The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

4 Proposals for Hastening World Peace

4.1 Transcending borders and the International Highway of Peace

I announced a plan for a peace highway at the science conference. At that time, the group of PWPA presidents there opposed the plan. One arm of the peace highway will pass through a tunnel dug between Korea and Japan and go through Siberia and Moscow to reach London and the other will pass through India and the Middle East to reach London. (192-133, 1989.07.03)

Should the International Highway of Peace be established according to the plan we propose, free movement of traffic would become possible among the people of the various countries of Asia. As a result, North Korea would be influenced to give up its ambition to invade others by military force and opt instead for the path of peaceful unification. This plan would realize unity in Asia and bind together upper and lower classes centering on the yellow race.

With its starting point here in Asia, we are working to realize a realistic unified economic bloc centered on God's love as the absolute value and combining the civilizations of East and West, thus bringing about a new world of peace.

Today, all of humankind is yearning to escape from the world of disease, war, faithlessness and hunger and to see an ideal world in which peace and happiness overflow. We cannot think of this cherished ideal of humanity simply as an unrealizable dream. (115-175, 1981.11.10)

I envisioned a plan to make a peace highway and asked the PWPA presidents to send a letter of proposal to every head of state and government in the world. We must constructively engage China at all costs. I saw that we couldn't create the foundation for the freedom of the free world unless we draw China out of itself and have it stand face to face with the Soviet Union. Who is going to draw it out? Even America is not up to the task, much less the Republic of Korea, so I am going to do it myself. There are about three million people in Manchuria. Many Koreans are living there who have not been seen since long ago. I am doing this work by gathering together Korean residents in Japan, America and Germany. I have the ability to move technology. So, I am trying to combine the highest technology of Germany and thus to support China. (138-018, 1986.01.13)

We must insist that left and right wing become one by turning around 180 degrees through Head-wing Thought and returning to God's world. We can establish God's love and one world at that point and attain world peace.

In order to defend ourselves from the Soviet Union, we have to carry America and Japan on our back and then carry China on our back. With this latter purpose in mind, I announced the building of an International Highway of Peace at the Tenth ICUS in 1981. Do you know how many objections the group of PWPA presidents made against it at that time? They said, "Oh, we presidents are all opposed to it. Why does Rev. Moon alone think like this?" So, I started by saying, "You don't know Asia as well as I do. You know nothing about Asia and don't know about its history either, do you?" 880 scholars from 111 countries came to the Science Conference and I sent a letter with the plan for the International Highway of Peace to their prime ministers. Later, I sent the letter to the university presidents of their country as well. (139-122, 1986.01.28)

This is an age of "worldism." An age of "universism" is still to come. That's why people say that they want to travel around the world with their husband or wife. That is the ideal, so I have planned a peace highway. This is becoming a world-level issue these days, isn't it? A few days ago, on the first day of the month, we held a ground-breaking ceremony to lay the foundation stone of the peace highway, and a tunnel is under construction even now. The Republic of Korea is not even aware of it, but the whole of Japan from Mr. Nakasone down to every member of the Diet is in uproar. The Republic of Korea is not even contemplating it, but just quietly dozing, imagining it has the world at its feet. (148-027, 1986.10.04)

In the past, Japan was Rev. Moon's enemy country. Now, however, I am going to establish that country as a vanguard force that can receive blessings from the cultural background of the elder brother nation, and as an Asian country. To implement this, therefore, I am making a plan for the continent, linking to China and by means of the international highway through North Korea. The people of Japan have to do this. The fortune of unification will accrue from here; my theory and practice have been tested by history. (146-035, 1986.06.01)

We have invested much money for the construction of the Panda car industrial city in China. It is not a stratagem aimed at making a big fortune at a stroke by entering China ahead of others. It is my policy not to repatriate even a single penny of any profit that might be made in China. My motive for the investment was to plough back any profit gained into that region, by building the International Highway of Peace and by equalizing other ultramodern technology as well, thus making the 1.3 billion Chinese people better off. Nobody can say anything meaningful about world peace while ignoring China, whose population makes up a quarter of the entire world population. (198-164, 1990.02.01)

I am considering establishing an international peace zone between two and four kilometers wide on either side of the entire length of the International Highway of Peace. It will become an international zone not subject to national laws.

If so, criminals might think of this place as their base. Still, that is okay. We could put those criminals to very harsh training such as digging tunnels in the mountains! We could allow only those who pass such through such intense training come out to the world. (189-325, 1989.06.17)

I announced a peace highway project at the Science Conference (ICUS) in 1981 from the viewpoint that preparations for an age of peace have to be made embracing Japan, Korea and China. That is why I give priority to China. I saw no way to develop China into a leader of Asia in the future in the years 1980 to 1985 without our acquiring four high-technology factories in Germany. (187-156, 1989.02.05)

From now on, there will be more global interchange more than ever before, so I have proposed the establishment of an international highway for peace. I proposed it in 1981. What are the implications of this? It would mean that people would come and go freely without borders. It would have no national boundaries. There would be an eight-kilometer zone (four kilometers on either side) surrounding a road with four lanes in each direction. Thus, for example, Japan could have jurisdiction outside that eight-kilometer band adjacent to the peace highway, but not inside it. Every inch of that zone would be established as a non-aggression zone, thus allowing the world at large to freely come and go. Once a person entered the zone, there would be no national boundaries. Nobody would oppose you no matter where you went within it. When the peace highway comes into being in the future, you will be able go as fast as you like there. No matter what color skin you have, nothing can stop you there. There will be absolutely no racial discrimination. (182-234, 1988.10.23)

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