The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

4 Proposals for Hastening World Peace

4.3 Environmental and relief projects

Statesmen think of political and military matters as being the first priority, but they are not so. The important thing is how to launch an international movement by making a great alliance of religions and also by making an advance party such as the peace corps centered on the world humanitarian aid movement. The humanitarian aid movement is the most important. Therefore, the future policies of America or of Korea should all be formulated taking such world situations into account. (158-040, 1967.02.14)

Do you understand why I am interested in the sea? It is because it holds the key to opening the road to peace, which the entire human race will have to walk. (189-295, 1989.06.17)

I have gained much inspiration while moving around Central and South America in four directions.

I have thought about where the thirty-odd countries of Central and South America should go and the direction they should take to realize true peace and build an ideal society. The continent of Central and South America has infinite potential and limitless resources. It has infinite human resources that have not been exhausted. It is a fertile paradise of peace! It has magnificent mountains and wild life! It has the uncontaminated, beautiful and glorious wild life that existed at the origin of creation! I have a dream for a prosperous era in South America, which will surely come into bloom in the 21st century. (271-093, 1995.08.23)

I included the recovery of the earth and of the human environment as a topic of this peace conference. Our natural environment has been destroyed as much as it can be. Water and air have become polluted and even the layer of ozone, which has been protecting humankind is being destroyed. If things continue this way, humanity will descend to a state in which it cannot avoid self-destruction due to the materialistic civilization it has built centered upon itself. (271-094, 1995.08.23)

Now, we have to save those who are starving to death all over the world. They, too, are our brothers. No matter what happens, we have to establish tradition and save them. With well-off people being willing to accept less and poorer people being able to get more, we have to establish a country in which we can bring them into harmony. When people live in this way, they will become victorious princes and princesses who can communicate with the world of peace and heaven on earth and in heaven. We are urged to make the world this way. (269-050, 1995.04.06)

The fish industry is key to solving the food problem of the world's population in future, and we are training for it. In the world of the future, whether one hundred or several hundred years from now, people will come to respect Rev. Moon due to the conditions I have made through working out on the sea for twenty-four hours a day. We have to love the sea. I don't wear a raincoat even when exposed to rain. The materials through which people can meet me in one or even two hundred years time are around me. I think in such a way. It is precious. Only I know that. How much must the rain be proud? There has not been a person like me in the history of rain, or in the history of raindrops. A single raindrop will think deeply, feeling that a moment of precious history in which it can receive recognition as a king amongst raindrops has been reached. (207-194, 1989.06.19)

We have to utilize people and fish in order to harness the land and sea. What are we going to achieve by harnessing the land and sea? An age of peace will come to humanity in the future, and the food problem is going to be a very serious one for humanity from now on. Produce from the land alone cannot solve the food problem and hence provide a peaceful life for humanity. In other words, land on its own cannot provide enough food in the long term. Therefore, its harvest has to be complemented with fish resources from the sea. (207-216, 1990.11.11)

From now on, the solution to humanity's food problem lies in fish farming. When you go to a place like Hawaii, there are many buildings devoted to fish farming aren't there? By using irrigation pipes one can do this even in places deep in the mountains. One can do it as much as one wants in high mountains too. It will be no problem at all for a family to earn a living through fish farming on a piece of land of just one hundred pyong or even fifty pyong [1 pyong = 3.3 sq. meters]. Such a family will be more than able to educate their children at university. When we think of the size of the earth, the obvious way to solve the problem of providing a livelihood for humanity is fish farming. The acquisition of technology will be important to carry out breeding in the future. So, we have to draw water from the sea as far inland as we can. We can do so to a very distant place. Such an age has come. The utilization of seawater is possible at any place and even in the mountains. We are going to solve humanity's food problem this way. We have hope for the future as I have found a way to do fish breeding. (192-156, 1989.07.03)

The Unification Church, which works on the world stage for the purpose of realizing God's ideal, has to prepare ways to solve the miserable state of humanity like this. If no one makes preparations, the whole world will go to ruin. The thing that is going to be most important to humanity in the future is the problem of food and that of pollution. How are we going to protect ourselves from this pollution? Such environmental conditions as the contamination of water and air and the destruction of the ozone layer are influencing our life directly today. The age has come when they threaten us by the minute. This is a threat that is greater than any war in history. When we think that these threats have come to stare us right in the face, the future of humanity will be gloomy if we are not prepared to deal with them. (07-218, 1990.11.11)

What is the thing I am worried about next? The most troublesome problems of the world are pollution and environmental problem. What else? It is famine, the food problem. Many people starve to death worldwide each year. The question is who is going to take responsibility for this. (270-167, 1995.05.29)

Since about twenty years ago, I have taken an interest in the marine industry for the purpose of solving the food problem of all these people. Fish powder is the key. It is high in protein. We can solve the food problem by making this into powder. Thus, it will be convenient to keep and to transport it in the form of powder. We can multiply one ton of fish powder by thirty to fifty times. It is 98 percent protein. Advanced countries should have solved this problem, but they have not done so. (296-228, 1998.11.10)

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