The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

4 Proposals for Hastening World Peace

4.4 Reforming the United Nations, and organizations for peace

When we look at history, we find that human beings have always aspired to peace and have made efforts in many ways to bring it about. Sometimes, people would use conquest of others to get peace and sometimes, they would use surrender to obtain peace. Now, there are two precious organizations this century that have tried to solve international conflict a peaceful way. These are the League of Nations and the United Nations. (166-129, 1978.06.01)

When we enter the world of living for the sake of others, affluent people will do things for the sake of the poor, and thus a world of equalization will come into being. Accordingly, we will see a world of peace and unity emerge. The relationships between upper and lower currents reveal the logic that the upper air cannot go down and the lower air cannot go up. It is the same with east and west. Water, air and love will all be equalized automatically, not forcibly.

So, the United Nations should now have the form of a country. The UN should be equipped with the framework of a strong country. If the UN wants to be a strong organization for peace centered on one ideal, it should invest itself for the sake of the rest of the world not for its own sake. If the UN does not work for the rest of the world, the world of peace and the ideal of one world will never be realized.

Because America does not want the UN to be above her, she wants to get rid of the UN. America must not do so. What I am proposing for the UN is that it have an Upper House and a Lower House in the style of a country's administration, and that it start a new history in a new dimension. The UN must stand on the religious ideal, the highest ideal of God and work for the sake of the entire world, not just for a particular nation. One nation must not have the power to dominate the rest of the world. The UN should be the center of equality. It should have an administrative system to promote equal rights for all nations. In that way, the UN can carry out the mission of realizing true peace in the world. The UN must not be an organization representing only a particular nation. If it remains so, it can never resolve the history of the oppressor and the oppressed. If that is the case, the UN will stay in the satanic dominion. (303-196, 1999.08.25)

The direction of politics should also be in line with true love by centering on the ideal of family. Everything including economics, culture and other matters should all be in line with true love. If those areas just go as they please, things will go more and more awry. So, the world is meant to be one at any cost. It has to become one by centering on the economic system, not on the political system. The political system is based on the idea of a ruling and a ruled class. Therefore, a world of peace and unification comes about only when the world moves toward a management system by centering on economics.

We are entering an age of globalization based on the family model, so it will become an age of equalization. Equalization of life and peace are economic matters. Therefore, humankind will collapse unless the UN manages economic problems well in the future. There should be no such leadership system as the front-to-back relationship that is centered on the concept of struggle or superiority and inferiority. Everything should move forward centered on reciprocal relationships of love. (303-192, 1999.08.25)

My wife and I are exerting ourselves to make a unified world of peace. Some of our representative efforts include working toward founding an exemplary UN university which will strengthen the foundation of the future world by transcending barriers of race, religion, nationality and language. (299-123, 1999.02.07)

The purpose of inter-religious movements and organizations I have developed for the past forty years has been the realization of the world peace which both God and humankind have hoped for. A vision of peace is at the core of those inter-religious movements.

Humanity has already twice experienced the misery of World Wars the 20th century. Also, through the experience of oppression and cold war with atheistic communism over a seventy-year period, humanity has gone through acute confrontation and conflict. With the end of the Cold War era, the world could drink a toast for peace, albeit for just a short time. Soon, however, humankind realized that the end of the cold war did not automatically lead to an era of peace. The world is witnessing violent wars all over the world. Even now, there are killings in the former Yugoslavia, the Middle East, in Sudan or in South Asia. Everybody knows that the deep-rooted conflict between major religious traditions constitutes the background of these disputes. These examples enlighten us as to how important dialogue and harmony between religious traditions are.

The United Nations should set a better example than any other international organization. Many people think that the UN is an organization that embodies the ideals of human beings in relation to world peace, and are placing their hopes in it. Representatives from every country are gathered at the UN to work together to solve the problems of the world and promote peace and human prosperity. (299-103, 1999.02.06)

A world of peace can be established fully when not only the statesmanship and good practice of politicians or diplomats who represent the world but also the wisdom and efforts of the world's religious leaders who represent the realm of heart and the internal world are combined together. From that perspective, it's even time to think seriously about the question of reorganizing the UN. Probably, we should also envisage a UN with a bicameral system. With two assemblies respecting and co-operating together, it may be able to contribute a great deal to realizing the world of peace. The acumen of the world's political leaders can be effectively complemented by the wisdom and vision of the world's major religious leaders.

Through regularly holding the Assembly of the World's Religions I am making an effort in the education of true love at the interreligious and international level. Last year I proposed that the world's religious leaders take the lead in having all religious people make offerings in units of the number seven to use toward establishing a fund for world peace. Offerings can vary depending on the economic situation of the country or of the individuals in question. An offering could be of seven rubles or even of seven million dollars. With the fund thus raised, we may be able to educate people on the wisdom and vision of peace and work together effectively to promote the ideal of true love and true family values. (299-105, 1999.02.06)

I am proposing that we liberate families through UN projects. We should cry out, "Isn't the UN supposed to be a pure love, family-oriented movement?" and if they don't listen, we follow up by saying, "A world of peace is established through families. If the family is destroyed, can a world of peace ever be realized? With countries breaking down, doesn't the UN have to have this kind of foundation? Politics? You have been acting through politics and as a result have brought disaster. So, aren't you supposed to do something if there is something that can revive politics?" (297-206, 1998.11.20)

If the UN does not follow me, I will make an Abel-type UN. That's why I created the Federation of Island Nations. I also created a Federation of Peninsular Nations and a Federation of Continental Nations. Many people including presidents of many countries said, "Isn't it your teaching and God's? Will that ideal world not be born unless we establish ideal families?" They are working centering upon the Secretary General of the United Nations. So, even in the convention hall of the UN, at least sixteen people came to me right away upon my posing the question. We held conventions and the secretary general approved of our efforts. So the Family Federation works as a ladder for the world to reach peace. What I have achieved is on the global level. (289-055, 1997.12.30)

Now we will make our department from the bureau of the UN. If only we can make an ideal family department directed toward peace, the world I envision will go just the way we plan it. So, if the UN does not listen to us, I will make an Abel-type UN. The UN has no master. (289-167, 1998.01.01)

The UN does not have the form of a country. Mired in a political environment, the UN is crippled. For a family to be established, there should be father, mother, sons and daughters. There is no master at the UN. They don't know who is who. No one other than Rev. Moon can make such a plan for world peace. (293-163, 1998.05.26)

There is no way to correct all the corruption merely by centering on the family. That's why I say that religions should all come together. Thus, it has to pull the world together and prepare a right path and a shortcut toward a world of peace. It is something only the UN can do. (288-204, 1997.11.28)

My wife and I are exerting ourselves in order to make one peaceful world. Some of our representative efforts include working to found an ideal UN university that will transcend the barriers of race, religion, national boundary and language and thus create a solid base for the future world. Distance learning universities are also needed for the exchange of knowledge worldwide. (287-038, 1997.08.10)

From now on, we have to make a department of blessed families within the UN. This is the straight road that goes toward world peace, so it is a road along which the United Nations can surely save everybody, every country, every family and every youth by having them join the department. (287-190, 1997.10.30)

The United Nations is like a body. We have to bring the world of the mind to the body and unite them together. That is the religious field and the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. Mind and body will become one only when the UN is connected to the religious field. Next, we have to bring the mother - the Women's Federation - and connect them up too. Next, we will connect up the Youth Federation and that will be it. Only if we can bring these four organizations to the UN will we become able to suggest the direction in which the UN can bring about peaceful unification and move toward one world in the future. (267-246.1995.01.08)

The reason I put the word peace in organizations such as the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, the Federation for World Peace or the Professors World Peace Academy is because working with the United Nations is part of their purpose. I have been making preparations for several decades. Originally, we were supposed to move ahead, following the United Nations as the standard. The United Nations must lead the work for peace. America alone is not enough.

For the UN, which has been working centered upon individual countries to work toward a world of peace, this cannot happen overnight. It has to come about over a long period of time. There has to be an example to follow in order for there to be some kind of conversion experience. If there is some kind of model at the sight of which the UN can say, "Ah, countries would be able to develop if they did like that," and an atmosphere is created in which the UN felt to publicize that model and countries supported it, then every country would follow that model.

Accordingly, underdeveloped countries more than any one of you here welcome the things that I am doing now. The number of developed countries is just a few. There are just a few highly advanced countries. The rest are all less advanced countries. Accordingly, if there were to be a form of peaceful model country which the UN supported, every country would all move in one direction automatically. (267-263, 1995.01.20)

When we look at the organization of the UN, we find that it has become the symbol of the body by centering upon individual countries. One hundred eighty-two countries meet together at the United Nations, but if we analyze the substance of it, each one is centered on itself and is exploiting and cheating other countries. This runs counter to the fundamental and basic theory of unification and peace.

The UN cannot bring about world peace as it is now. Each country is fighting to get benefit for itself. It should not be that way. That is why I am trying to connect the Inter-Religious Federation, which is centered on conscience, with the current UN, and behind it is the Women's Federation that is like Eve. Originally, world peace should have come centered upon women. If it does not, people will do nothing but fight. By creating an organization made up of women which can embrace Cain and Abel in its midst, we will create an atmosphere of peace all around the world centering on women. (258-156, 1994.03.17)

Now, an era of peace has come. There should be a model country to inspire America to become a leading country for world peace. Centering upon the United Nations I am suggesting a way to unify North and South Korea and the Middle East. By establishing the organization of the UN in the position of Cain and making a new UN organization, we have to have them be one with God's Will by centering on the unity of Cain and Abel. Thus, they have to have a model, which is a liberated model country of peace. (246-034, 1993.03.23)

Then, who should lead the world to peace? Heaven has to lead it. The religious field and political field should both be led by heaven. In this sense, what I advocate is a "United Nations" in the religious field. Next, I advocate a women's UN. It will surely happen. If things happen this way, humanity today will fully enter into the realm of God's providence. (248-245, 1993.10.03)

With the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989, the world is finally rushing toward reformation, change, harmony and friendship. The road of world peace is now wide open. Now, it is time to achieve true peace based on the great principle of winning peace, which is proclaimed today. Developed countries have to liberate underdeveloped countries from poverty and sacrificially help those new democratic countries that are in mid development. A policy of each country to sublimate its selfish interests would be a big revolution in itself. By this means all of us would be elevated to the position of parents and take an overall view. North and South Korea will join the UN General Assembly together this September. This is another epoch-making development through which we are being led toward world peace. At that time the total number of countries which are members of the United Nations will be 163. What then should the163 countries do now? (219-120, 1991.08.28)

After the end of World War I, humanity felt in its bones how enormous the disaster of war is and accordingly created the League of Nations centered on politicians and as a reminder of the ideal of one world of peace. However, being on the side of Satan, politicians tried to make use of the world's peoples for their own ends. (208-286, 1990.11.20)

Since the end of World War I, humankind realized how miserable war was. Everybody in the world, with their original heart that longs for peace, came to understand that there must be no more wars. After the end of World War I they believed that the world would move toward a world of peace and no war centering on the League of Nations. In less than thirty years, however, war broke out again. Still, the original desire of human beings which seeks peace is unchanging. People want to move toward a world of peace even at the cost of their lives. Accordingly, people set aside the League of Nations after the World War II and created the United Nations, asserting that all human beings are brothers. Thus we have come to an age when a victorious country liberates a defeated one and protects and elevates that country into the realm of brotherhood.

Now, the fighting of the cold war is over. The Third World War is a war of ideology. Russia and America are both afraid of fighting. Whether they like it or not, they have to gather scholars and advocate peace, saying, "The world should become like this. God exists!" even if it means inventing an imaginary God and an imaginary ideology. Without this, there is no other way to deal with the way the world is. Knowing such things and already knowing about God, Rev. Moon has systemized a teaching explaining the absolute value of God and incorporating a view of the world, and of the universe, an understanding that can liberate even God Himself. (204-084, 1990.07.01)

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