject position. These days, she relegates God to the rear, saying that God is dead and man is the key. When we analyze the general content of these two ideological forces, we find that both communism and democracy have become two-dimensional. The Unification Church, however, is different in one key aspect and that is that we have a three-dimensional quality.

Even if the world is made into one world of peace, that is not the end but must be taken as a starting point for a new ideal of universal peace. This is what really matters. What is going to be the starting point? People should not be so lest God be excluded as a result. Whereas the Unification Church sees world peace as the starting point, democracy and communism see world peace to be their final goal. That is the difference. Then, what is the reason for the democratic world to be divided, and why does the communist world have to be divided as well when the goal of both worlds is world peace? It is because they failed to transcend the phenomenon known as nationalism. They have different cultural, racial and religious backgrounds. From this perspective we can understood that America is governed by Anglo-Saxons. They think that they have to be in charge. The problem is how we can overcome this. (129-232, 1983.11.06)

The democratic world is seeking a system of knowledge that is focused on freedom. Communism is centered on a standard called peace, but a peace that is based on the people at the bottom, namely the workers and peasants. By the way, does the motto of freedom which the democratic world asserts never change? Does the standard of peace that is centered on the people not change? Is it fixed or does it move? In the past, the democratic world asserted an ideal of freedom that gives first consideration to law and attaches great importance to principles and tradition. These days, however, it is asserting an idea of freedom that ignores both law and tradition. Communism, too, changes its standard. For example, in North Korea, if its system truly existed for the sake of its people, would have to exercise its authority through a group of people which existed for the populace as a whole more than others do, but on the contrary is handing down authority to a direct heir just as a king does to a crown prince. This should not happen even in Communist ideology. Seen in this light even the communist standard of peace wavers.

Communism and democracy are seeking an external form of world peace or of the world's freedom, but are ignorant of the internal nature of freedom and peace. Although external forms may change, internal nature should not. Externally, there can be changes all the time, but in no way should quality change. If something is undergoing an external change of form, it is developing. However, there cannot be any intrinsic change. Why? Because internal nature does not change.

The Unification Church regards concepts such as "peace on earth" or "the unification of the world" as the starting point from which one ventures toward the realm of inner human nature. Today's world is talking about the external forms of world peace and global freedom, but longing for a world of spiritual culture. So, the final objective of the free world is actually the starting point toward the world of our internal, spiritual nature. (129-236, 1983.11.06)

We shall first have to produce world-level leaders from our homeland of Korea, and establish heaven on earth, which is a unified world of peace. Also, we will have to solve the gap between rich and poor and between North and South Korea as well as the cultural difference between East and West through Godism and Head-wing Thought and build a world of peace, a global society composed of one extended family of humanity which is built on love. (195-052, 1989.11.03)

Even the Soviet Union is aware that, as they have said, "Rev. Moon does not unilaterally detest communism. From a broad humanitarian point of view, he is a pacifist." They are aware that I take the position of providing a defense against it since the Soviet Union is hostile to the realization of peace. They know what we advocate through our literature. (186-220, 1989.02.05)

I say that Godism and the True Parent Ideology, which I have declared, are the basis of true peace and will take the lead in the twenty-first century. With Godism and Head-wing Thought we can build a world of peace in the twenty-first century. Its core is parental heart and true love. The twenty-first century is the age of the True Parents and the age when all mature spiritually, and in love, becoming true parents themselves. (234-234, 1992.08.22)

When we look at the communist or democratic worlds now, we see that the age of confrontation has gone and that an age of unity has come. However, the problem is that although an age has come when people can advocate peace, the true basis upon which they can attain that peace is by no means clear.

Although the world is in the midst of confusion, people are without a vision of the future that can overcome this. Communism has tried to gain supremacy in the battle of ideals, but the dream has been shattered. So too has that of the democratic world. America currently leads the democratic world, but its state is too far away from the ideal of peace. Rather, it seems to be losing hope. Moreover, young people have been corrupted and debased, so there can be no vision for the future. We must find out where this world of confusion, divided by all kinds of ideologies and divisions, is heading. That is the problem. (229-261, 1992.04.13)

Why are we asserting Head-wing Thought? Because it can digest every contradictory element within Adam and Eve, give men and women a unified foundation of peace and thus prepare the ground for the family God originally intended. That is the basis of Head-wing Thought. (226-133, 1992.02.02)

Who will bring together East and West? No one except Rev. Moon can do so. Centering upon the Christian sphere of civilization and the sphere of civilization based on Eastern Thought, I have established the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, which can digest the huge territory of uniting Buddhism, Confucianism and Islam. Next, on the political level, I have set up the Federation for World Peace and am ready with a formula by which Western society and Christian society can unite in the East. By centering on Head-wing Thought and Godism politically, I am moving toward a world of peace by making the political climate of the world one, based on internationalism. There are not two directions. Things must move toward one world of peace. The direction of the world of peace is toward oneness, not two.

Therefore, our Unification Church itself must become such that through it individuals, tribes, nations and countries can become one. We are creating families by transcending everything that has any nationalistic element in it. In other words everything is interconnected. We discover that God is trying to unite all religions and the entire political world through Christian thought in this age of the Second Advent. A world of peace comes about by following a single direction, not two. This is a time when politics, economics and religion must combine together and go forward to one final destination.

So far, politics has dominated religion, so religion and politics have become enemies. Rev. Moon is the founder of the Unification Church. In spite of that, not only religious people but also those in politics are following me. In this way, I have fully established an atmosphere in which I can guide people to go in the direction of one world and a world of peace in accordance with Head-wing Thought and Godism.

To what degree has politics sacrificed religious people until the present? How much has the body beaten the mind? In each case about the same! Now politics and religion are meant to become united through me and head toward a world of peace. No one other than Rev. Moon can lead from now on. The world of peace, the ideal state that God desires, should come into being. That's why things have to be united. Everything is united into one when you witness world peace. There is no such thing as a white man or black man. Everybody is one. (224-292, 1991.12.15)

Rev. Moon is trying to build a unified world, a world of peace, by pulling together everything, not only including the left and right wings but also the front and rear wings. (222-140, 1991.10.28)

Why do people marry? So as to become one with God through His love and to unify men and women based on love. The origin of the unification of the universe and the origin of peace starts right from there. The essence of true love is for a father to live for the sake of the mother, for the mother to live for the father, for an elder brother to live for the sake of his younger brother and for the younger brother to live for his elder brother. With the love of the eternal God settling there, combined together with unconditional love for the sake of others, such a family finally becomes an eternal family. This is "Head-wing Thought." (221-212, 1991.10.24)

Omniscient and almighty God is a God of love and peace. Such a God could not have created a world in which people fight and kill each other. There should be neither conflict, nor misunderstanding. There should only be a world of peace with its people seeking after truth, goodness and beauty and making unity through beautiful cooperation and mutual help. Only such a world can last forever. It is a world that resembles God and lives for God's ideal and essence.

We call such a fundamental ideal for the world Godism or Head-wing Thought. It is natural that there will be peace wherever people live for the sake of others. In religious terms, such a world is heaven on earth. If this were the work of an Omniscient and Almighty God, He would have made a world of peace and happiness. If not, God cannot exist. This was the ideal of true peace at the origin of creation. (219-116, 1991.08.28)

From now on, we have to start with thinking and ideas that are God-centered not man-centered. The latter has no future. The only hope is that God, if He really does exist, has thought of a way by which He could start toward the final destination in realizing the ideal, and I am proclaiming such a concept. I insist that left and right wing have to become one by turning through 180 degrees based on Head-wing thought and return to God's world. We can create God's love and one world there and achieve world peace. (215-205, 1991.02.17)

America does not have an ideology that can win over the communist Soviet Union. If America is armed with Godism centered on Rev. Moon's Head-wing Thought, it will go in God's straight vertical direction by receiving Rev. Moon's guidance with the internal and external having become one together upon an economic foundation. When we reach the standard of the original ideal of creation following a straight direction and a realm of brotherhood is established in which the world has inter-connected families, a realm of world peace will be established accordingly. Therefore, in order to unite politics and religion, I established the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, since the religious realm represents the world of heart, and the Federation for World Peace focusing on the world of politics, thus making them into one. (214-243, 1991.02.02)

What is Head-wing Thought? It means to go in search of Godism. What is one to do after having found Godism? One will set out again in search of pacifism. Godism means to meet with God, become united centered on His love and set out again toward pacifism. The starting point of the original heaven on earth comes into being from that world. Those who live there forever surely enter an eternal world without end. There are no procedures they need to go through to enter there. (206-131, 1990.10.03)

The ideology of true parents becomes the true center of the spirit world and the physical world. That is the same as Head-wing Thought. Head-wing Thought is Godism. They are all the same concept when seen from the standpoint of true love. (205-261, 1990.09.09)

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