The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5 Action for World Peace

5.6 The Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP)

With the intention to catalyze God's Will and realize world peace through sincere interfaith dialogue and harmony, I founded the Assembly of the World's Religions (AWR) and the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP). These organizations are causing miracles to take place in the stagnant religious world. I also established the Youth Seminar on World Religions (YSWR) and the Religious Youth Service (RYS) to positively contribute to the prevention of racial conflicts and religious wars from rising among youth, and to the realization of an ideal world of peace under the name of God. Through all these organizations, I am proposing a new alternative to the world. (167-098, 1987.06.30)

I had to brace against and overcome all kinds of hardships before setting up the IIFWP last year. Aiming to realize a world of peace centering on God's Will and the inter-religious harmony, which nobody has been able to achieve, I have trodden a path of dedication and sacrifice for the past forty years.

We should not be satisfied with inter-religious harmony alone, but have to take a more positive stride in forming global unified organizations for world peace, together with social leaders in the academic world, political world and journalism. Religions must be exemplary in living for others while educating and taking the initiative so that these organizations can fulfill God's Will on earth. (234-273, 1992.08.26)

Living for others is the way of a filial son's love, a loyal subject's love and a saint's love. A saint's love is love for humanity. A saint loves heaven and earth, and abides by the laws of the heavenly palace. He can serve and attend God through his heart. We have to hold on to the vertical position. If we do not learn the duty of a saint or the duty of God's love, we cannot find the yardstick of peace for all religions. I surmise this is the target the Association of Religions in Korea must reach. (196-337, 1990.01.12)

As religions form the heart of culture, the Council of the World's Religions and the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace are the heart of the World Cultural and Sports Festival. Religious ideologies, wisdom and values must become the standard for education, research, arts, physical education, press, politics and economics. The World Cultural and Sports Festival is a historic event that sets the spiritual culture of humankind in order, seeks true values for the sake of human happiness, and orients us toward a new peaceful world of culture in which God, humankind and the creation are harmonized. (234-268, 1992.08.26)

More than three-fifths of humankind are living in Asia, the cradle of religions. Korea has become the kingdom of that religious fruition. In that sense, how is God planning to achieve the unification of North and South Korea? Through Christian culture, we have to adopt a receptive attitude which Christians can accept, and find the path to a peaceful world by binding together the entire religious world - which represents the world of mind - under the theme of world peace. I therefore established the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace. In addition, by linking up the entire political world, which represents the world of body, and transcending national borders, I established the Federation for World Peace. If the religious world and the political world become one, a world of peace will arrive. It is only possible through a unified direction. Watching over the arena of such an environment, I founded this unified body centering on Korea. I wish to present the world's technology to North Korea on that foundation. Having advocated the equalization of technology in 1980, I received opposition from the free world.

In seeking for raw materials in Africa, Europeans exploited the Africans. Even America mobilized its military, economic and political power to extort resources from South America. I advocated the equalization of technology, which can instantly cease such plunder of the weaker nations. To achieve that, four German factories with advanced technological capability were acquired. These were connected to the world of high technology in Japan. I pulled them together for the sake of a world of peace. (222-135, 1991.10.28)

Centering on God's true love, I have been spreading the inter-religious and supra-denominational movement for harmony on a worldwide scale. Without harmony, exchange and dialogue amongst religions, how can peace ever come to the world? Are there not woeful and bloody religious conflicts in China, Ireland, India and other places now? At an assembly of the world's top religious leaders on August 27th last year, I officiated the founding of the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, in which religious people pledged to realize world peace through religious harmony and co-operation. It is an invaluable organization. (234-261, 1992.08.26)

There cannot be two opposite directions on the road to a world of peace. The religious way and the political way must be a unified direction. Religions have to play a guiding role. The dominion of the mind over the body is a principle. On the 27th of this month, I created the religious sphere on the spiritual level and established the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. Twelve different religious denominations from over forty nations are included. Now is the time to commence seeking the path to world peace. All I have spoken of at this point in time are the essential mainstream contents of history. (219-074, 1991.08.25)

The role of religions in the realization of the ultimate world of peace is absolute. Men of faith now have to tear down the wall that separates religious bodies and participate in building world peace with unified energy based on the single purpose of God. Now is the time for them to reflect on the point that their strength to work for world peace is inadequate, to develop true love, which is the motivation and fundamental element of world harmony within religions, and to spread the IIFWP movement from generation to generation. (205-160, 1990.08.26)

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