The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5 Action for World Peace

5.1 The founding of organizations for world peace

The word peace is included everywhere: in the names of the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, the Women's Federation for World Peace, the Federation for World Peace, the Professors World Peace Academy. The ideology of peace is Godism or Head-wing Thought.

Families are families for world peace. Even an individual is an individual for world peace. Nothing is meant to be centered on itself. It is for peace. Those who do not have such thinking are called individualists. When you eat rice, that is also for world peace. When you drink water, you are drinking water for world peace. When you breathe in air, that too is for the sake of world peace. Love is love for world peace as well. When you work, that is also for world peace. I am asking you to think like that. You have to know that those who do not keep agree with that become like falling leaves in the autumn wind, not branches. They can only be leaves. You have to become branches. You have to have the ideology of peace in order to become branches. When we speak, you have to speak for the sake of world peace. When you smell, you have to do so for world peace as well. The five organs all have to be oriented that way. (252-301, 1994.01.01)

This is a time of change. One cannot interfere with heavenly fortune by means of political power or military might. We have to act in concert with God and with the operation of the universe. The two organizations for world peace [IRFWP and FWP] that we established on this occasion were not made at the behest of a country's influence. The road to true peace cannot be laid that way. We created a new organization based on Godism transcending barriers of religion, culture and skin color.

Just as we become an ideal being when our mind and body are united in harmony, centering on the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace and the Federation for World Peace the way of unification leads toward a true world of peace to realize harmony, co-operation and unity around the axis of Godism. When these two bodies, which represent the general world of mind and the general world of body, achieve harmony and unity through God's true love, an ideal society will naturally come about. I think that the support of scholars and media people will be very important in the future to the proper fulfillment of the role of these two organizations. (219-126, 1991.08.28)

I have devoted myself to reforming the world in line with God's providence and restoring the ideal of God's true love on earth. Through the activities of the New Ecumenical Research Association (New Era), the Council of the World's Religions (CWR), the Interdenominational Conferences for Clergy (ICC), the Assembly of the World's Religions (AWR), the Youth Seminar for the World's Religions (YSWR).

And the Religious Youth Service which I have developed centered on the International Religious Foundation, I am endeavoring to achieve the ideal of world of peace while exemplifying the practice of understanding and harmony among religious communities and God's true love which religious people ought to do.

Following the establishment of the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace which is in the internal and subject position, I am due to establish the Federation for World Peace which is in the position of the external object at the Little Angels Arts Performing Center tomorrow. For this, leaders are coming from all over the world. If these two organizations harmonize and cooperate with each other both internally and externally and practice unity through true love following the will of heaven, world peace will be realized. Here, with religion and politics achieving unification by true love beyond the unity of mind and body, the world of peace is coming. (219-111, 1991.08.27)

I made three requests through the founder's address at the First Assembly of the World's Religions that was held in New Jersey, America in 1985. The first was that the tradition of each religion be respected and that people at least work to prevent conflict or strife between religions. The second was that we should all serve the world as one co-operative religious community. The third was that every religious leader should attend in order to fulfill the mission of religion and develop this into an organization for the sake of world peace.

Also, at the Second Assembly of the World's Religions, which was held in San Francisco just a year ago, I advocated the establishment of the Inter-Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. We are witnessing the historic birth of a religious association for world peace with the attendance of religious leaders from all over the world who have gathered here today along with the support of religious leaders like yourselves. Now is the time when the world's religions should take the road of active practice in order to fulfill a central responsibility in realizing world peace. The future of humankind living in happiness cannot be achieved through seeking material prosperity alone. The future has to overcome and resolve the conflicts between ideologies, cultures and races through understanding and spiritual harmony between religions. (219-108, 1991.08.27)

I have created an association of scholars, with over a hundred chapters of PWPA, organizations in the media field, and the Summit Council. These organizations can influence the world at the top level. The Federation for World Peace represents the body and Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace represents the mind. Unless I deal with what has been a history of fighting between an individual's mind and body in the Last Days, there is no way for humanity to survive and there is no way to proceed along the road to world peace. That's why I am doing this on my own. I have done this alone in the face of opposition. Did anyone welcome what I was doing? (211-336, 1991.01.01)

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