The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5 Action for World Peace

5.4 The Federation for World Peace (FWP); The Citizens Federation for the Reunification of Korea

If you carry out my plans, a unified era will come unconditionally without any fighting. The Federation for World Peace (FWP) was established to proclaim Korea as an eternal kingdom of peace, welcoming all nations of the world. It is the homeland, isn't it? Would someone invade the homeland? It has to be declared as a kingdom offering protection and assistance to all nations. Only I am qualified to do that. To prepare for that, I am leaving no stone unturned. (243-163, 1993.01.03)

You are specially handpicked by God to be a pillar of peace and are called here by Him. In nine years, 2000 AD will come. The turning point of 2000 AD does not come in our lifetime incidentally. It is a new turning point of history. There are telltale signs that a new history is in the making. The twenty-first century of peace is drawing near. Peace does not come just like that, though. It is possible only when man cooperates with God and fulfills his assigned portion of responsibility. Within the remaining nine years we have to finish up the mammoth task of removing all impediments to peace.

Now is the age of peace. I will call it the heavenly kingdom both in name and reality. The FWP, established today for a twenty-first century of good prospects and promise for the future, offers mankind education and the ideal, and it has to play a significant role in ushering in a peaceful world in the future, in accordance with the dispensation. This Federation also has to be the beacon of world morality.

Apostles of peace, a bright new dawn is waiting for us. Our hearts must be burning with a sense of mission. The historic mission of accomplishing the common goal of mankind by shedding our last drop of sweat, tears and blood is beckoning us to come. The first and foremost thing is to serve and welcome God into our individual being, our family, society, nation and world. With Heaven on our side, who will dare to contend with us? (219-121, 1991.08.28)

Unlike the United Nations, the FWP is a new, grand departure that seeks to realize world peace armed with the true original ideal of peace and the ideal of the True Parents. We must have a new awakening that men should not eulogize peace among themselves, but should applaud peace in God and together with Him. The center of world peace is God, and is driven by the force of true love. (219-119, 1991.08.28)

In front of the UN organization, which represents the body, I established the FWP as the mental representative that can guide mankind to world peace. The League of Nations after the First World War and the United Nations after the Second World War have attempted to search for peace, but without avail. Why? Hypocrites representing the developed nations were standing in the leading position where the body controlled the mind.

The FWP I advocated this time is preceded by world religious leaders, however. It has a few thousand years of history. These religious leaders have to unite and control the political world. Just as the mind controls the body, they have to gain control over it. To set a relative standard of peace in the external political world, Rev. Moon is advocating the FWP. (209-259, 1990.11.30)

What did I set up the FWP for? Involving distinguished religious leaders with distinguished political leaders, I am set on building world peace. Religions and politics have to unite. They have been waging wars against each other until now. Politics has always thrashed religions. The world will not change as long as they are not bound in oneness.

As the prominent figures in both the religious and political worlds refuse to merge, world peace does not surface. I have made all the preparations. The mind of the religious world and the body of the political world must achieve oneness. (217-359, 1991.06.12)

The League of Nations and the United Nations, founded after the First and Second World Wars respectively, have not succeeded. Rev. Moon established the FWP on that lost foundation. The separation of the mind and body in an individual is reflected in the division of the world into two camps. It has to be unified by someone who has achieved mind-body unity. It should not be partitioned. The mind is the right wing and the religious world, while the body is the left wing and the non-religious world. So long as the religious and non-religious worlds are not united, there will not be world peace. I am the very person trying to unite the left and right wings. (205-213, 1990.09.02)

Kim Il-sung is the atheistic spokesman of the communist world on Satan's side. On the other hand, Rev. Moon is the theistic spokesman of the democratic world on the side of the absolute God. By assimilating and absorbing North Korea and going over the conflict between good and evil with a true parental heart, founding the FWP before the destined task of creating a peaceful world, I aim to fulfill the Will of providential history. (204-144, 1990.07.06)

I would teach all world presidents and plutocrats the Unification Principle. They have to learn about Godism and Head-wing philosophy. There is no other way for the FWP to remedy the world except by harping upon this ideological keynote. Apart from me, no one else has worked for this cause. Nobody else save me is having influence on both the communist and democratic worlds. Did the Pope or Billy Graham try to influence these worlds? Hardly at all. I am the sole person to put an end to this matter. (203-134, 1990.06.23)

What should the Citizens Federation for the Reunification of Korea do from this point of time? For one thing, we have to establish genuine values that are commensurate with the reconciliation of races and nations. Centering on those values, we have to arm ourselves with an ideology. The weakness of the free world, including the United States, is the existence of an ideological vacuum. The abundance of materials and rampage of liberty gave rise to chaos and secular humanism. The free world is constantly on the retreat from the ideological aspect. This is the reason why the communist world, which is perishing, does not yield in its ambition of communizing the whole world in a last ditch effort.

The Third World War will be an ideological one. We cannot overthrow communism with military power. It can only be defeated by an ideology that surpasses communism itself. That ideology is to be grounded in the truth.

Falsehood can only be overcome with truth. That ideology is Godism. If the free world now does not change onto the ideological offensive by arming itself with Godism - that is, Unification Thought - there is no way for it to surmount communism.

The Citizens Federation for the Reunification of Korea must be the spearhead of a movement for arming all citizens with an ideology. Godism can liberate the northern counterpart as well as the communist world. This ideology is causing a spiritual movement and a great awakening in the Western world which is corrupted by self-indulgence and immorality. Immediately after the Declaration of Godism in Washington, D.C. in 1976, I proclaimed that the next such event would be held in Moscow, because I have the conviction that Godism can liberate the communist world.

The reason why communism does not dwindle rapidly is that we either lack a clear-cut countermeasure, or we are not armed with a superior ideology. Initiating an ideological movement now in the Republic of Korea, let us spread it to the entire world with the aim of overpowering communism. If we do not overwhelm Kim Il-sung's unique ideology, Juche (self-determination) thought, embellished with falsity and deception, by assuming the ideological offensive, how can we ever dream of unification? (164-193, 1987.05.15)

Everybody knows I have made every endeavor to develop the ideological education of the free world through the establishment of our world headquarters in America. Starting with The Washington Times, I have opened a number of media organizations in different nation, trained world media personnel, given directions to professors and guidance to student movements in every country, mustered veterans including retired generals, initiated a movement for unifying the South American countries and a movement to unite world religions. I have directly implemented and carried out these activities over a long period of time.

During this time, I have made a great impact in America and Japan, laid the foundation in Europe and Latin America, and finally brought my influence even to China. I have spared no efforts to create the international conditions for the liberation of North Korea.

Korea is situated in a highly geo-politically delicate location. The four superpowers surrounding Korea - America, Japan, Russia and Communist China - have shown grave concern for and interest in the Korean peninsula. Exerting influence over these superpowers, we have to take the direction that is advantageous to our task of unification. If not, the unification of our homeland cannot be accomplished. Through the movement to promote ideological education on the global stage as well as through success in various disciplines, I have gained a certain amount of power and influence.

The Citizens Federation for the Reunification of Korea, which was launched based on that foundation, couldn't be an organization exclusively for Korea. It has to be like a UN movement that has ties with every nation in Asia and the world. The Citizens Federation will be expanded to Asia and the rest of the world in future. This is the hope of God and all humanity.

Now we have to accept our national and global tasks. The historical tasks of unification are eagerly waiting for righteous men to stretch out their hands. On receiving the historical calling from God, you have gathered to organize the Citizens Federation for the Reunification of Korea.

The founding spirit of Tangun, the founder of Korea, is based on the philosophy of respecting heaven and loving mankind. Today that lofty philosophy of national foundation has been sublimated and manifested itself on this earth as Godism, a philosophy for the salvation of the world's nations and peoples from the confusion of values.

Korea's problems are a microcosm of the world's problems. The solution to the world problems has an intimate, inseparable relation with the solution to Korea's problems. I am implying that the prescription to heal the world's problems can come from Korea. That is right. Godism, which can be employed as a prescription for the unification of North and South Korea, is also the same prescription for the liberation of the world from the yoke of communism and secular humanism. Let us rally for the establishment of our values and armament with a national ideology. May we have fervent hope in North-South unification and burning passion that can even pierce through stone walls.

Standing in the foremost rank of the great, historic march, let us have the pride and determination of achieving, with our own hands, the most splendid unification of the North and South Korea according to God's Will. We can make a worldwide foundation through the Citizens Federation movement to unite world religions. I have directly implemented and carried out these activities over a long period of time. (164-196, 1987.05.15)

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