The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5 Action for World Peace

5.3 The Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA)

I created the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA) with the sincere hope that it would reroute the course of this critical age based on the wisdom of professors and researchers in the academic community who have devoted their entire lives to the development of the human intellect, and that it becomes an organization seeking after the origin of world peace. Its ultimate purpose is to create a world of justice, harmony and order based on the dedication of courageous scholars who intend to carry out research into new ideas and methodology for genuine peace and mutual prosperity. Further, it has to supply scholars and leaders who are cognizant of the crisis in today's era with a wealth of important, useful data and information necessary for examining the underlying problems mankind is confronting. (130-009, 1983.12.18)

We have to set up an organization like the United Nations to work for world peace. The United Nations General Assembly is a meeting for politicians, but the PWPA is for envoys working for peace. So I propose establishing a new, Abel-type UNGA. As the current UN has the brainpower but lacks the manpower, it can only blow the bugle while the rest of its body is paralyzed. Participants wag their tongues hard at the Annual General Meetings, but after that they fade completely out of sight. (062-298, 1972.09.26)

Those who do not know me complain that I only care about investing in various businesses but refuse to help them in their financial difficulties. There is something they really do not understand. When I founded PWPA, the intelligence agency turned up its nose and sneered, saying, "Even our government could only gather a handful of professors. What can the PWPA of the Unification Church do?" Our perspective is radically different from theirs, however. (071-146, 1974.04.29)

Centering on the question of the nature of unified science, we organize annual symposia, panel presentations and discussions, conferences, seminars and workshops for professors from around the world, who have expressed much enthusiasm and concern. Although we received criticism at the beginning, recently they have been saying that Rev. Moon is only dealing with all the serious, complex, pressing problems of the world. We have reached this stage and are gradually pushing ahead. No matter what. We have to band together.

We had to muster Korean professors. That led to the inauguration of the PWPA. In other words, the PWPA was formed with this objective: "Though being unable to actually execute plans or follow up with actions in every interdisciplinary field of scholarship, world professors agree to contribute written articles to articulate the direction toward the realistic vision of a world of peace." It is successful in Korea. This is the first success.

Under the name of PWPA, the monthly journal called Kwangjang ("Plaza") was distributed to the world's universities. Famous professors know this movement is going on in Korea. If we promote PWPA in Asia by rallying renowned Asian professors, it will be linked to Europe in no time.

Transcending the education systems of the United States and the United Kingdom, we have to design a newly structured education system that can help build a world of peace and oneness. Laying down these objectives, unless equipped with the proper educational facilities, we cannot implement a sound education. Therefore we have the intention of building appropriate universities and to found an international university federation.

We will make presentations of these plans at international congresses. Rather than presenting them to the academic world, we need to chart out an authoritative course and direction. We will publish a monthly bulletin by mustering world scholars from every field, and offer them guidance once a month. We have to show the course that science, economics, philosophy and jurisprudence have to guide them in the direction of peace and unity. (071-175, 1974.04.30)

The education systems of each country overemphasize that only those successful in competition can get ahead. This is like a contagion that encroaches on the efforts of a wholesome body to guide mankind into a world of peace as members of the human family. However, the emphasis on competition among intellects is now changing and people have begun to realize that cooperation is indispensable for survival. In the light of this, the purpose and philosophy of education must undergo an in-depth reform. (074-107, 1974.11.22)

Not only should all members actively sponsor scholars, but they should also influence public opinion in society and guide history as well. With a non-violent attitude and strong conviction, we must be wholly devoted to settling the unresolved, most complex philosophical and social issues mankind is confronting. The aim of the PWPA is not attained through any ideological or theoretical standards, but through constructive or practical strategies for the realization of peace and a better world.

I had the idea for the World University Federation (WUF) based on the foundations of the PWPA and the International Cultural Foundation (ICF). We have now reached the practical phase. Establishing, gradually, a minimum of seventy universities in six continents, we will nurture and guide the young generation, and foster the highest standards of academic excellence in the university programs. Through joint research projects and exchange programs for scholars, faculty, administrative personnel and students from various institutions and chapters, I am determined to realize the ideals of a peaceful world and the great universal brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity. (130-012, 1983.12.18)

Since 1978, we have been educating professors related to religious studies. For the past three years, we have continued to hold international forums centered on the principles of the Unification Church for many theologians, philosophers and other scholars. We have set up a PWPA chapter in every nation. Those scholars who are teaching or working in educational, research or policy institutions, and are capable of moving their nations, are appointed as directors. (107-219, 1980.05.19)

If you view the ideal as being that the world is a large consanguine family and that all men are brothers with God as the Parent of all humankind, the shortest route to a harmonized, unified and equalized body of the Orient and the Occident is possible only centering on religious thought. If PWPA is serious about achieving world peace and all people aspire to fulfill this goal, we will need a reawakening and a re-resolution. True human peace cannot come about merely through a superficial improvement of the mutual relationships among people who hold diverse values. Only with absolute God-centered values can we seek out a world of genuine peace.

The fundamental, obstructive element to the philosophy of peace is atheistic communism. I am teaching clearly that even capitalism is not desired by God. Since communism denies the very existence of God, however, it becomes a primary stumbling block to Godism. (130-015, 1983.12.18)

The intelligence of all intelligence is the knowledge of God's heart and ideal. Our ICUS families must prepare a place of joint efforts in order to gain intelligence, going beyond normal academic research. In that case, we can take charge of the mainstream mission of realizing God's ideal and an ideal world of peace, which is the common longing of humankind. God is eagerly waiting for conscientious savants to fill this role. Whether you are looking at the social expectations of scholars or at the mission of educating young people, who are the leaders of tomorrow, the example set by our scholars is making a great, positive, global impact on future education. (219-105, 1991.08.26)

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